Grief Compounded

Shortly after Margaret lost her Father, Arthur, who I wrote about in the last post, “The Present”, there was another sad loss of life that further compounded her grief.



Margaret writes:
“We had another very sad loss over the weekend which was compounded by many factors. My husband, Joe, let ICE, our beautiful 3-year-old pit bull out at 5 am. She went after a lizard and fell into the deep end of our pool. She went straight down. It all happened right in front of him. Somehow Joe was able to get her out and tried to do CPR but couldn’t save her. So there is shock and guilt and a lot of grief. There is no answer or explanation to find comfort.”


Angela and ICE

Angela and ICE

“I have not had a dream about my Dad since he died 3 months ago, until this happened. I went back to sleep at 10 am after this horrible incident and had this dream. My daughter, Angela, was talking to my Dad on the phone. I told her to ask him if he had our dog, ICE. (In my dream, I think both my Dad and ICE were alive).She asked him and turned to me to say, “Pop pop has her!” Without really thinking about it, I said, “OK, let’s go get her!” In my dream, we were on our way to meet my Dad to pick ICE up, but I woke up before we got there. Strange, yet not.”

ICE sitting on her pillow that Velentina tore up

ICE sitting on her pillow that Velentina tore up

“ICE was the sweetest, most gentle dog, ever. It was such a freak accident that I have trouble wrapping my head around. My nephew came over and helped us bury her. But it was awful and I couldn’t stand the thought of her buried on the side of the house. I had even bought a tree to plant in her memory. No one could walk by there without crying. Something just wasn’t right.”

“I found a place called, Paws and Cherish, in my area, and explained that we really wanted to have her cremated instead. They were incredible. The compassion and understanding they showed us was so comforting. They came with the van and removed her from the grave we dug a few days before. They had a body bag they placed her in with such dignity. (I couldn’t actually watch him take her from the grave). They drove her to their business and cremated her. When they were done, they called me to come pick her ashes up.”

ICE's memorial table

ICE’s memorial table

“The white box on the right of her memorial table is where they placed the urn with her ashes. Her name was on the outside. When I opened the box, inside the urn was laying on a bed of paw print tissue paper, complete with small pillow of the same on one end where the top of the urn was, and there was a red rose on top and a small silver charm with a paw print and heart.”

“It felt so right bringing her back “home” inside the house with us where she belongs, instead of outside in the ground, in the rain. I found the middle square wood piece with the frames for pictures and chose the pictures and the urn fit perfectly inside. Then, I put a candle and another picture of her in a frame along with the original box and the sympathy card they gave us. It was so healing. My Mom had sent flowers because that’s what my Dad would have done, so we put those on the table at first too.”

“I still miss her every day but I am so incredibly grateful for the dream I had that morning, with my Dad saying that ICE was with him. It was so perfect!”

Angela and Ice kissing Taya

Angela and Ice kissing Taya

“There was another comforting experience I had. At a local event, we ran across Roland, a hospice nurse who has an incredible gift. As my daughter, Angela, and myself were leaving the event he was at, he stopped her in the aisle. He looked at Angela and said, “You are here to be healed. Please come see me after, if you have an open mind to it.”

“Naturally, we went to see him! At some point the conversation settled on my Father and Angela’s Grandfather, Arthur. I might have mentioned that my Dad passed from here to heaven very quickly because he was such a good person and had completed his work here. Roland spoke up in a matter of fact sort of way and told us that my Father had our dog, ICE and that it was he who lifted her from that pool at 5 am that Sunday morning. “How else would she have gotten out?” Roland queried. As I thought about what he was saying and how it was a mystery that somehow, Joe, had gotten her out of the water, I knew this had to be true, as my husband, having late stage lung cancer and in need of a lung transplant, was too sick to go into the water to get her. He did, however, give her mouth to mouth resuscitation and CPR trying to revive her before screaming for us to come.

Skateboarding ICE

Skateboarding ICE

“I have had dogs all my life and my Dad was always the only one who could comfort me when I lost one. That’s the only explanation I can find for the dream. He sure has been busy!”

Commentary- As if it is not painful enough to experience the loss of a loved one, when it happens again, shortly thereafter, the grief experienced is generally even more compounded and confusing to those who remain. And so it was when Margaret lost her father, then her dog, ICE, within a time period of a little over 3 months. Duplicate loss of life can be difficult to heal because of the complications of deepening pain, additional layers of grief, and more processing of this grief to be dealt with and healed.

