“Life’s Going to be Alright!”

Rebecca receives an after-death communication from her son, Kenny, after a long time of waiting for one. His message to her? “Life’s going to be alright!”

KennyRebecca writes:
“It’s been a long while since I’ve dreamt of Ken, other than him being a part of my dream in the background and such. No dreams as of late where I’ve spoken directly to him. The other night, I actually was staring at a candle and asked him to please come in my dreams.”

“Voila! I dreamt that my family was on a plane- the entire family, including Kenny’s dad, his wife and their daughter. ​We had made it to Nepal and we were traveling to a resort destination. Suddenly, the military police were on the plane and found pot on the pilot so they demanded us to land. We landed in a jungle area and there were a lot of men carrying guns and yelling at us to get on a bus – that the plane would be leaving and we had to travel by bus. They were shouting in English and a different language also. I remember feeling as if I was going to do the wrong thing and being very protective of Nate and Kayla. I didn’t want us to get shot.  As we all sat in our seats on the bus, I watched the plane take off and followed it until it was high up in the sky. All of a sudden, I saw the plane pause and start spiraling down and crash into a shopping mall. The gunmen started to laugh at us ‘americans’ and told us that we were lucky to have gotten off the plane before the ‘terrorist attack.” Continue reading

With the Wind at His Face

In this after-death communication, Janeen recognizes her husband in a photograph that was taken on a tribute bike run in his honor, in the form of an energy field.

Janeen writes:

“This is a photo of me on the back of a friend’s motorcycle during a bike run in honor of my deceased husband that was held one week after his death in a motorcycle accident. Actually, he survived the bike going down (his brother drove it home from the pound) – he was struck and killed by an SUV after laying the bike down.”

“Most everyone who sees this picture agrees that it is James’ face as it looked when he was “in the wind.” I’m also attaching a “selfie” he took on the bike for you to reference.”

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I’m Closer Than Ever, Mom

In this post, Bridgette writes in to share a few of her after-death communications from her son, Benny Durell, who was murdered in a double homicide. You will see that Durell has neither lost his aliveness nor his ability to communicate in a special way with his mom.

Bridgette writes:
“Hi Jade , my name is Bridgette Booker. I’d like to share my after-death communication . I actually have several and a question about one I believe to be an adc as well, but this is one that I will share now.” Durell's arm in the photo

“My son was killed in a double homicide on Jan 26th, 2015. A couple of weeks after he was buried, I was sitting on my bed taking pictures of my dog. In every picture I took, there was a bright light in it. (I’m still kicking myself because I wasn’t thinking) I would take a picture and there would be a bright light, I would delete it, adjusted the settings, I turned flash on/off, etc. I even adjusted the lamp shade (as you’ll see in this pic). Then, I got up and went to other side of bed, took another picture and the same thing happened! I was aggravated! I threw my phone on bed and went to kitchen to get some iced tea. When I came back, I picked up the phone and took another pic and it was perfect!”
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There’s Nothing to Fear

Wes writes the following after-death communication which occurred with his close friend, Miake.

“A few nights after I had moved back home to Forest Ranch, Ca from Eureka Ca, I woke up at 4 am in a frenzy about my very close lady friend, Miake M., whose house I had stayed at for the last three nights of my living in Eureka. I had the strongest intuitive feeling that something was very wrong with her. Where I was staying at my parents house- where I grew up, we had no telephone and cell phones didn’t work that far in the mountains either, so I got in the car and frantically drove three miles down the highway to ‘the phone call spot’ where the cell phone worked at the top of Platte Mountain. I was talking to myself on the way there saying ‘oh God, please don’t let it be so’ and such. When I got to the spot and called, a voice I didn’t recognize picked up. I was practically crying and in a frenzy said, ‘where’s Miake? What’s wrong?’ Only to find out that she was in the hospital in ICU and had swallowed a bottle of Norco in a moment of apparently, overwhelming despair and she was basically brain dead. Anyhow, a few weeks (?) later, I had a dream where I had a ‘phone call from heaven’ and it was her. I remember thinking I had so many questions to ask, but I think I didn’t know where to start.  Before I knew it, she had appeared before me. It was her, but a more perfected version of her, at peace and serene; like all the impurities and layers of negative experience and character traits she’d acquired in life were now gone. Of all the things that could be said, and I was expecting grand insights and tales of what it’s like after life, but all she said to me is this, “There’s nothing to fear. There’s nothing to fear”. I took it as religion is wrong, and the most hell experienced would be in a place where one is ‘burned’ of their impurities… and where they pay the price of any negative they’ve caused in life, and then return to the source as does everyone. Regardless, of my mere mortal perception, it was the best and only thing I suppose I could want to hear, if I could only hear one thing about death and where we go afterwards.”
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The End Is Only The Beginning

