Flies Are People Too!

On the anniversary of her birthday, a departed Grandma visits her surprised but delighted family in this after-death communication, in a very unusual way.

Donna writes:
“Recently, my son took his little sister and girlfriend to my mom’s grave – it was her birthday. I had to take my other son to the doctor, which took longer than expected, so I couldn’t get to the cemetery. As they were ready to leave the cemetery, my daughter started to cry for her grandma. Then, all of the sudden, a big fly landed on Grandma’s headstone and just sat there! My son started talking to it as it was my mom! They were able to touch it and it didn’t fly away.”

Fly on son's leg

Fly on son’s leg

“My son’s girlfriend called me and told me what they were witnessing. I told her to tell Grandma to come back home with them so I could see her. So, my son talked to Grandma and put his hand on her headstone. The fly began to walk into his hand. Then, the fly flew to his arm. They started to walk back to his car with the fly still in place. When he started driving the fly flew off. They didn’t see it anymore. Then suddenly, his girlfriend spotted it on his leg when they pulled up to the house.

My husband, my other son and myself were outside waiting, and there was the fly! It flew on his steering wheel. My daughter tried to have it land on her but was in the back seat and couldn’t reach it. When she began to cry, the fly flew on her. She was so happy. My other son sat in the back seat to see the fly. A few minutes later, Grandma flew onto him too.”

Fly on daughter

Fly on daughter

Fly on son

Fly on son










“While they were getting out of the car the fly flew on the hood of the car. My son said, “Come in Grandma.” The fly flew on him and came in the house. We had a cheese cake in the fridge. My son’s girlfriend made it a few days before, so I suggested that we sing happy birthday to Grandma. After we sang happy birthday, the fly jumped into a cup full of water in the sink. I quickly grabbed it and placed it on a paper towel but it seemed to have died. My daughter was devastated.”

Fly that came to life again.

Fly that came to life again.

“About 20 minutes later, my daughter walked into the kitchen, went up to the fly and said, “Grandma.” The fly jumped onto its legs and came back to life! It sat in the kitchen on the window sill. This has to be my mom or else, she was definitely able to use the fly’s energy.”

Commentary- Usually, it is a butterfly, bird, dragonfly or hummingbird that we hear about in these after-death communications. But this time… it was a fly that the spirit of Grandma decided to inhabit to appear to her beloved family for a while. Either way, and whatever flying thing it was, completely amazed those in Grandma/the fly’s midst and provided an enormous amount of comfort too.

How sad it is when we lose a loved one and are no longer able to experience the continued physical manifestation of them in our lives. Not only do they seem gone to us, but as special holidays and events continually rotate on the calendar, through the passage of time, we miss them in our family celebrations. We miss them in our daily lives as well. Donna and her family were fortunate this time, for Grandma decided to make an appearance on her birthday! They had cheese cake and sang happy birthday, and as they did, their hearts felt lighter as everyone experienced the miracle of Grandma’s visitation that day, in this after-death communication to them.

This must have been Grandma, as really?.. NO fly behaves like that! Right? But perhaps the most extraordinary thing of the day was the message Grandma was giving to her family. It was in the form of an object lesson. After the fly was here, there and everywhere, landing on most everyone in the family, and was obeying commands, too, sadly, in some unexpected swan song, this special fly plunged to its death into the cup of water in the kitchen sink. After all this joy that Grandma gave her family, why would she do this? What is the meaning of it?

For sure, Grandma was not only sending a valuable message, but a reassurance when this seemingly dead fly sprang to life once more. The message? “Be assured, dear ones. As I once lived, I still live… and always will live on forever, I am not gone, for death is but an illusion.” 

It is easy to be deceived by death’s disguise. We don’t see or hear our departed loved ones as we usually did, so they must be gone, right? We debate with ourselves as to whether the current sign or after-death communication we just experienced was real or if it was just our imagination or wishful thinking. Many times, we succumb to the lesser of these explanations because we are afraid to believe in a something we can not logically explain. But these signs and after-death communications exists nonetheless, they are well-documented, so don’t be fooled by the guise of death. After all… death is just an illusion.

When the next friendly fly buzzes by, Donna’s family may wonder if Grandma is visiting again. What they won’t wonder about is the validity of an afterlife where Grandma is ever-present. In that knowledge, peace can always be found in their sorrow of missing her on this physical plane. For one day, they will reunite.

So next time you think about disrespecting just an ordinary fly, remember that there are extraordinary circumstances in which miracles can occur and bring great joy to those in pain. It is in these special circumstances that… for a time… flies can be people too. Spirit people, that is.

5 thoughts on “Flies Are People Too!

  1. Love this story! So amazing that your family got to connect with Grandma through a fly! Thank you for sharing it with all the great pics! 🙂

  2. Wow amazing experience. I guess the fly may not be very revered, but the fly is a great symbol of the quick fleeting nature of life.

  3. I laughed the whole time , with exception of the little girl crying. made me want to cry too. I’m so happy the entire family were able to visit with Grandma on her birthday . But what happened to the fly after it came back to life for the little girl ?

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