Soul Mates

Lee loses her closest friend and soul mate, Mike, through suicide. However, despite her great loss, Lee is comforted to know that they are still connected.

Lee writes:
“I had only one friend I was very close to growing up. The way we met made me know right from the start that he was going to be important to me.”

“The night before I met Mike, I felt done, and just couldn’t go on anymore. I talked myself down and told myself to go one more day, that maybe it would get better. The next day was the school dance. I walked into the cafeteria to get a drink and everything in the room stopped. At the time it really freaked me out. I couldn’t hear anything… everything had just stopped! I looked across the room and there he was waving to me. We didn’t say a word to each other; no names, nothing until the next day. We both talked about how everything had stopped and talked about how weird it all was. We were inseparable from that point on. We were very close without trying.”

“We knew each other and we knew it. We would bring up our dreams to each other the following day they would be identical. We would even go on the same adventures in our dreams together. We knew when the other one was hurting without even seeing or speaking to each other. We would just know and he would find me, or I would find him, and we would fix whatever was wrong.”

“A couple years after we met, I had a dream that I saw him fading. I kept trying to keep him here. A voice told me it could never be. Years went on and we finished school. We didn’t talk as much but we were still as connected. I would think of him and he would call 3 seconds later and visa versa. I got a call from him one day. His voice had changed and he told me he had cancer and was dying. Instantly, I started crying and he said, “I’m lying. Sorry, I was just being a blank.” Later on, I found out that it was true, it was just to painful for him to hear me hurt like that.”

“I went to a psychic fair later on that year. A lady walked up to me and said I needed to talk to her before I become with child, as it would be too late. Months later I found that I was  pregnant. Mike showed up the week I found out, but I never told him. We still talked daily on the phone but that was the last time we saw each other.”

“He was never liked by my boyfriends and never liked any of them until he met the father of my child. He kinda gave him the okay, but before the baby was known about. The last time we had talked he was a mess. His girlfriend had stolen half of his stuff and kept it as her own. He was in trouble for picking someone up at the wrong time. I tried to make it better.”

“I had a dream on the 28th of October. I was walking into a church plated in gold. I continued to walk down the center of the church to a coffin. It had a white cloth draped on it with a gold cross. When I woke up, I immediately started calling Mike. I called everyone we had ever known. I knew I had to find him. On November 2, I had a dream of Mike leaving. The next day I received a message that Mike had hung himself at 4 am that morning. This was the same time I woke up from the dream. Mike had died the same way I almost did, the night before I had met him so many years earlier. The day of the funeral came and I felt like I needed to rush there. I finally walk down the center of the church to see the same coffin I had dreamed of, in the same church I had dreamed of. I lost it. I looked over to my left and saw Mike begging me to stop crying. In my thoughts, I told him I can’t help it and he stayed there until I left the church. I sat at his graveside hours after the funeral had ended. I couldn’t bare to leave him. I felt as though when I left I would lose a piece of myself that I could never get back. And for sure, I did.”

“I looked up in the sky to see 2 hawks circling above me. For hours and hours they were there. They didn’t leave the whole time I was there.”

“A few days later when I was at the grocery store, the cashier looked at me and told me that she went to a psychic a few days earlier. She told me that a friend of a friend of a friend was in great pain (me), and when she saw this person she would know. She said that a Mike told her that he was watching his funeral but there were 2 hawks that kept running into him. That his death wasn’t anyone’s fault and that he is okay. It made me feel better for a little bit.”

“One night I had a breakdown. My life was falling apart and I didn’t have Mike to talk to anymore. I fell asleep and there he was! He told me it had to happen, that he loves me and to watch over his mother.”



“As years went on, every time I cried, a hawk would fly up and sit inches from me and watch me until I stopped. A hawk would circle me when I thought of Mike. I dreamed of him a couple weeks ago he was alive and happy somewhere else. He had another life somewhere and had moved on.”

Commentary- A good indication that a previous Earth-life spiritual connection is being reunited in this current life is the way that someone appears in your life. This connection occurs like an answer to a prayer, said or unsaid. A lone soul crying out in the darkness only to find that there is actually someone out there to hear it. It may occur as a strange seeming coincidence where paths crossed at just the right moment. Or… the feeling of familiarity and magnetism to a newly found someone.

When these amazing synchronicities occur, even the subtle ones, they are so profound that they leave a lingering and lasting impression that something valuable has just happened and you have suddenly found a part of yourself that was missing from your life. 

puzzle pieces of life

puzzle pieces of life

It’s like our lives are this big cosmic puzzle in which the pieces, sometimes events and sometimes people, fit into the overall big picture of our lives, giving us a better view that life is purposeful and not just random.

