Still Here… 40 Years Later!

In this after-death communication, Kathi receives an auditory visit from her beloved brother, Kenny, who passed away 40 years prior. 

Kathi writes:
“My brother passed away in 1977 of a very rare disease. We were very close. After his death, I had many dreams of swimming in the ocean together, birds sitting and watching me, and twice of being escorted into a room somewhere in the heavens, where he was sitting in a chair waiting. I saw only from the waist up. We talked about family, life etc.”

“I cherished and still cherish those times. It was November 12th, 2016 when I woke up and heard him tell me to call his name, “Kenny. Call Kenny.” So I called his name out loud. Twice during the day, I continued to hear him or someone tell me to call his name again.”

“Frankly it was comforting. My entire day, my soul felt him around me. I find it amazing that after 40 years I’m still hearing from him. Our mother passed by suicide in April 2015. My mom never recovered from my brother’s death and her death has taken this long for me to accept. On Labor Day 2016, I had a very intense conversation with my mom that actually allowed me to let go of the anger and I think Kenny was there also. Both are present in my life on a regular basis.”

“Somehow, it’s all made me feel comforted, hopeful and calm. I thought this would go away after so many years… and I’m thrilled it hasn’t.
Btw, my being escorted into a room and talking to a deceased family member sitting in a chair has happened with almost everyone in my family. I can pull this up at will. I’m lucky I guess.”

Commentary- There are beliefs out there that some subscribe to, that our departed loved ones only stay with us for a brief period of time before moving on to somewhere, or something else. Too many times, bereaved souls left behind, come wrought with the raw pain and suffering of their broken hearts, concerned that the clock is ticking before the ‘window of time’ closes up on receiving an after-death communication from their lost loved one. This not only makes people even more sad than they already are… but very, very anxious too.

I am here to tell you that this just isn’t true. And now… so is Kathi, who, although she has had after-death communications with Kenny and other family members throughout the years, has also received an after-death communication from her brother, Kenny, even 40 years after his passing! 

While beliefs about a ‘closing window of time’ may seem logical to many linear thinkers, and may be true from that particular perspective, it is certainly not true from another, more bountiful perspective. You see, whatever our loved ones are doing, and wherever they are, they are still with us too, in a timeless and non-linear sort of way. They are more aware than ever that they are multi-dimensional beings now. However, even though they know this and try to reach out to us, it really does take two, us and them, to make a connection. Sometimes it’s simple, sometimes it seems difficult. Sometimes is happens sooner, sometimes it happens later. Even much later.

As Kenny told Kathi to call out his name, and she did it, he was letting her know that he doesn’t want her to ever forget him, and that on some level, he is consistently still with her, even after all these years. All she has to do is call his name and he is present to her in any moment. Yes, Kathi is fortunate to be aware of the many signs and communications that she has received, and to even sit down for whole conversations with her departed. That’s amazing! Many are not so aware as Kathi, but it doesn’t mean attempts by our departed loved ones to reach us are not happening. Perhaps it’s just that the densest part of us (physical self) doesn’t recall the experience(s) we had with our departed, or maybe we think and/or feel that a communication has happened, but can’t quite remember the details of it. A subtle visitation is often received by the part of us that remembers where it really counts; the soul part of us that uses the experience as guidance or a way to spiritually grow and evolve our physical selves.

Sometimes while writing these posts, I refer to our departed as, “lost loved ones.” Of course, this does not mean that they are actually lost. They know where they are. I only mean that they are lost to us until we realize… that they were never actually gone. You see, it is only in our thinking; our non-understanding and non-awareness that they can ever be gone.

The image Kathi sent with her story is a beautiful one. Almost everyone of a certain age group has one of these faded out photos where they are posing with their family on a better day. I know I do, and they represent memories of time once spent together. The thing is…  when these family photos are taken, there is nothing to tell or warn us of the impending future that awaits each of us, which include both joyous as well as tragic events.

Kathi’s family could not have known that just 8 months after this photo was taken, their young loved one, Kenny, would be taken. After all, it is not how it’s supposed to happen. And years later, when Kathi’s mother, who struggled for many years with dismay over Kenny’s death, could no longer reconcile the past with the present, did the unthinkable and attempted suicide in 2015. Unfortunately, although she lived for a brief amount of time, it was this attempt that took her life just weeks later, leaving Kathi to live with the loss of both her loved ones.

It’s true, we don’t know how life will go for us from year to year, or even moment to moment. Because life can change on a dime, it would behoove us to relish the time we have together on this Earthly plane while we are gathered together here. And, even though our departed loved ones are always with us in some way, shape or form, there is something to say for dwelling together in the physical realm and we often miss the way it was. But for now, let’s be grateful and appreciate the time we shared and remember that although things are different today, it’s never too late to hear from your departed loved ones, as they still love and care about you, even NOW!

Kathi's Family

Kathi’s Family-  This photo was his last Easter and is truly how I remember him. He passed 8 months after this.



2 thoughts on “Still Here… 40 Years Later!

  1. This heavenly interview room, where you get to talk to your loved ones who have passed, is fascinating. I don’t even know what I would ask my loved ones, if I had that opportunity. That is a gift, just the opportunity to share a room with those loved ones again.
    Thanks Kathi for sharing. And thanks again Jade for your insights.

  2. Thank you for sharing your story of continued contact and comfort 40 years later. And thank you Jade for your commentary. A good reminder to relish the moment with our loved ones on the earthy plane, but to also know this we have lost are still with us.

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