The Doings of Darla

In this after-death communication, Dick becomes very aware that his dear deceased wife, Darla, is still looking out for him, when she brings him a new companion to take her place.


During his long career as a City Manager for Surprise, Arizona, Dick spent a lot of time traveling around the United States, and even other countries for his job, leaving his beautiful wife, Darla, behind at home. Even at social gatherings, it was Dick’s responsibility as City Manager to excuse himself from the table to move around, introduce himself to and network with new people. So Darla was really no stranger to having to share her husband’s time with a lot of other people. Continue reading

Happy New Year 2016

Dear Loved One,
May you always know that whether in times of happiness or whether in times of sorrow, you are never alone in your struggles here upon this Earth… Angels attend. A beautiful and inspiring song to nudge your memory that heavenly beings abide.

May 2016 bring you much comfort, peace, healing and the constant internal knowledge… that you are loved, watched over and never left alone in your journey on this big beautiful blue planet.
With love,

What is it Like to Lose a Child?

In this heart-wrenching post, Rebecca answers this unthinkable question, What is it like to lose a child? After having him for 23 years, Rebecca lost Kenny on July 6, 2012. She has been working through her grief ever since. One day last summer, she found the website, Quora, and saw, of all questions in front of her… this one. There it was… Rebecca’s invitation to share her most private and deepest thoughts and feelings with all the world. 

Quora asks: What is it like to lose a child?

Rebecca’s reply:
“This is a tough question to answer as it brings all the pain I try to push back (he’s just on a long vacation; he’s busy with work, etc., AKA denial) with as much force as I can muster, until I’m lying in bed alone with my thoughts, trying to hold on to every detail I can about him. The fear of forgetting his voice one day drives me insane.” 

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May I Have This Dance?

In this after-death communication, devoted husband, Carl, visits his beloved wife, Mary Ann, through shoulder taps, hugs, his reoccurring initials, “CH” and a hill-side smiling house.

Scan 4

Carl and Mary Ann

Mary Ann met Carl when she was fifteen-years old. Leaving the church bazaar one night with their mutual friend, Debbie, there he was, standing outside the subway station in Chinatown. It was dark and difficult to see, but Carl still managed to get Mary Ann’s telephone number.

When he called her, she asked, “It was so dark that night, what made you think you would like the way I looked?” Jokingly, sixteen-year old Carl teased, “I thought I’d take my chances!”

They clicked immediately. The phone calls between them lasted hours at a time. And, at some point early on, Carl found himself deeply in love with Mary Ann and pressed her for her love in return. Mary Ann queried, “I’m fifteen, what would I know of love?” Carl was her first steady boyfriend. It was only after a 2-3 week break-up of missing Carl in her life that Mary Ann realized just what love is… and it was the way she felt for Carl! After getting back together again, their love blossomed. And from that time on, they were solid and inseparable! Continue reading

This is NOT a Dream

In this dual after-death communication and out-of-body experience, Stella’s father is able to show Stella he is still around as he demonstrates with affection, one of his new heavenly skills.

Stella writes:
“My father passed away in Greece on Saturday, July 11, 2015 at 3:30 am. I was in Sydney at the time. I wasn’t able to cry or acknowledge his passing from shock because he didn’t want me to go to Greece and see him, as I had already spent 3 months with him during his chemo. He relapsed and did not want me to see him that way. We were very close.”

“On Sunday July 12th, I decided to go have a nap because I was so tired. While in the state of relaxing, I felt a hand wrap around back of my neck squeezing me tight, thinking it was my partner, I turned around and was picked up gently off the couch in a floating manner halfway to the ceiling. Upon awakening, I realized in happiness that it was my dad! As I was brought back to the couch, his thumb and fingers were still pressed firmly around my neck. By that time, I understood he wanted to wake me, so I could realize it was not a dream and that he had come to caress me in the one way he always did; by pinching me.”

“I was smiling and laughing and so happy that he made it and he touched me. I believe he wanted me to not grieve, but know he is with me. I will never forget the strength in his hand around my neck and flying with him towards a light. It was beautiful and magical.” Continue reading

Portals of Possibility

When Kristen opens herself to a new romantic relationship, the power of possibility is everywhere! Discover the true magic behind opening the portals of possibility.

Kristen, literally riding off into the wild blue yonder on a tram at Snowbird, Utah, like 3 years ago. When I took this snapshot, who knew it was for this post?

“Whee!!! Keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times!”, Kristen laughs. And with “out of this world” excitement, she attempts to describe the ride she is currently a passenger on inside her new love affair. It’s a ride that’s whisking her off into the realm of the wild blue yonder.

Trying to further capture the exhilaration of her mental state, Kristen uses another analogy, “I don’t know how this is going to play out, but I’m on the river with my hands in the air, not fighting the direction of its flow!” And flowing she goes.

Smiling as I notice her obvious euphoria, and as if choosing an entree from a cosmic menu, I say to myself, “I’ll have some of what she’s having, please!”

As I thought about her state of mind, I couldn’t help but wonder what was creating this wondrous condition. It was as though she was high on something, but what was it? Continue reading

Hold Me Again

In this after-death communication, Amy experiences a visit from her deceased father, who appears in the form of a Blue Gambel Quail, not common to her area.

Amy writes:
“My father passed in March of this year. He was hospitalized for a month beginning in December 2014 – he had care givers in his home round the clock until his death in March 2015. I spent those months from December to March extremely busy managing two households; paying bills, bringing groceries over, filling prescription, taking him to doctor appointments – you name it.  Even now, I’ve been busy cleaning out his house, handling his estate and trying to get his personal effects to family and friends who will appreciate them.”
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“Hi Honey! See You Soon.”

In this after-death communication, Tina receives a strange, but comforting voicemail message from her deceased boyfriend, Bob.