My incredible out-of-body experience while attending a past-life regression seminar in 2010, in Denver, Colorado, as published in Dr. Brian Weiss’s new book, Miracles Happen.

I attended one of Dr. Weiss’s past-life regression seminars in 2010 in Denver, Colorado. Only seven months prior to this event, I lost my dear Christian to a sudden and unexpected death. It was the worst thing I had ever experienced and it left me a basket case, with so many painful thoughts and questions. At the same time, I had also spontaneously remembered a tragic past life with Christian, that had ended in a similar fashion, which left me feeling even worse.

Because I was so distraught about these losses, Christian’s aunt told me about Dr. Weiss and recommended that I go to an event, saying that maybe I would find some answers or at least feel better. I looked him up and read his books, and they gave me some peace of mind. But when I found out that he was going to be as close as Colorado, I took the opportunity to travel and attend his event. My experience there has helped me so much by changing my perspective.

My Actual Experience-
It was the first regression of the day after Dr. Weiss had introduced himself and prepared us for what might be expected and experienced within the context of our time with him. When he put us into a deep state of hypnotic regression, of course I expected to go into a past life, just as I had done times before while listening to his regression CD.

I remember that he had just come to the part where he gives the suggestion to go back to the earliest childhood memory, which I did. Like a child, I found myself in wonder and anticipation of the adventure I would soon discover when he took me back to a previous life. What past-life clues and remnants would I uncover? What would they teach me about my life and myself?
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Out of Body Experiences

Have you ever had a dream so real that you thought you were actually there? Have you ever felt a tingling feeling or vibration, followed by a sensation of floating out of your body as you drifted off for a nap? Have you ever found yourself consciously aware and interacting inside a dream, as opposed to watching the usual non-sensical images flash by behind your eyelids? If so, you may have had an out-of-body experience!

It is said that 1 out of 10 people have had, at least one OBE in their lifetime, while others in that same group have experienced this phenomenon many times. The truth is, although waking OBE’s are more rare, compared to those occurring in a sleep state, it is quite common for anyone to experience an OBE in a sleep state, it’s just that 1) we don’t always remember them, and 2) if we do, we often pass the OBE off as a really clear and vivid dream, if left undistinguished.
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Never Far From Home

In what seemed to be a very strange dream, I was standing on the top of a very tall building, on the top of a very tall mountain, and looking down… I saw a mighty fall below me.

There were two of me there. There was the one who was just about to dive off the edge into the dark abyss, and… there was the other – very concerned me, warning me, if I took the plunge, it would be suicide, and I would surely die. And… to that, a smiling me shouted out, “Oh, no I won’t, ’cause I can fly!” just before diving off the edge into the deep night!

I watched her in wonder as she fell through space, so graceful; head first with arms extended. Then, just as she’d said she could, right before hitting the ground, this Superwoman did indeed take flight in the direction of her choosing, and I became her!



Who knows all the places I flew that night, but… I do remember one place in particular. I found myself hovering before a large beautifully framed window. “How curious,” I thought, as I looked at its surface. It reminded me of the window at Wendy Darling’s old London home, where Peter Pan periodically returned, fresh from an adventure in Neverland, to look in on those he loved.

