Between Two Worlds

In an emergency to save her life, Rebecca has a close call as she hovers between two worlds with her departed son and mother. 

Last October, Rebecca began to have some pain in her body. After visiting her doctor in January, both figured it was not too serious and just chalked it up to some premenopausal issues.

Recently, Rebecca woke up in severe pain which was so bad that she was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. As it turned out, the unknown 8cm mass on Rebecca’s ovary ruptured and infection spread throughout her body. Needing to have two different surgeries to repair the damage, Rebecca was constantly being injected with opiates much stronger than Morphine. Even though she was not a big fan of opioids, they proved to be necessary for her to deal with her extreme pain level.

Although she was in the hospital for some time, she could only recall her last week. “However,” Rebecca tells me, “I do remember thinking Kenny was walking by my bed because I saw the back of his head. But, strangely, I remember seeing him while my eyes were closed. I recall hearing classical music playing very loud and behind my eyes, I watched as my mom danced the waltz. She would glide by me. She was so happy and dressed just like a professional dancer. I never saw her dance partner though.”

“When I told my dad about this, he said I was in the ICU for several days and that the ICU had music playing. It’s odd that I remember nothing about being in the ICU. I do not recall any family coming to see me. I do not recall being transferred to a regular room. But… I distinctly recall my experiences with Kenny, my mom and the music playing loudly in my mind. It was like a movie playing behind my eyes. I heard a lot of whispering in my ears but I don’t recall what was said. I actually stayed in the ICU an extra day because the nurses told my family that I was heavily sedated. I don’t know if it was the pain meds but it was really beautiful watching my mom.”

Kenny and Mom

Kenny and Mom

“So… as clear as the experiences I had with Kenny since his passing were, watching my mom dancing and seeing her smiling, there is nothing else I can remember from the ICU. For me, that tells me that they were watching over me and I’m lucky.”

“When the Dr. explained that the outcome could have easily gone the other way, I suddenly realized that since Ken’s passing, I’ve been going through the motions of life but not really living life; more like flopping like a fish out of water. When Ken passed I didn’t care if I lived or died and used to say it out loud. Learning I could have died changed something in my head. I’m not ready to leave my kids yet. I don’t want them to go through life events without me. In saying that, I still feel guilt for Ken’s passing and that I’m not ready to join him yet. That’s something I have to work on. The last night I was in the hospital, I started asking the different nurses who came in my room if they had experienced anything paranormal and each one that I talked to had a story to tell. Even though I was extremely sick, I’m glad for this experience.”

Rebecca's Dime Sign

Rebecca’s Dime Sign

“When I got home from the hospital, I was going through my pictures on my phone. It was not until I saw this image that I even recalled taking it in the first place or that there was anything unusual on my bed. But now I remember!”

“I only got up from the bed to use the restroom. The nurses would come in and change the sheets, but not too often because it was hard for me to get up. Anyway, I got up that morning, the last morning I was in the hospital, and saw that there was a dime under me and I took a picture of it! I must have thought it strange. I obviously didn’t have any coins on me in my hospital gown and I don’t remember any nurse throwing coins around so…. this must have been a sign that my mom and Ken were with me.”

Commentary- I was smiling when I learned of Rebecca’s latest experience. Not just because she got to see Kenny, and her mother dancing the waltz in an after-death communication. Not because she realized that they’ve been watching out for her all of this time, and certainly not because she got sick, but because of something very important and amazing that Rebecca had yet to realize. And… it took everything in me to not tell her what else happened, before revealing the surprise of it in this commentary. (I hope she’s surprised)

Rebecca did not remember anything in the hospital simply because she wasn’t there. Well, her body was occupying her hospital bed, but her consciousness was definitely not. Rebecca was between two worlds.

You’ll notice that, from behind closed eyes, Rebecca recalls seeing Kenny walking by and her mother dancing the waltz. If she were actually witnessing this behind her physical eyelids, it would have been impossible for her to see what she saw. She also said she heard the music so clearly along with the many whispers that she could not discern. But in the hospital, there would be no reason for them to whisper in her ear or to play the music that Rebecca’s mother was so perfectly waltzing to. So what was it then?

I am so delighted to inform Rebecca that what she experienced was far more than an after-death communication, letting her know that her son and mother were lovingly watch over her. What Rebecca experienced was a near-death experience! And that’s pretty darn amazing!

Although Rebecca may not have experienced the tunnel of light or some other obvious indication that a near-death experience was happening at the time, for she may not have immediately recognized it, Rebecca did experience some very important hallmarks of a bonafide near-death experience. For one, it is clear that she (her consciousness), was not in this physical realm. That’s because she was in a spiritual realm with the loved ones who have passed. Secondly, she was easily able to have constant contact with her loved ones who have passed. Perhaps all that she experienced with their constant companionship, was their way of comforting her while she undecidedly straddled between worlds, as their love and presence emotionally nursed her back to life. Thirdly, she actually was near death. But the most telling sign of her near-death experience is that it changed her in an unmistakable way. You see, this experience has caused her to finally, finally, finally… choose her life here, despite her guilt of not being able to be with her son, Kenny. Yes, while Rebecca’s life hung in the balance, at some point, she made a clear choice to stay. And stay she did.

Consciousness is an interesting thing. It’s like a ladder we slowly climb. In any particular moment, we are only aware of our position on the rung that we are currently on. In Rebecca’s case, she had been grieving over her son, Kenny, for so long. She never thought that wanting to actually live again would be a possibility she could look forward to. But then, something happened and she gained the type of perspective that she needed to finally begin to heal. Don’t you hear it in her own written words? Whether it was her close call or her doctor’s words of validation of just how close of call it was, it’s clear to me that Rebecca has turned the corner on her healing journey.

What happened in Rebecca’s near-death/out-of-body experience, she may not remember completely at this moment. But in time, more pieces of her experience may creep into her awareness as she climbs the ladder of consciousness. But something did happen to Rebecca to cause this sort of transformation. That’s for sure. This experience of becoming sick and almost losing her life, probably saved her life. Although this experience was uncomfortable and even extremely painful, it has really proved to have served her well.

And… as Rebecca convalesces from her recent brush with death, may her body, heart and soul heal from the losses of her life that have stopped her from truly living again.

And yes. As appearing coins are common in after-death communications, Rebecca’s dime was there to tell her that she can trust her experiences there with her mother and son, and also… to validate that something truly mystical, valuable and amazing occurred while she was there.

Me and Ken

Me and Ken

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7 thoughts on “Between Two Worlds

  1. Thank your for sharing this and for the lovely commentary from Jade. Happy that through this you found a new lease on life and were able to connect with those you have lost.

  2. Thank you Jade for posting my experiences and the commentary you provided! I have read stories about NDE’s but never thought of what I went thru was a NDE! Your words throughout my journey of loss have helped me feel comfort and hope that life does indeed go on. Seeing the pictures above made me smile and brought memories of both my mom and Ken rushing back to the moment they were taken. Thank you for your compassion and the time you put into your wonderful site. 💕

    • You’re welcome, Rebecca. It’s been my pleasure to do so.
      And… I’m glad your NDE came as a surprise to you! It’s fun when something totally amazing registers in our brains. I love it! xo

  3. Amazing how such magical experiences can come from such uncomfortable ones. I’m glad you are better Rebecca. Thanks for sharing the story Jade.

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