Soul mates relationships occur more like a yin and yang of balance, whereas twin souls swear they were cut from the same cloth as they are spiritually connected like twins. Both are important for teaching, evolving one another’s souls and being a companion to walk through this life with. It’s just that, unfortunately, some of our spiritual mates and souls exit at different off-ramps than we do. That’s what happened in Lee and Mike’s case. Mike got to his exit quicker.

off-ramp of life

off-ramp of life

Before Mike left this realm, Lee did receive a premonition that this would happen, as in her premonition dream, she saw Mike fade out of existence. Premonitions are many times a warning to prepare for the impending loss. On some level and to some degree, Lee knew that the clock to Mike’s physical end was ticking and that his death would be inevitable. It was to be.

Yes, although it did seem like Lee lost a part of herself that day to the physical senses, to the spirit it was just a piece being removed from the temporary realm, but certainly not the infinite one.

The dream Lee had about Mike’s passing and the church that housed Mike’s remains was also a premonition to prepare Lee for what was to come, as the reality perfectly matched her dream. It could have been Mike coming to inform her.

Lee has many spiritual gifts as she was able to not only see Mike at his funeral, but she was also very sensitive to the things beyond the physical senses. From day one, she and Mike were connected in an inexplicable way.

At Mike’s burial, Lee noticed two hawks circling above her that she wondered about at the time. It was only after running into a cashier at the store that she received validation about these hawks from this stranger who had psychic information for “a friend of a friend of a friend” who she didn’t know, but would recognize when she saw this person. Her message? Yes, Mike was there at the graveyard. His death was not her fault. And lastly, she couldn’t have done anything to stop it.

Later, when things were really bad and Lee needed to talk to Mike, the telepathic communication went through as she received a dream of Mike that night. He tried to reassure and comfort Lee that he loves those he left, but that this was just meant to be.

Suicide can be controversial and although we may have our own personal views as to whether it is an appropriate, acceptable or a considerate way to go, it is choice that some do make. Unfortunately, that choice leaves many of us feeling some degree of responsibility and wishing there was something we could have done better to prevent it.

chain of connection

chain of connection

Lee had a life-changing experience when she got verification of an afterlife, in which Mike was now apart. This comforted her and made her very happy that, although Mike lost his physical life here, their spiritual connection was not broken.

 Lee leaves this message, “My experience shows me there are people who you are destined to meet regardless of anything else. You are just drawn to that person. And when you meet them, they change your life in more ways than you can ever imagine. My experiences made me believe there’s more than just what we see.”

Indeed there is, Lee.

Indeed there is.

12 thoughts on “Soul Mates

  1. Wow, that one welled up a whole heap of emotion.
    Obviously it wasn’t their path in this life that they were meant to be together – physically.
    What a beautiful but sad story.

  2. Lee, Thank you for sharing. I also lost my loved one to suicide. Jade and all of the stories shared here have helped me alot. I wish you much peace and comfort knowing your connection to Mike lives on.


  3. Thank you for sharing the post. Sorry for the loss of someone so close, but touched by your continued connection to him and by the way he came in and out of your life in such a fateful way. And thanks Jade for the post and commentary.

  4. What an interesting narrative. You always are an inspiration of what life and death can bring. 🙂 AG Mary Ann

  5. Twin Flame or Soul Mate, when they lose each other the pain is immense.
    I’m sorry for your loss Lee. I’m also glad you met a twin flame and had him in your Life.

    Thanks Jade for your sharing your gifts here too. 🙂

  6. Amazing story. It’s great when people meet that know they already know each other, even when the time together is far too short.
    I appreciate the time that I have with all the special people in my life.
    Thanks for sharing your story.

  7. I just lost my boyfriend to suicide. I feel as if I can no longer go on.. I hope he comes to me in a dream soon and let’s me know he’s okay. I’m falling apart. I don’t know what to do right now.

    • Hi Courtney. Thanks for sharing. That’s not nice that your are having to go through all that. I’m so sorry for your loss. Hugs.
      Give him a chance. I’m sure he will find a way to contact you. Your job is more important than his. Your job is to allow and accept everything that comes through and not doubt. That’s the hardest part as you mind will question everything.
      It’s very common to not know what to do after something like this. Your world has come to a screeching halt. Just hang in there. I know it’s hard but you can get through this on a day by day, minute by minute basis. You are NOT alone. Keep in touch.

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