When my focus shifted from the outer window pane,  my awareness was now being drawn deeply through the glass. In contrast to the darkness all around me, the room inside was brightly illuminated. As I scanned the elegant room filled with, what seemed to be a modest gathering of beings, I saw Christian sitting there. I noticed how happy he was, as he turned to look up at the person standing to his right; and as usual, his smiling face was equally as bright as any light could ever be!
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Hector’s Healing Dream

By nature, Hector had always been a skeptic of the supernatural, until his mind was changed during a profound after-death communication, that occurred in a dream, which was just as real as life itself!

While Grandma was near death in a Mexican hospital, with her husband and some of her children by her side, Hector, her grandson, was at an aunt’s home in the United States, where family had gathered together to await the impending news. It was on that summer evening, late in July of 2011, that it came. The phone rang and, through tears of sorrow, it was announced that Grandma had passed away.

The next day, Hector and his cousin arrived at the airport to board the flight that would deliver them to their destination in Mexico, where their Grandma’s funeral was to be held. The only problem was… as they were ready to board the flight, it was announced that the plane would be delayed, because it had broken down, and another flight out would not be available until the next day.

Considering the bad news, Hector and his cousin realized that even if they took that next flight offered by the airlines, they would have arrived too late to attend their Grandma’s funeral. With this in mind, two very sad grandson’s decided to turn back.
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The Wall of Mystery

“There is an ancient story in the East that tells that there was a wall of mystery. Whenever anyone tried to climb up the wall to look at the other side, he smiled and jumped over, and never came back again. So the people of that country became very curious to know what mystery was behind the wall. Once when someone was climbing up the wall to see what was on the other side, they put chains on his feet, and held him so that he would not go over. When he looked at the other side, he too was delighted with what he saw and smiled; and those standing at the foot of the wall; curious to know what he had to say, pulled him back. But to their great disappointment he had lost his speech.”  (Excerpt taken from The Music of Life by Hazrat Inayat Khan)

Since the beginning of time, mystics have sought the answers to the many mysteries of life. Much of that time has been spent in endless speculation. But perhaps the greatest of all life’s mysteries is that of death.
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After-Death Communication and Signs

After-Death Communication (ADC) is, as the name implies, a communication between the living and the deceased. Also, as indicated in the name, it implies that the deceased are not really dead, as we know it, but living somewhere in another realm without their physical body. And, truth be told, the deceased would probably say they were experiencing even more aliveness than when they were living in the physical world! At least, that’s what I’ve been told!
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Waking from the Dream…

A Soul’s Perspective

(This poem came to a broken-hearted me, three months after Christian’s death. Showing me another perspective, it was a welcome gift of cheer, comfort and relief given to me from a higher aspect of myself)

I dreamed I was a body,
and you, a body too.
I dreamed bad things could happen,
both, to me and you.

I dreamed that there was sickness,
that death and loss were real.
I dreamed we could be separate,
Oh! … the pain that we could feel!
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Mantras …Tools for Empowerment

Throughout history, mantras have played an important role in bringing about states of

peace, bliss and connection to the Divine. It is believed that mantras have power to elevate and transcend one from the lower frequencies of the human realm into the higher frequencies of a Godly realm. So, it’s no wonder that mantras of sound, prayer, meditation and song have become so popular. Time and experience has demonstrated this practice to be transformational.

Today, it is increasingly common for people to use mantras for the purpose of creating intentions and declaring affirmations into existence. Songs and sayings that empower and motivate have even been adopted as personal mantras. These are all great tools for raising one’s energetic frequency.
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The birth of a blog… griefandmourning.com

Welcome! Thank you for visiting Griefandmourning.com!

My name is jade.

How I came to have this website/blog was most unexpected.

A few days before Thanksgiving of 2011, I was having a phone conversation with my adult son, Chris, who lives in another state. I was discussing the challenges I was facing with writing my very first book, which is a current work in progress. I explained that my story is complex, so the compilation of it is difficult since it contains copious amounts of detailed information that has been given to me with regards to some of my more intensely profound spiritual/human experiences. These experiences that I call “Holy Moments” have spanned over the last four plus years of my book, but have actually been an occurrence throughout my whole life. If you have had them, you know what I’m taking about.
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