Washing the Stress Away

Far too often, clients coming for massage therapy complain of all the aches and pain stored within their bodies. Laying themselves upon my soft padded massage table, they begin to unwind and breathe deeper as I work out the stored energy pent up in their muscle tissue. With every breath of relief, and every trigger point released, deeper relaxation sets in, as the body returns more to its natural state of peacefulness.

In my experience, I’ve discovered that, for many people, stress seems to originate at work; the problem being… they are always at work, 24/7! So wrapped up in their work life; trying to do a good job, earning a living, trying to get along with all the different personalities, or working for that promotion, they forget about any life outside of work! The bigger problem in all of this is the mistake of bringing work home. Some people aren’t even aware they are doing this, until the moment they are, and believe me… I have seen some shocked faces when they get it!

Think of it this way, the average person works 40 hours a week. Try this. Whatever amount you get paid per hour at work, instead of that, think about dividing your hourly wage into the 168 hours that make up one full week and see how much you are really getting paid for bringing your work everywhere you are! It’s hardly worth it! Not to mention the stressful impact your work-related thoughts and feelings have on your mind and body.
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“I Didn’t See That Coming!”

“I didn’t see that coming” is a common phrase said by someone who has been completely blind-sided by the unexpected, in this case, the unanticipated loss of something cherished. It is the mental, psychological and emotional energy created from this loss that forcefully thrusts us into a tailspin of thoughts and emotions we would rather not think and feel!

As humans, we operate as though life is predicable, never thinking that at any moment there could be a huge interruption in it that informs us otherwise. But, what’s really so is this; life is made up of a series of many random events that we have very little conscious control over. Sometimes we go for long periods of time without one unpleasant experience, then… something happens… and maybe we experience a long string of them.
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Storms of Life

When the storms of this life become too fierce to face, when the pressures are too much to bear, when the world is dark and you think you can’t hang on for one more minute, go inside. There, sitting in the stillness within, you will find the light… and all the peace and safety needed to ride out the storms outside.



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EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique

I want to introduce you to… or remind you of… EFT. I post this technique as one of many assisting tools that can lead you along the path of personal freedom. I know it has helped me, so I share this with you too.

EFT was developed by Gary Craig. It was adapted from Though Field Therapy and is based on the theory that the cause of all negative emotion are rooted in disruptions to the body’s energy system. Therefore, EFT is used to neutralized and clear negative emotional patterns, thus, restoring balance. It is simple to understand, easy to use, and is found to be highly effective by many.

EFT involves using the Set Up, The Sequence and The Gamut.  You don’t have to understand the details about how it works for it to work on you. You just need to do it and see for yourself. To give you an idea of how well it works, it has been used with a high degree of effectiveness on people suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. If people with PTSD can find relief and recovery, than I figure…. it’s worth a try.
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