When it comes to a death that makes no sense, such as in the case of ICE’s “freak” drowning accident, it’s like one of those mind tricks we sometimes play on ourselves that says, “If (I, he, she or they) wouldn’t have done that, then, this would have never happened.” Or “If (I, he, she or they) did that just one minute earlier or later, the outcome would have been different.” Chances are good that Margaret’s family have taken turns with these typical thoughts of guilt and blame, as well as other ones that people come up with to try to explain the unexplainable of what happened. But these mind tricks only serve to cast blame and make one to feel even more responsible and guilty than they already feel. And that’s just what many people do. In efforts to wrap the incident up in their heads, so they can begin to find some closure, people need an explanation for senselessness, however it is obtained, and however irrational it may be at the time. And guilt and blame are usually not productive to one’s healing, but many times serves as a hinderance to it.

No one knew there was a lizard for ICE to chase into the water that morning, only that ICE had to do her business in the wee hours of morning and needed to be let out. I’m sure ICE had chased plenty of lizards and been kept perfectly safe before. The sad fact is that… on this morning… there was a terrible accident that ICE didn’t physically recover from. And, as hard as it is to reckon with, no one is to blame. It was simply an accident. In other words, it happened for no good reason. And this can be a difficult reality for anyone who has lost a loved one in a senseless manner, to grapple with. But still, we grapple.

When our beloved pets pass from our lives, it is not unusual for us to go through the stages of grief, to one extent or another. The usual stages of grief typically include basic emotional states such as shock, denial, sadness and sometimes anger and blame at life’s seeming indifference that these hurtful things can happen to us. Eventually, the grief process leads to resolution, acceptance and healing, in most cases.

Although these family members are just pets, their owners have cared for them, shared time with them, loved them and deeply bonded with them. In return their pets have reciprocated with their love and loyalty to their owners. Taking this into account, it’s understandable why their pets sudden absence is considered a great loss and living life without them can be difficult, as they are greatly missed. And just like a human bond, the physical aspects of that pet and their owner’s relationship to them seem to dissipate into nothingness as their pet ceases to exist in the physical world… and it’s sad, yet that bond of love is not broken. That is what remains.

Having lost pets before, many people are already sensitive to the fact that pets are actually considered as family members among those who love them. It means so much when people take seriously the pain that is felt within these families and do their best to support them in their time of need. It’s important for family and friends to acknowledge a pet’s death and offer condolences, as this is truly a painful time in one’s life.

Paws and Cherish

Paws and Cherish

Obviously, there are those in the business who understand the significance of a pet’s life and death to an owner. “Paws and Cherish” was the one who Margaret found in her area. They offered compassionate services like being sensitive, kind and gentle when it came to excavating the earthly remains of their precious pet, cremating her, and giving ICE a place of honor in the physical world for Margaret’s family to remember. This certainly left a positive impression on Margaret and made Margaret and her family feel much better about this tragedy. You can see how important compassion is in healing a loss. Sensitivity and compassion can not be over emphasized here.

Another great help to healing is when one receives an after-death communication. In this case, after Arthur’s passing, Margaret’s mother received a beautiful message called “The Present”, in the form of a powerpoint email sent straight from Arthur’s email account. After Margaret’s mother received it, she subsequently sent it to the family, and “The Present” became an after-death communication for all involved, showing that Arthur is still alive and well in the afterlife. It had been around 3 months since Arthur’s passing when Margaret’s dream showed that Arthur had ICE by his side. Arthur is signaling that ICE, however helpless she was when she went into the pool that morning, is happy now and in great hands. This, at least, serves to relieve those in mourning of some pain.

The path of grief and mourning IS the process through which healing can occur. And it does happen, eventually. And when that happens, it gets easier to remember our beloved people and pets with a smile, instead of through the down pouring of our tears.

And there’s some more comfort to find in all this. In the story that Margaret so generously shares, we find that ICE has not only gone to exist with Margaret’s Father, but that a miracle took place that morning! A final puzzle piece came together when Margaret and Angela happend onto Roland, the hospice nurse who solved a mystery with an important message, saying that… the extra strength needed to pull ICE from the pool that morning, was the additional strength of Margaret’s Father!

