Dustin Is At It Again!

In this after-death communication/spirit visitation, Dustin arranges the guest room bed with another humorous scene. Instead of several stuffed animals, now there is one big stuffed animal, neatly placed as it looks out the window.

Pat writes:
“Hi Jade. My sister, Kathy, sent this today. Again, when she and her husband, Owen, woke up, Dustin had been there! I will forward you Kathy’s experience and the pictures. Just one cat toy this time.”

Dustin's Shenanigans

Dustin’s Shenanigans

Upon receiving the latest visit from Dustin, Kathy writes to Pat:
“Hi Pat. When we got up this AM, Owen said, “Come here.”  We think Dustin was
at it again, as the white blanket by the window where the cats sit was totally straightened out. The last time when he placed many stuffed animals on the straightened white blanket they were all looking out the window. This time just one larger cat toy; a stuffed calico cat, was sitting perfectly straight and staring out the window. I guess, Dustin liked Jade’s last post about him. Hugs.”

Commentary- What can I say? Dustin is at it again! 
Sometimes you will find one who is now on the “other side” that has such a sense of humor that they love to do things such as this. As you can see… Dustin does! An adorable personality in life… an adorable personality in the “other” life!

As Kathy commented above, perhaps Dustin did like my post and was responding to that since I wrote about him on the post right before this one. Or perhaps, since Dustin was a frequent guest in our last, “Being Your Own Medium” online tele-class, and afterward, I claimed him as my ongoing “Guest Spirit” for all my upcoming classes, he is letting me know that he is accepting this new and exciting position.

Now this leaves me wondering… what will Dustin do next? I’m excited to find out! Looking forward to what you will provide in my classes, Dustin! Glad to know you are around.

Here’s another image below. To see the  last post, “Another Dustin Moment,” and to see those images of how Dustin arranged the stuffed animals in that one. click here. Dustin just loved animals!

Dustin's humor never fails

Dustin’s humor never fails

Another Dustin Moment

In an email about her latest visitation from her nephew, Dustin, Kathy writes this after-death communication to her sister, Pat, who is Dustin’s mother.

Kathy writes:

Dustin, Ashton and Blaze

Dustin, Ashton and Blaze

“Morning Pat. Something happened at my house that makes me think Dustin was here again. Our cats love laying on a bed in our spare room by the window. There are 2 or 3 blankets usually all messed up and a bunch of little stuffed toys buried here and there. This morning as I went about my normal routine of turning on the computer in that room on the way to the kitchen, I looked toward the window. It was unbelievable how the toys were arranged. I said, “Owen, come here” as I pointed to the little cat toys. He said  “Oh, my God. Who did that?”  I said, “Certainly not the cats!” The blankets were straightened and the little stuffed animals were all arranged neatly, looking out the window!”

“Is this something Dustin would have done? I took some pictures to send to you.”

“There are two of Dustin’s pillows on that bed. When I went to bed, the area was a tangled mess of 3 cat blankets and no little animals showing; the usual cat bed. This morning the off-white blanket was straightened with all the animals neatly arranged. Right now… (we have been gone), the stuffed animals are all scattered again. Probably, our cat, Hunky, scattered them, as he is a “carrier” who picks things up and moves them around. Once when we were getting ready to go up north, I cleaned the litter box and put the plastic bag of poop/pee by the front door to go out.  Next thing I knew, he was carrying the plastic bag back to the litter box!”

“Owen and I believe Dustin was here.  And that is that! Another Dustin moment! You had/have a special child who still touches us.”

“Love and hugs,

Pat writes to me about Kathy’s visitation:

stuffed Animals

Stuffed Animals looking out the window

“My sister, Kathy, just sent these pics over to me about Dustin straightening up the cat area. The first photo is what she woke up to. Notice how straightened the blanket is and how the toys are all lined up looking out the window. No way would any cat do this.”




Dustin t-shirt pillows

Dustin t-shirt pillows

“The second photo is of two of Dustin’s shirts I had made into pillows for her. They were on the bed with the cat stuff.”

The saying on the shirt-pillow is:
“This is a shirt I loved to wear,
Whenever you hold it, know I am there.
Love, Dustin”


“The last two photos are what the bed looks like normally. Always messed up. That’s the way her cats like it; the one with Hunky asleep on the messy bed.”

Hunky napping in the mess

Hunky napping in the mess

Messy cat bed

Messy cat bed







“Well…Dustin was a big animal lover…cats and dogs. We have had cats and dogs our whole life. Since there is no one there at my sister’s besides herself and hubby, it had to be Dustin. His t-shirt pillows were right there!”

Commentary- Oh that Dustin and his adorable sense of humor! Can you imagine coming into the room that morning to see something as funny at this? All the stuffed animals lined up and looking out the window! So interesting!

