Shedding a Tear

As Shenique and her son say goodbye to their beloved husband and father at his viewing, he says goodbye back to them in the most unexpected way.

Shenique writes:
“Have you ever heard of a dead man crying for real? Well, it has been 8 years since my husband was killed. At his viewing, when my son and I said our last goodbyes, a tear came from my husband’s left eye. It was clear as day! Would you happen to know the meaning or what he was telling us?”

Commentary- Although it would seem unusual for a tear to fall from a departed loved one’s eye, stranger things have happened. The tear drop is a symbol of emotional expression. In this case, some messages of expression could be, “I’m sad my life ended so soon.” “This wasn’t supposed to happen this way.”  “I’m sorry you will have to go through the pain of this.” “I’m Sorry to Leave You.” “I’ll miss you and the life we had together, dearly.” and ” Goodbye for now.”

When you think about it, it would be difficult for most men to leave their families too early in life. Many of them have taken on the role of protector and provider of their family unit. For those to whom this role is embedded within them, to not be able to continue providing and protecting would be extremely difficult. To one who was approaching death, or to one who had freshly crossed over, their thoughts would still be those of physical concerns for the ones they leave behind. 

At some point, consciousness shifts from the physical to align with the spiritual world and these physical concerns begin to fade away. This is not because our loved ones don’t love or care about us anymore, it’s simply because, in their newfound environment, they realize that they can still be with us, still be there to support us and still assist and guide us with our lives from beyond. This is what our loved ones do.

We live in a physical world where thoughts of scarcity are ever-present. If you think about it, thoughts of lack abound in our daily life. Yet even worse, impending death is always lurking right beneath the surface of our consciousness, as it could happen to us at any moment and we know it.

In the spiritual world, one begins to see that there is unlimited abundance and all the things that were worried about in the material world, were concerns surrounding limits and scarcity. If you look at just the process of grieving, you can see all of the scarcity and lack we have to overcome just in trying to heal ourselves from our loss.

Even our departed are susceptible to grief themselves. But, like us, they get through it too, just a whole lot faster than we do. This is because of their newfound reality, which gives them a new perspective. The new perspective is that… we can never actually die. They have the benefit of knowing what’s on the other side and that we will be reunited again with our beloveds someday. What they also know is this. Although this Earth life can seem very long, especially when things are going wrong, we don’t have much time here. Life happens in an instant. From this particular point of view, their concerns and worry begin to fade with this blessed realization. Now, WE just need to trust this.

No matter how Shenique’s husband was able to squeeze a single tear out of the departed body he once inhabited, at the very bottom of it all was this beautiful message for her and their son, encapsulated in a tear… “I love you wife and child.”

You have my heart

You have my heart

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