We can find great comfort that our pets go on to exist on the “other side” of life. As energy can never die, neither can any of our loved ones.

And may our hearts be glad again… for we shall meet again.

In loving memory of ICE, who was and always will be a part of our family. We all love and miss you. Until then…

ICE kissing Velentina

ICE kissing Velentina

ICE enjoying her yoga

ICE enjoying her yoga





ICE collage

ICE collage

ICE collage

ICE collage

The Present

When a powerpoint, “The Present” arrives in an email for Christmas, Margaret’s mother is forced to believe that this was sent from her deceased husband, Arthur.

Margaret writes:

Margaret's Mom & Dad

Margaret’s Mom & Dad

“My Dad passed away on September 21, 2015. Although he was 85 years old, it was sudden and unexpected. We were extremely close and I was/am devastated.”

“My Mom was a rock after my Dad died. She seemed to be busy tending to things like canceling Dr.’s appointments, writing letters, sorting through things, etc. I wondered what would happen when there was nothing further to do. She is a very strong woman and far less emotional than I am.”

“Christmas was difficult and when I called her, she seemed sad on that day, although she was doing her best to put on a good front, trying to comfort me. There was just something different that day and although she would never admit it, I could sense it. I miss my Dad every day, but Christmas seemed even harder. He was everything to me.”

“I called my Mom a couple of days after Christmas. She asked if I had checked my email. I said, “no why?” She said, “Brace yourself. I got an email from your Father today!” She then proceeded to tell me she had forwarded the email to me, but for me to wait until I got home from work to read it. When I got home I read it. It was sent directly from my Dad’s gmail account to my mom’s hotmail account! It was a beautiful power-point video called, “The Present.” It had not been forwarded from anyone else and no one else was copied on it. When my dad sent something like that in the past; a nice poem, a saying or something interesting, he would send it to my mom, me, my brother, my daughter and usually some other family and friends. I don’t believe his email was hacked or it would have gone to everyone in his contacts. I truly believe it was a message via ADC from my Dad directly to my Mom.”

“The message in the video was so appropriate, it was crazy. We then got the message from my Mom when she forwarded it, but I truly believe that my dad sent that message to my Mom to comfort her and let her know he is ok. Even though, in a sense, I received the message “second hand” via my Mom. I was greatly comforted by it and thought it was so typical of my Dad, knowing we were having a particularly hard time, to send a message.”

Margaret's Mom & Dad

Margaret’s Mom & Dad

“My Mom is a devout Catholic and was struggling a little bit with it at first, trying to figure out how it was possible, etc. I told her my Dad wanted her to have the message and the mechanics of it really are insignificant. There is no explanation other than my Dad somehow sent her that message. I think she is feeling better about it now and has found comfort in it, but at first, she was a little “freaked out” and really didn’t tell anyone about it. On the other hand, I have shared it with my friends and co-workers and all of them think it is fantastic and that it was definitely a message from my Dad.”

Although this email’s presentation was originally in the form of a power point with this song, “You Needed Me” by Anne Murray, playing in the background, for the sake of not having to change each page, it has been turned into an automatic presentation for viewing ease.

“The Present” 

embedded by Embedded Video

YouTube DirektThe Present

Commentary- Although we don’t understand the mechanics of how these extraordinary after-death communications happen, it doesn’t change the fact that they do. You see, as Earthlings, we have limited knowledge and comprehension of how these miracles work because of our limited viewpoint. I think it’s important to mention that they happen, and this is whether we believe they could or should. And although they don’t happen all of the time, (at least ones so obvious as the after-death communication that Margaret’s mother received), when they do happen, they not only provide proof of an afterlife, they can be quite extraordinary life-altering experiences that provide great healing.

Margaret points out the different grieving styles between her and her mother. It is common for people to think that everyone grieves somewhat the same, even in the same family circle. What’s true is that everyone, including those within the same family, has their own way of dealing with loss. It’s a complicated issue. While some can seem to be strong about it, others can be seen crying their eyes out. What we don’t always see is what goes on in the quiet hours, when one is alone and away from the world’s view. 