Now, if anything… most cats are known for messing up the blankets to nap in comfort, not straightening them up! And what about those stuffed animals all lined up and looking out the window. So this is what was so attention-getting when Kathy and Owen saw this sight.

Since Dustin’s passing, Pat has had to go through the difficult task of deciding what to do with her son’s effects. This is among the most difficult things one has to deal with, after the passing of a loved one. Besides the fact that our loved one is no longer in the physical to enjoy their possessions, there are still many emotional attachments for those who are left behind. Careful consideration has lead Pat to give away Dustin’s prized possessions to those who would greatly appreciate them. Pat also had the idea of making Dustin’s sports shirts into pillows, to be given to people close to him, as a way to honor and preserve him for others.

What a great idea! As it has happened, those who have received those precious t-shirt pillows have also received at least one visitation from Dustin. I guess, having something of Dustin’s is a good way to have his essence with them. For example, Dustin’s friends, Sarah and Eric, who have Dustin t-shirt pillows, have both received after-death communications, and now… or should I say… AGAIN, his Aunt Kathy. Aunt Kathy was one of the first ones Dustin made his presence known to, in the after-death communication post, Guardian of the Galaxy. Notice that there was an interesting and unusual bunny involved with that post who was trying to get Aunt Kathy’s attention. Further evidence of Dustin’s affinity for animals and use of them in his after-death communications.

Although Pat thinks that many other people have received after-death communications from Dustin, and not her, she has had plenty for herself that are just as valid as anyone else’s. For instance, Pat experiences Dustin in the form of numbers and animals, but especially the Jaguar; the mascot of one of Dustin’s favorite sports team. Since his passing, these have been among the most repetitive signs from Dustin to his mother.

As an example, Pat writes to tell me, “The other day while driving I saw 5 cars plates that had 44 on them. This was Dustin’s favorite number. I also saw three with 88 on them…the year he was born. All within about 5 minutes. I had not seen any signs since Thanksgiving and I was thinking about him at the time. But this new sign with the pillows and cat toys blows me away. It is really amazing!”

Thinking that other people are getting visitations more than you, is not a good way to think of things… although it is common to do so. For one, adding other people’s experiences to your own, means that this is one more piece of evidence that your loved one still lives and that your own experiences with the “other side” are not solely your own imagination. Secondly, some people are easier to reach than other with particular signs. Pat in particular, does really well with numbers, while her sister, Kathy, or Dustin’s friends do well with the signs consistent with what they get. It’s all good though. Where there is an abundance of signs from Dustin to whomever… there is an abundance of Dustin giving those signs. And, in the case of after-death communications, we prefer abundance rather than scarcity. Right?

In the end, whether the sign or after-death communication is delivered to us or someone else for us all to enjoy, it is clear that our loved one lives on and IS TRYING TO COMMUNICATE!

Throughout the rest of her days, Pat will receive many more signs and after-death communications from her beloved son, Dustin, I have no doubt. And at the end of it all, there will be no more need for signs to let her, or anyone else know, that he is still with them, and Dustin won’t need to appear in numbers or sports team mascots or even arrange stuffed animals on a messy bed in Wisconsin anymore, just to say, “Hi! I’m here with my cute sense of humor.” This is because Dustin will be having fun doing this with his loved ones on the “other side” forever, when that time comes! Because Dustin knows something now. He knows that this life isn’t everything. It’s just a speck in forever that we take WAY too seriously because we don’t remember enough to see the BIG PICTURE yet.

Look! Even after Dustin’s crossing over from this world to the next, he is fine. He still enjoys animals. He still visits his friends and family through signs and visitations. And… having a broader view now, he is not as “significant” as we sometimes think one should be about death.

WHAT? Why do you say this?

Because from Dustin’s perspective, he knows that he has never left anyone’s side. He knows that he could never be apart from those he loves. He knows that everything will turn out well because he knows the ending of the story!

And… how do we know Dustin thinks death is no big deal?

Simply because Dustin’s humor continues on… and he wants you to know that yours can too.

You see… death is not as big of a deal as we like to think. Really, it’s not. It’s just what we’re focused on now. And, someday, just like Dustin… we will know the truth of this. And, with the knowledge of this truth… we will have a sense of humor about it all, too. 

This, just in from Kathy and Owen…
“Hi Jade. I forgot to tell you that every morning when I turn on
the computer, the picture of the toys all lined up comes up in the
upper right hand corner of the screen. We are very computer
illiterate, roadkill on the electronic highway. So no idea how it
gets there. I do nothing with pictures on our computer.  Dustin’s
cousin, my son, Russ, got all the pictures to Pat.  Anyhow, I like to
think when I see those lined up toys every AM, it is Dustin saying
“Hi, Aunt Kathy”.

