Amy’s Coin Collection

The well-known after-death communication of “coins left on our life’s path” can be a ‘valuable’ way for our departed loved ones to remind us they are always with us.

Amy's coin collection

Amy’s coin collection

Amy writes:
“Hi Jade. These are all the coins I’ve been sent the past two years. 23 pennies, 6 dimes and 1 nickel. I know they (the departed) like to leave coins.”

“This is so much like my Dad. He would save his pocket change in a coffee can and give it to his grand daughters when it was full.”

“The coins were all found in times of joy, sorrow and worry. But always in a unique place where I would find them… and just when I needed them.”

“This has been a hard month for me. My father crossed over on March 20, the first day of Spring. It’s been two years since his passing. The first day into a new refreshed body and spirit is how I like to look at it.”

Amy penny

Amy penny

Commentary- As I was writing this post, Amy, armed with her father’s dog tags around her neck, received 3 new pennies for her coin collection while at Six Flags Theme Park for the day. She contacted me to tell me of the first penny, contacted me again to tell me that she had received two more shortly after. Amy informs me that her Dad knows we were talking about him. I’m sure he did, given the discussion were were having about him!

What is this coins thing about, anyway? At least 20 years ago, I heard it first from Psychic Silvia Browne and said, “What?” But it’s true, throughout the years, I’ve experienced it myself… along with the many other people who have had this experience. Is it that metal is a good conductor of energy and therefore easier to manipulate? Is it because they used to put coins on the eyes of the dead as a travel payment to heaven? Is it them telling us that we are valuable to them? If so, maybe they could leave silver dollars for a “change?”

Perhaps they are trying to tell us that it makes sense (cents) that they are always with us and thought we should know. But maybe it’s just a coin that fell out of our purse or wallet that we didn’t know about, only to find it later. But what if they made it fall out for later? We could go crazy trying to figure it all out. The truth is… no wonder what the origin of their heavenly cents, they can sure show up in some strange places. For example, they weren’t there, and then they appeared. Or we were laying or sitting on one. Or they are consistently in our path. Or it happens often enough for us to notice. Whatever the origin, coins are deeply associated with spirits telling us that they are with us, as Amy’s father tells her.

Amy's Top Gun Dad

Amy’s Top Gun Dad

It has been two years to the day that Amy’s father crossed over. It was March 20, 2015 and the first day of Spring, symbolizing the time for a new beginning. Of course, Amy misses him dearly, but has had too much proof to not know that he is always around. But still… it’s nice to have them in the physical. Perhaps these coins are the next best thing to show her, like bread crumbs leading her through this life, that he is always with her on her physical, Earthly path. It’s all good. 

Amy's Father's

Amy’s Father’s Memorial

Just in from Amy- “In honor of my father, I set up his picture and flowers, then went for a run. On my run I was given this dime. I haven’t ran in two weeks because I had been sick. So nice to get this. I know he loves whatever you are writing about him.”

more money!

more money!









Dog Tags

Dog Tags Amy’s loves to wear.

Dad & Flight Students

Dad & Flight Students. He loved to fly.

7 thoughts on “Amy’s Coin Collection

  1. I have a friend who lost her baby after 2 weeks. It was crib death. Since then she tells me whenever she thinks of her little Sammy…dimes appear out of nowhere. She has them in a jar with Sammy’s name on them. I don’t know why coins appear when we think of our loved ones but do believe they are sent to us. It is a way of them telling us they are still with us.I guess this is how the phrase pennies from heaven started. Good to hear your father is still letting you know this, Amy.And nice post, Jade. These little reminders to us, the living, mean so much to us.

  2. I had a penny dropped at my feet, while I was in the closet, immediately before reading this article. Some of us need extra signs before we pay attention.
    Thanks for the extra sign with this story.

  3. I too have found many coins over the past year since my husband died. I recently returner from a trip to my husband’s Homeland for the First time since he passed. It was a good trip but there were many difficult moments. One of the hardest was returning home without him by my side. I had parked at the airport so once we arrived I first dropped off my sister in law, then stopped to pick up a few groceries. Once I arrived home I unloaded my suitcase and grocery bags making a few trips between the car and the house. Then I opened the door and greeted my dog. I returned to the porch to bring everything into the house and once I was done noticed a shiny dime on the outside doormat. I had no Canadian money with me. It felt like a message from my husband to let me know that even though I felt alone as I returned home he was still there with me, just as always! A few days later my daughter was working in her garden and found a dime she felt was meant for me. It was a dime from 1980 the year my husband and I were married. Coincidence? I choose to think not!

    • That’s awesome, Joanne. Your examples are certainly how these coin adc’s occur. I’m glad you could recognize them for what they were… your husband’s messages to you that he is still around and letting you know. 🙂
      However, if you stop seeing coins, please remember that he is always with you. 🙂
      Thanks so much for sharing your precious after-death communications.

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