Some people grieve emotionally, some people grieve intellectually. There are those who have been raised to believe that showing any type of emotion, such as breaking down, is a sign of weakness and loss of control, and just don’t go there… at least not while we are in the room. There are others who cannot get in touch with their emotional side because they may be experiencing some emotional numbness at the time. Defense mechanisms can be powerful and very useful, when it comes to dealing with such tragedy. However a person seems to be grieving, it’s important to allow them the space to grieve how they will. What is important is to not make how someone grieves as wrong. The truth is… a person’s brain does whatever it does- for whatever reason, and it is not for anyone to say what works for anyone else, because grief is very complicated with many layers. Some people do not grieve until many years after the fact.

Margaret mentions that her Dad used to send this type of stuff; a saying, poem or something of this sort to family and friends. This is to demonstrate a comforting message to his family, that he is still the same as he always was. Now I write this because, through the years, I have received many emails from people who worry that the death of their loved one would somehow change them in a negative way. And worse… that their loved one may have lost their feelings of love and caring for them. As irrational as this thought may seem to some, these are just a few insecurities that the loss of a loved one drives up for those who are left behind. Although there may be some changes in the individual who has crossed over and has been illuminated with a greater perspective, I assure you that loss of love and caring for their loved ones or the changing into someone else or changing into someone who is less loving than they originally were in life… does not happen.

It’s always amazing how healing an after-death communication can be. We often think of the physical touch of a hug or hands stretched out to hold us when we are sad, as a great tool for healing. But healing can also come to us by spiritual contact, as well. And this email from Margaret’s Father did just the trick! It helped and healed a distraught daughter who loves and misses her Father, very much.

Margaret's Dad, Arthur

Margaret’s Dad, Arthur

Margaret remembers:
“My dad was an amazing man. He had a great sense of humor, was loved by everyone that knew him, kids, elderly and everyone in between. He made everyone he met feel special without trying to. He was the most unselfish person I have ever known. He volunteered with many organizations and was devoted to his family. I think the reason I am trying to give you a brief description of him is because if you knew him you would know that it would be so like him to be worried about us and to try and reassure us that everything is ok. I am blessed to be his daughter and I believe he is always with me, just in a different way now.”

Margaret writes about another after-death communication relating to her Father: 
“My husband has liver cancer and has been sick for a long time. He is under the best medical care at the University of Miami. We were at U of M meeting with the transplant team for his initial appointment for a transplant. I had talked to my mom a couple of days prior. She had mentioned getting my Dad’s death certificate (we had assumed he died of congenital heart failure, because they called her and asked if they should resuscitate). She said, “Yes,” but they were not able to save him. Turns out, the “official” cause of death listed on his death certificate was sepsis.”

“While my husband and I were in the examining room waiting for one of the next doctors on the transplant team to come in, the previously dark computer screen in the room lit up with a sort of free form red heart on the left of the screen and the word “Sepsis” also in red on the screen. It was so random but I immediately felt my dad was letting me know he was with us. The screen went dark again and a doctor came in and started typing my husband’s information into the computer.”

“My Dad was hospitalized with a urinary track infection and was on antibiotics and we thought he would be home in a few days. My daughter was with him on Sunday the day before he died and said he was telling her that I was going to need her help with my husband (her Dad). I hadn’t gone into detail with my Dad about the tumor they had found recently on my husband’s liver, but when I talked to him that day, he asked me about it. Shortly after he died, we got that first appointment with the transplant team. If my mom hadn’t told me the cause of death was sepsis I probably never would have thought twice when I saw that pop up on the computer screen in the examining room. It was just a strange coincidence and I felt he was with us. I’ve learned that grief is a process. Some days hurt more than others.”

At the Brink…

Just when Lara was at the brink of her capacity, she experienced this amazing near-death experience!

Lara writes:
“I was severely depressed at the time before my NDE. I had gotten into a car accident a year ago and suffered short term memory loss. My neck and back were also in a lot of pain and my left eye would twitch at times.”

“Family life was unbearable, dealing with school, mom’s chronic illness, dad’s neglect and gambling addiction, and brother’s focus on himself. My sanity and patience started to dwindle.”

“Weeks before my NDE, I wasn’t able to study for a college exam and was under extreme stress. My moods were up and down. The only way I knew how to cope with all the stresses in my life was through an eating disorder. I began to eat less and less and lost a lot of weight. My stomach was always in pain and I had no energy to do anything. I was very fatigued and hanging on by a thread.”

“I began to see many doctors: a cardiologist that diagnosed me with heart arrhythmia, a gastroenterologist that only diagnosed me with IBS, a psychologist that diagnosed me with depression, but all the medicines they gave seemed to make me feel worse.”