Lights Out!

In this after-death communication, Stacey becomes a believer in the afterlife, when her recently deceased father, turns out the light as he leaves the room!

Stacey and her Father

Stacey and her Father

Stacey writes:
“My dad passed away on the 4th of February 2016. The most incredible thing happened a few seconds after he passed away. The light in his hospital room went off. No other lights in his ward did this but his. The nurse checked the hallway to check if someone had pressed the button but no one was around. I”d like to think he was letting us know he was okay and not suffering now. He had a fantastic personality and this is something he would do (turning the lights off as he left) as he would have found it amusing, and it relaxed my family.”

“I was not sure about life after death before, but now I’m a true believer! I would like to share my experience of my dad’s after-death communication with everyone!”

“Lots of love, Stacey xo!” Continue reading


In this after-death communication, Dick visits me with “Happiness!”

Happiness Box

Happiness Box

Yesterday, when I was walking through a store, a bright pink decorative box caught my attention! As I looked a little closer at it, and simply because I love the color pink, I saw the word, “Happiness” written on the beautiful box that was bedazzling me at the time.

“Well, that’s funny!” I thought, as I took a closer look. “That reminds me of what Dick used to write at the end of his emails to me, just before signing off by writing his name.

Then, I remembered! It was only one short year ago when I met Dick on a European River Cruise that I was on at the time. He was sitting across and one seat over from me at the breakfast table I was seated at. As I looked at him, I noticed that there was this light around him, and a tender kindness that ran deep as his soul. Our eyes met, like we had always known each other, and he wished me a ‘good morning’ before excusing himself from the table, for a full day of sight-seeing. Continue reading

Still By Your Side

Just days after I got around to posting my last post, “Roses my love?“, which was an old after-death communication of Elisa’s from several months previous, she receives this new one, showing her that her beloved Eric, is still by her side.

Elisa writes:
“Dear Jade, I am so excited to tell you this. Two nights ago, I woke up around 4am, and went back to sleep around 5.30am. Then, I dreamt the following.”

“I was in a room with other people, and it looked like we were attending a course. I was seated at the front, next to another person. Then, the course leader asked if anyone wanted to take a break, and most wanted to. So they started to leave the room, except for me and the person I was seated next to.” Continue reading

Roses, My Love?

In this after-death communication, after Elisa loses her beloved Eric, she asks him for the comfort of a sign, specifically roses, since he had never given them to her while he was in the physical dimension. Not only did hear her, he sent her roses in three different ways.

Elisa writes:
“Last week, I asked my loved one for a sign that all was good between us –  I asked for a specific sign – flowers. More specifically, roses. He never sent me flowers, it was just him, but he never forgot birthdays or Christmases. In fact, he sent a quote and a birthday wish to any of his staff whose birthday he had knowledge of! That was the kind of guy he was.” Continue reading

Still Alive, and 25!

After searching for his old High School love, Carolann, who was struggling with addiction and living on the streets, Ron receives an after-death communication from her.

Ron writes:
“Hello, wonder if you could help me with this. My first real lucid dream. I think it was a dream that turned into an ADC, it was SO real! It’s about an ex who recently passed away. I’ve been trying to find her, because for the past 5 years until she passed, she has been homeless and struggling with addiction on the streets of Boston. I tried very hard to find her. I was too late.

“It started out as a regular dream; me and my family had all moved back to Florida, got some animals, but I was pissed cuz’ the dung heap was placed too close to the house, and I knew there’d be millions of flies in the house. Weird, because the only pets we have ever had were some hamsters.” Continue reading

Connect With Your Departed? Tele-class



The “Being Your Own Medium” Tele-class Series

Want to learn to connect and communicate with your loved ones on the “other side? “Being Your Own Medium” (An ongoing class series, offered every few months).

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  • Upgrade yourself to a “4D being.”
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Continue reading

Being Your Own Medium (Upcoming/On-going Tele-class Series)

pillars of light

pillars of light

“I’m confused” a frustrated woman explained to me, “One medium told me one thing about my deceased loved one, and another medium said something else! What is the truth? Who should I believe?”

This is just one of the issues with expecting another person to get the answers from your deceased loved one, that you could be getting for yourself. Continue reading

100% Positively Jan

In this after-death communication, Chip is “freaked out” by a surprise cell phone image visit, from his step-sister, Jan, who passed away many years earlier.

Chip writes:
“I have had a very unusual occurrence in the past couple weeks. My step sister, Jan, passed away from cancer at an early age….maybe 10 years ago or so. Jan had 3 children. Jan’s mother, Mary Anne, and my father, Jack, divorced few years later. My dad passed about 7 years ago. Since that time, I have NEVER received any form of communication from my step-mom, Mary Anne or her other daughter, Jean…..i.e., no letters, no calls, no texts, no emails..they wouldn’t have known how to contact me anyway.”