Tina writes:
“Can a spirit go inside my dog? Can a spirit call from their old cell phone with no minutes on it?”

Tina's Boyfriend, Bob“My boyfriend, Bob, passed away on March 11th, 2015 from lung cancer. The other day, I received a new voice message on my phone. It was from Bob’s phone that had no minutes! Bob’s cell phone was through “straight talk.” He bought a card every month at Wal-Mart.”
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Heads Up! I’m Here! (Re-post)

(To honor Susan’s beautiful experience with her husband, Jake, I am re-posting this. There have been some issues with my server lately, and I am not sure if anyone got this original post over a week ago. If it’s a duplicate for some of you, I apologize for sending again. Incidentally, when I posted this originally and notified her that I posted it, she informed me that it got posted on their wedding anniversary!  Thank you for sharing, Susan.)

Three years after Jake’s passing, Susan receives a series of after-death communications in one day, letting her know that her husband cares, is still with her and supports her in life’s tough decisions.

Susan writes:
“This morning before walking my dog, I reached for my house key and another of our home keys on a motorcycle keychain fell to the floor. My husband owned, rode and loved his motorcycle.”
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The Peculiar Butterfly

In this after-death communication, Jim shares his experience with a peculiar butterfly that came as his mother, for a visit first… and then to his wedding.

JimsButterflyJim writes:
“I had said my deceased Mom was coming to visit me and she actually came to our wedding recently. But… she came in the form of a butterfly!”

“First, I saw the same butterfly come around me, and tonight, my Mom (as a butterfly) came and sat with me for an hour. She just laid on my arm as I told her everything that was going on with me and everyone else.
Am I crazy?”
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“Tell Laura I Love Her”

Laura shares a variety of interesting after-death communications received from her father, Maurice, who passed away in 2013, letting her know that he is always with her… even now.

Maurice "Mo"“My Dad passed away two years ago on June 4, 2013. We have had numerous visits from him. I know it’s him. We were readying his house for rent and he visited several times. Turned lights on and off. Flipped a breaker switch once when it should have never flipped. Turned off a radio we were listening to while working in his house. It’s an actual lever that needs to be pushed down to turn it off. I have seen blue butterflies that would keep hanging around me. My Mom has Alzheimer’s and no longer speaks intelligibly and the nurses at the nursing home said that on the morning that Dad died, my Mom said out loud, “I’m never going to see you again.” I’m pretty sure he visited to her before he left.”
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The Mysterious Materialization

Helen shares an after-death communication from her primary school best friend, Michael, who unexpectedly passed during an operation, fourteen years earlier.

Helen writes:
“Can you help me understand something? When I was at primary school, my best friend, Michael, died after having an operation. A few weeks before he went in for this operation, I let him copy my spellings. The teacher asked me if I had helped him, but I said, “no.” Michael was so happy.”

Helen's spellings“I went back today to look around the school with my mum, as it was going to be demolished this upcoming Monday. This is no coincidence, but in the bit (playground) me and my friend used to play, was my spelling book. It was hardly damaged after 14 years! The school didn’t shut down until 2 years after I left, so you would have thought all things from my year would be long gone. So, how was my spelling book outside, in the bit we used to play, hardly looking worn? I truly believe that, after all these years, Michael is watching over me. There is no other possible explanation. Thanks.”
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In Memoriam Of Christian

… whose life and untimely passing inspired the creation of this site.

In my heart, I bring you flowers.

In my heart, I bring you flowers.

It was three years ago to this day that Christian, just twenty-five years of age, suddenly and unexpectedly passed away from a hemorrhaged arterial vascular mass in his brain. Fortunately for him, the painful process that led to his death was short-lived, as the time from onset to his passing only lasted approximately 45 minutes.

Although the process of Christian’s painful death was quick, for the loved ones left behind, our painful experience of losing him was just beginning. Even though we were still alive, it was a kind of death for us made manifest in our attempts to live on without him.

Christian was an amazing contribution to this planet. His countenance radiated acceptance, patience and unconditional love. Whenever I got impatient or offended by someone’s words or actions, with the utmost of wisdom and compassion Christian would turn to me and say, “Choose love.” It was a bumper sticker he was referring to, one I picked up for him when I visited a Hindu Ashram in Taos, New Mexico, just 6 months earlier. But it was also who he was and how he lived his life.

Christian’s death was shocking to those who knew and loved him. The impact of this loss left many to wonder why this amazing light upon the Earth, would be taken at a time when the world needed light the most.
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“Hold a picture of yourself long and steadily enough in your mind’s eye and you will be drawn toward it. Picture yourself vividly as defeated and that alone will make victory impossible. Picture yourself vividly as winning and that alone will contribute immeasurably to success. Great living starts with a picture, held in your imagination, of what you would like to do or be.” -Dr. Harry Emerson Fosdick

Is there an aspect of your personality that gives you grief? According to Dr. Maltz, you can change it in just 21 days by following these instruction!

The following practice exercise is a tool made popular by a plastic surgeon named Dr. Maxwell Maltz, who, in his many years of operating on people, noticed that it was impossible to alter a person’s face without altering a person’s inner self, too. This parallel between the outer and inner connected self led to an epiphany that spurred Dr. Maltz’s famous breakthrough work on self-image, self-esteem and the science of the mind, known as Psycho-Cybernetics.

If you want to change something about your personality, whether you are shy, unsuccessful, unmotivated, unhappy or maybe, there is something else you are working on, give this a try. Dr. Maxwell Maltz claims positive and noticeable changes to self-image in only 3 weeks by practicing 30 minutes each day. It takes that long to form a habit. The key to this success is to fool your nervous system by building “new memories” or stored data into your mid-brain and central nervous system.
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