“As the days went by, my will to live began to fade. What’s the point of living if I were to continue to suffer like this, haven’t I been through enough?”

“The night of my NDE, my heart palpitations were getting worse, but I just brushed it off as another symptom. I had no appetite and my vision became blurry. I cried for a few hours and collapsed on my bed.”

“Laying on my bed, I asked in my head, “Why am I suffering so much? How is there a creator, a benign God that would allow all this to happen to me?” I closed my eyes with tears on my face, but when I started to fall asleep, I felt like my breathing was slowing down, and I began to gasp for air after asking that question.”

“What happened next was the strangest feeling. I saw myself, my soul, lift out of my navel/belly button. I was looking down at my own body and I was perplexed. I went, “What the heck? I can still exist out of my body?” My essence traveled through an umbilical cord/tunnel that was white and grayish with wave-like patterns. I was so distraught, I didn’t know what to do.”

The tunnel. Image by Lara

The tunnel. Image by Lara

“Was I dying? My spirit was traveling super fast like the speed of light. On my way through this never-ending tunnel, I yelled at God to save me. I was so scared that I yelled out to Jesus/Buddha to help me. I was desperate because I didn’t know where I was heading. I said I would miss my family and my two cats.”

“The tunnel then reached to this luminous white dome-shaped room that didn’t blind my eyes. But before I could go further, my spirit quickly traveled back down the tunnel and fell back into my body. When I woke up I felt instantly refreshed. It almost felt like Earth is not really real and that this world is more like a dream than reality. I had a sense of peace and happiness greater than I ever felt in my life.”

“I also had healing from my anorexia. I had a lot more appetite and gained weight. I had more energy and was genuinely grateful and happy. Things that used to bother me did not bother me anymore. I also now sense energy and can see auras of people. Sometimes I can feel people suffering or know the thoughts in their heads, their anguish, regret, pain and guilt.”

“I also sense how animals suffer and have been vegetarian ever since. It didn’t feel right to eat animal products knowing how much they suffer in the hands of humans, just for the sake of satisfying our taste buds.”

“I have more compassion and tolerance for everyone. I used to be judgmental and materialistic. Now I don’t buy as much and like to help others more. I feel as if we are all ONE.”

“If I’m in pain, the other person absorbs my pain. If I’m love, the other person receives my love. I began to be more spiritual, praying and meditating more. I feel more connected to NDErs when they tell their stories because its like they have transformed like me and had an evolution of spirit in mortal body. I felt connected with source energy and felt God’s protection and love for me.”

“Lately, these renewed senses have gone back down to before I experienced my NDE. I wish to go back to that place. This world is full of suffering and I don’t understand why we can’t have this spiritual peace and happiness in this physical world all the time.”

“What I do know is that we should love each other and everyone’s flaws. We are all here to learn, to make mistakes, to grow. We should serve humanity, be less selfish and self absorbed, and do more acts of kindness without asking anything in return.”

“We are not these bodies, we are not our accomplishments nor our possessions, we are all one with the Source of all being, which is God.”

Commentary- The experience told so beautifully by Lara is “spot on.” Anyone who is able to experience and recognize the near-death phenomenon for themselves is indeed, privy to a truth we don’t always see within this view of our world’s reality. And that is, although it appears to be very real, compared to our real home, this so-called reality is but a dream and illusion that we experience in order to learn and grow our souls. How else would growth be possible without it? How else would we gain any understanding, knowledge and wisdom without living in the contrast of a dualistic world; a world where anything in the spectrum is possible. To become wise, we must experience the trials and tribulations of the “lone and dreary world” that exists outside the parameters of our real home, and/or symbolically, “Garden of Eden” that we often call, Heaven. Like many Near-death experiencers, Lara got a taste of this in her amazing experience. It was something she definitely needed.

Like many of us, Lara was suffering in life and trying to cope with her own emotions, thoughts and situations the best she could, to continue to live another day. Lara was on the brink of more than she would be able to handle. Like I said before, there are many possibilities that can happen in this dualistic world in which we live. Suffering? Part of the world we live in, the world of opposites, or as I heard someone call it recently, “the infinite rainbow-nightmare spectrum.” Meaning that suffering… is experienced as living on the nightmare part of that range. Upon hearing it put this way, I had to laugh at how neatly the whole experience of both “good” and “bad” in this world was captured and explained so concisely and accurately. Only one thing. Though it may seem like it, thank goodness this “infinite rainbow-nightmare spectrum” is not really infinite. It is finite, as it is only the experience of this world that we will at some point exit.