“My dilemma: a few days ago I was perusing my cell phone and taking some pictures of our dogs, when I saw a picture in my photo gallery of my deceased step-sister Jan, holding one of her girls. I absolutely could not believe my eyes! It was 100% positively Jan!” Continue reading

What’s New for Spring 2016? (Announcement)

We all know that Spring is a time for many new beginnings, so I’m taking this opportunity to announce that, by popular request, I will be launching some brand new services soon. Aside from the many posts written throughout the years; designed to assist, comfort and support those who grieve, the tools provided on the site, and the commentaries to the many after-death communication, as well as other stories, I will now be offering:

Online Classes such as, the “Being Your Own Medium” series, “Navigating the Emotional Waters of Grief” series, “The Phoenix: Finding Your Life’s Purpose in the Ashes” series, “Finding Strength Beneath the Surface”, “Healing Your Past”, “Have I Lived Before? Past Life Regression” series, as well as… many more online classes to come. To keep updated on the classes being offered, please refer to “Classes” on the homepage navigation bar for further information. Continue reading

Grieving in Secret

After Elisa’s secret lover, Eric, suddenly and unexpectedly passes away, she faces the pain, guilt and grief of her loss, alone. 

When Elisa contacted me for help after “her friend”, Eric, unexpectedly passed, like so many other people, in my years of advising people, she didn’t quite give me the full story. What I mean is… she gave me the “safe” story first, while she tested the waters. It wasn’t until she could gauge my response and if she could trust me in not judging her, that she felt safe enough to share the whole story of what happened and why she was so deeply grieved in more ways than usual.

You see, like anyone who fears being judged by others, and the added pain it can bring to an already difficult situation, Elisa was hesitant to tell me that Eric was not just her friend. But after a few emails back and forth, she finally told me that he was her boss, and married boyfriend, too, and that, for many years, she and Eric were involved in a secret relationship.

In her own words, and with Elisa’s permission, I share parts of her emails.
“I am a divorcee, and was pretty happy with my life before him, but he won me over with his charm, his wit, his words and his intelligence. As a busy CEO of many offices, I did not see him everyday, only once a week when he came to his office at my workplace. But, we spoke on the phone every work day! Not long, maybe half and hour, sometimes more. The best thing, which I miss so much are those calls. We sure talked A LOT!” Continue reading

Stuck in His Own Private Hell

When Laura happens onto an after-death communication gathering, through a psychic medium, Laura’s father attempts to claim his mistakes and begs her forgiveness.

Laura writes:
“My dad took his life 8 years ago. When he was living, we did not have much of a relationship. He was a mean alcoholic and a son of a bitch. He was an OBGYN as well. I survived a lot of trauma from him through my years; physical and mental abuse.”

“As I grew up and moved away, I really didn’t have much to do with him. I always, though, had a feeling I was molested somehow or that he “did” something to me. But, because I had no memory of it, I could not be sure.”

“At age 48, I went to a ADC gathering with a very powerful medium, named Celena. At this gathering, as she got to me, she gave me a lot of great guidance from my angels/guides. But then she said that my dad needed to say something. I told her “no.” And then my grandmother came through (my dad’s mom), and I asked her to tell me. She said, “It is not to be said in this room of people.” Yikes! I thought!” Continue reading

“It’s Safe to Believe”

Experiencing life as agnostic, Rob’s views begin to change when he receives one after-death communication after another, leaving him more of a believer in the afterlife.

Rob writes:
“I was raised by a single parent, my mom, who was a very spiritual and religious woman (Roman Catholic). I am writing this because I lost my mom, December 20, 2015, and begged for a sign… which I got!”

“As a child, my religious background was Roman Catholic. When I was 16 years-old, my views changed to agnostic. That being said, let me share a few of my experiences with the dead.” Continue reading

Spirit Sensitivity: Gift or Curse?

In this after-death communication, Celynda is warmly greeted at the cemetery by her Grandmother, only after to be coldly greeted by something else. This post explores how to handle unwanted entities.


Celynda’s Grandma

Celynda writes:
“I had an experience while visiting my Grandmother’s grave at the cemetery. First, I stopped to see my Grandfather who passed October 1, 2006. Afterward, I visited my Grandmother who passed more recently, September 19, 2012. As I was standing over my Grandmother’s grave, I felt a strong presence holding me. It was the most beautiful, warm and amazing feeling I have ever felt in my life! It felt like she was trying to tell me something or that she knew just how much I needed her…  as lately I’ve been under a lot of stress. She always made me feel so important and would brag to all her friends about how successful I am and how I’m going to be a Doctor.” Continue reading