They Really Do Hear Us!

A few days after posting Karen’s latest after-death communication from Marcus, Messages Through Meditation, she phoned me to report an interesting development.

Before leaving for work that morning, Karen and Marcus’s Aunt were texting back and forth about the story, Messages Through Meditation, I recently posted on this site. This was only a precursor for what was to soon come.



May is Marcus’s birthday month. It will be the second year since his untimely passing that Karen will not be able to celebrate his birthday with him. Back in October of 2015, sadly, Marcus ended up taking his life when he lost his battle with bipolar depression. Although Karen has forgiven him, of course, her loss is still difficult.

On her way to work this particular morning, Karen was talking to Marcus in the car. More specifically, Karen was stating her displeasure of having to live her life without him in it. Well, she told me, she might have actually been yelling a little bit too, as she asked “Why?” You see… Marcus was the love of Karen’s life.

Upon entering the building, Karen approached her normally quiet office space, where music was blaring from her co-worker’s phone on Pandora. Not only was listening to any kind of music unusual there, even the genre that Morgan was listening to that morning was strange, as it was not her type of music. “I love this song!” Morgan said. Strangely curious, “What’s the name?” Karen queried. “The song is called, Jade!”

Recognizing that this whole scene and string of events was more than just coincidental, Karen replayed the string of the morning’s events for Morgan. First, she was texting Marcus’s Aunt about the post about him. Next, Karen was talking and even yelling at Marcus. Then, Karen walked into her office and witnessed something very strange; Morgan playing music full blast, even a song and genre that was completely unusual for Morgan to be listening to, and when Karen asked what the song’s name was, the name was “Jade.” That’s my name and I’m the one who just recently posted his after-death communication to Karen.

Morgan agreed that her behavior was different, and upon learning about the morning’s events, Morgan realized that she was compelled to do what she did and that she had indeed been influenced to be a messenger for Marcus to Karen.

Commentary- This post is a good example of two main truths about our departed loved one’s ability to connect with us. First, our departed loved ones hear us, AND… our loved ones will often use other unsuspecting people to deliver their messages.

Now… when I say that our departed loved ones “hear” us, I don’t mean that they hear us in the way we hear the television. They hear us in that they perceive our thoughts and feelings. Let’s put it this way. Those on the “other side” hear us much better than we hear each other because they are not limited by the intonation and inference of language. When they hear us… they get the direct communication through perception without having to wonder what we really mean.

Secondly, it is so common for our departed loved ones to recruit other unsuspecting people around us to communicate for them. This occurs exactly as it did with Morgan finding herself acting noticeably out of character and wondering why. It is common for people to say, “That was strange. I don’t know why I did or said that.” Having a communication come from our departed loved one, through an unsuspecting bystander, can be quite compelling and cause us to take special notice of their attempt to reach us.

When Karen and Morgan connected the dots, it was obvious to them that Marcus was having some fun with the delivery of his message. I’m pretty sure he was letting Karen know that he knew she was communicating with his Aunt and that he was listening when Karen was venting to him in the car that morning. 

As a final touch, the loud song playing at just the right time that Karen walked up, was called “Jade.” Karen saw the connection instantly. I will take it as an acknowledgement by Marcus, who knew of my part in meeting Karen and sharing his stories on my site for the world to read and be comforted by.

With this recent message manifested, Karen realizes just how much Marcus really does hear her when she addresses him. It’s true that our loved ones are never far away.

Just remember. Whether you say it out loud or in your head… they really do hear us!

4 thoughts on “They Really Do Hear Us!

  1. Nice to know someone is always listening. Cool all the ways these messages come through. Thanks for sharing. XO

  2. Thank you Jade for sharing my story. I am always inspired by your interpretations and learn so much from you. Xo

  3. I think music has an almost magical and mystical ability to communicate how we feel, from our world and beyond.
    Thanks for sharing your story.

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