Many times we think that only good should happen to us and that life should be easy for all. But it is important to remember that the spectrum of possibility includes many desirable and undesirable states of existence. Like being on a roller coaster ride once we are already on it, we don’t get much say to the ups and downs and direction that ride is going. We just know that we went on that ride and it hasn’t stopped yet, and will not until the day of our own death. On the day the ride comes to a complete stop, a new and different ride will begin. 

From another point of view… we do have a say about how those ups and down go. Our say is through how we will perceive them. We can spin them into an uplifting and empowering story where we have become the victor. Or… we can tell a sad and disempowering story where we are the powerless victim. Either way is fine. It’s YOU who is telling the story of your life. It’s just that one way is more evolved and enlightened than the other way. So despite our suffering and many hardships, in the end, we all have the power to choose what will be the final story of our experiences; how we handled them and ultimately what we learned and incorporated from them. And hopefully, we will count these experiences among those which created our greatest growth and development as souls, and call them “good” anyway.

The umbilical cord that Lara described is very much like what many people see while experiencing an out-of-body experience. This cord is what connects us to our physical bodies when we venture off into other worlds and dimensions. When we actually cross over, that particular cord is severed, allowing us to detach from our physical bodies. I imagine her physical brain was indeed, confused by what it was witnessing with this strange, but new spiritual scene.

It is true that after a near-death experience, many times there is a profound shift in the “experiencer” where healing occurs. In the literal light of the experience, attitudes are adjusted and whole viewpoints shift as a new and even more believable reality presents itself to us, to relieve us from life’s heavy significance. As we see in Lara’s case, physical healing can take place too. And many times… this new reality one experiences occurs more as a remembering- a vague but familiar memory of a past, long ago and far off in the distance from a life filled with the weight of pain and drudgery. Often with this reprieve comes a release from the illusions of a heavy and dark world, for we get the insight that this is not forever… it’s only the school of our experiences. And with the realization of this… we are made much lighter again.

As parting gifts from Heaven, Lara not only received both physical and mental healing, she received increased gifts of compassion, patience, peace, tolerance, love and connection to others, even animals, as well as God’s love. This new insight has changed her in many ways. Her empathic and telepathic gifts have blossomed. She can see auras now! Yes, Lara’s reality has shifted as her new desire is to feed her spiritual side now. Why? Because she now knows the truth of what she is. A spiritual being, first and foremost.

Lara wonders why we can’t experience love and peace all of the time. It seems so simple, doesn’t it? Although the dualist world tends to prevent this kind of love and peace full-time, we can learn to be loving and peaceful within the spiritual world of ourselves, and perhaps this loveliness will bleed out in some amazing form into the world around us. You see, once one knows that there is another world, YOUR home, that is precisely that- love and peace forevermore, it makes this life a little bit more manageable.

Although this does sound like a cliché or even just something really enlightened to say and hear, it is true that at some point and on some level… we are all ONE. So remember to be kind to yourself… and others too. Because on some level… They are YOU!

I called this post of Lara’s, “At the Brink…” because Lara was not only at the brink of what she could cope with in her life, she was literally at the brink of death. Who knows? Perhaps it was only because Lara had called upon Jesus and Buddha for help, that she was rescued from the certain death of her physical body and this dualistic world. But, given all that Lara had gone through in her life up until that point, and just how far she has stretched herself in order to live another day, she was literally at the brink of her ultimate breaking point which required some serious remedy. The miracle here is that after having this very amazing spiritual experience, traveling back into her physical body, healed and refreshed by the light, this turned out to be Lara’s perfect medicine. And… it is the light of love that heals all things. 

Heavenly landscape. Image by Lara

Heavenly landscape. Image by Lara

GriefandMourning Beacon (Vol. 1)

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Just a heads up! As you can see by the “Vol. 1” in this post, I have just started up the first periodic/newsletter/beacon for the Grief and Mourning website. Although I don’t necessarily like extra reading, myself, I found it a necessary line of communication in order for me to send you my personal greetings of love, thoughts and disseminate announcements about upcoming classes and other important information that you may be interested in. I promise to keep it short and sweet!

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...on the ride of our lives

…on the ride of our lives

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Dustin Is At It Again!

In this after-death communication/spirit visitation, Dustin arranges the guest room bed with another humorous scene. Instead of several stuffed animals, now there is one big stuffed animal, neatly placed as it looks out the window.

Pat writes:
“Hi Jade. My sister, Kathy, sent this today. Again, when she and her husband, Owen, woke up, Dustin had been there! I will forward you Kathy’s experience and the pictures. Just one cat toy this time.”

Dustin's Shenanigans

Dustin’s Shenanigans

Upon receiving the latest visit from Dustin, Kathy writes to Pat:
“Hi Pat. When we got up this AM, Owen said, “Come here.”  We think Dustin was at it again, as the white blanket by the window where the cats sit was totally straightened out. The last time when he placed many stuffed animals on the straightened white blanket they were all looking out the window. This time just one larger cat toy; a stuffed calico cat, was sitting perfectly straight and staring out the window. I guess, Dustin liked Jade’s last post about him. Hugs.” Continue reading

Another Dustin Moment

In an email about her latest visitation from her nephew, Dustin, Kathy writes this after-death communication to her sister, Pat, who is Dustin’s mother.

Kathy writes:

Dustin, Ashton and Blaze

Dustin, Ashton and Blaze

“Morning Pat. Something happened at my house that makes me think Dustin was here again. Our cats love laying on a bed in our spare room by the window. There are 2 or 3 blankets usually all messed up and a bunch of little stuffed toys buried here and there. This morning as I went about my normal routine of turning on the computer in that room on the way to the kitchen, I looked toward the window. It was unbelievable how the toys were arranged. I said, “Owen, come here” as I pointed to the little cat toys. He said  “Oh, my God. Who did that?”  I said, “Certainly not the cats!” The blankets were straightened and the little stuffed animals were all arranged neatly, looking out the window!”

“Is this something Dustin would have done? I took some pictures to send to you.” Continue reading

Lights Out!

In this after-death communication, Stacey becomes a believer in the afterlife, when her recently deceased father, turns out the light as he leaves the room!

Stacey and her Father

Stacey and her Father

Stacey writes:
“My dad passed away on the 4th of February 2016. The most incredible thing happened a few seconds after he passed away. The light in his hospital room went off. No other lights in his ward did this but his. The nurse checked the hallway to check if someone had pressed the button but no one was around. I”d like to think he was letting us know he was okay and not suffering now. He had a fantastic personality and this is something he would do (turning the lights off as he left) as he would have found it amusing, and it relaxed my family.”

“I was not sure about life after death before, but now I’m a true believer! I would like to share my experience of my dad’s after-death communication with everyone!”

“Lots of love, Stacey xo!” Continue reading


In this after-death communication, Dick visits me with “Happiness!”

Happiness Box

Happiness Box

Yesterday, when I was walking through a store, a bright pink decorative box caught my attention! As I looked a little closer at it, and simply because I love the color pink, I saw the word, “Happiness” written on the beautiful box that was bedazzling me at the time.

“Well, that’s funny!” I thought, as I took a closer look. “That reminds me of what Dick used to write at the end of his emails to me, just before signing off by writing his name.

Then, I remembered! It was only one short year ago when I met Dick on a European River Cruise that I was on at the time. He was sitting across and one seat over from me at the breakfast table I was seated at. As I looked at him, I noticed that there was this light around him, and a tender kindness that ran deep as his soul. Our eyes met, like we had always known each other, and he wished me a ‘good morning’ before excusing himself from the table, for a full day of sight-seeing. Continue reading

Still By Your Side

Just days after I got around to posting my last post, “Roses my love?“, which was an old after-death communication of Elisa’s from several months previous, she receives this new one, showing her that her beloved Eric, is still by her side.

Elisa writes:
“Dear Jade, I am so excited to tell you this. Two nights ago, I woke up around 4am, and went back to sleep around 5.30am. Then, I dreamt the following.”

“I was in a room with other people, and it looked like we were attending a course. I was seated at the front, next to another person. Then, the course leader asked if anyone wanted to take a break, and most wanted to. So they started to leave the room, except for me and the person I was seated next to.” Continue reading

Roses, My Love?

In this after-death communication, after Elisa loses her beloved Eric, she asks him for the comfort of a sign, specifically roses, since he had never given them to her while he was in the physical dimension. Not only did hear her, he sent her roses in three different ways.

Elisa writes:
“Last week, I asked my loved one for a sign that all was good between us –  I asked for a specific sign – flowers. More specifically, roses. He never sent me flowers, it was just him, but he never forgot birthdays or Christmases. In fact, he sent a quote and a birthday wish to any of his staff whose birthday he had knowledge of! That was the kind of guy he was.” Continue reading

Still Alive, and 25!

After searching for his old High School love, Carolann, who was struggling with addiction and living on the streets, Ron receives an after-death communication from her.

Ron writes:
“Hello, wonder if you could help me with this. My first real lucid dream. I think it was a dream that turned into an ADC, it was SO real! It’s about an ex who recently passed away. I’ve been trying to find her, because for the past 5 years until she passed, she has been homeless and struggling with addiction on the streets of Boston. I tried very hard to find her. I was too late.

“It started out as a regular dream; me and my family had all moved back to Florida, got some animals, but I was pissed cuz’ the dung heap was placed too close to the house, and I knew there’d be millions of flies in the house. Weird, because the only pets we have ever had were some hamsters.” Continue reading

Connect With Your Departed? Tele-class



The “Being Your Own Medium” Tele-class Series

Want to learn to connect and communicate with your loved ones on the “other side? “Being Your Own Medium” (An ongoing class series, offered every few months).

*See “upcoming classes” for next available dates and times.

 In “Being Your Own Medium,”  you will learn the following:

  • Explore and discover what stands in the way of connecting with the “other side.”
  • Learn what you need to know on “this side” to connect with the “other side.”
  • I show you the reasons “why” learning how to connect is important to bringing Heaven on Earth.
  • Learn why it’s not so much “how” to connect with your deceased loved ones, as it is “where” to connect with them.
  • Exponentially increase your chances for direct connection and communication.
  • Decode the mysteries of Mediumship
  • Develop your innate gifts and abilities
  • Upgrade yourself to a “4D being.”
  • Learn a variety of ways to connect to your loved one, as well as, learn what Christian taught me, with “Christian’s Light Point.”
  • Bonus at the end of each class- Hypnosis, Guided Imagery and/or Relaxation Techniques for increased success.

Continue reading

Being Your Own Medium (Upcoming/On-going Tele-class Series)

pillars of light

pillars of light

“I’m confused” a frustrated woman explained to me, “One medium told me one thing about my deceased loved one, and another medium said something else! What is the truth? Who should I believe?”

This is just one of the issues with expecting another person to get the answers from your deceased loved one, that you could be getting for yourself. Continue reading

100% Positively Jan

In this after-death communication, Chip is “freaked out” by a surprise cell phone image visit, from his step-sister, Jan, who passed away many years earlier.

Chip writes:
“I have had a very unusual occurrence in the past couple weeks. My step sister, Jan, passed away from cancer at an early age….maybe 10 years ago or so. Jan had 3 children. Jan’s mother, Mary Anne, and my father, Jack, divorced few years later. My dad passed about 7 years ago. Since that time, I have NEVER received any form of communication from my step-mom, Mary Anne or her other daughter, Jean…..i.e., no letters, no calls, no texts, no emails..they wouldn’t have known how to contact me anyway.”

“My dilemma: a few days ago I was perusing my cell phone and taking some pictures of our dogs, when I saw a picture in my photo gallery of my deceased step-sister Jan, holding one of her girls. I absolutely could not believe my eyes! It was 100% positively Jan!” Continue reading

What’s New for Spring 2016? (Announcement)

We all know that Spring is a time for many new beginnings, so I’m taking this opportunity to announce that, by popular request, I will be launching some brand new services soon. Aside from the many posts written throughout the years; designed to assist, comfort and support those who grieve, the tools provided on the site, and the commentaries to the many after-death communication, as well as other stories, I will now be offering:

Online Classes such as, the “Being Your Own Medium” series, “Navigating the Emotional Waters of Grief” series, “The Phoenix: Finding Your Life’s Purpose in the Ashes” series, “Finding Strength Beneath the Surface”, “Healing Your Past”, “Have I Lived Before? Past Life Regression” series, as well as… many more online classes to come. To keep updated on the classes being offered, please refer to “Classes” on the homepage navigation bar for further information. Continue reading