“No Son. I’m Alive!”

In this after-death communication dream, Ali finds himself, out of body, and in an old familiar house, where he finds his mother there waiting for him.

Ali's mom

Ali’s mom

Ali writes:
“My mom passed away in July of 2015, at the age of 83. I woke up this morning to do something and then fell back to sleep. I dreamed that I was in a church with lots of people there. Then all of a sudden, I began to notice they were starting to leave in the middle of a sermon. I followed them outside and noticed I was in my old neighborhood. I started to walk to the old house we used to live in and noticed the back door was unlocked. I walked in, and heard my mother calling my name.  As I turned to look, she walked in the room dressed in white.  So happy to see her, I started to cry and wrapped her in my arms while holding her tightly. I said, “Mom. How could this be?  You died.”  She looked surprised and said to me, “Son, when did I die?” “You died on July 23, 2015!” I said with certainty. “No, son, I’m alive!” It was then I woke up. She looked very healthy. Her hair and her clothing were pure white; a white I have never seen before.”



Commentary- In this after-death communication and out-of-body experience, Ali visits his mother in the light. His old home represents the familiar. The back door open means he is, not only welcome, but invited into this dimension. His mother looking healthy, with brilliant white hair and all dressed in white, represents that she is well, and in the light.

Durning Ali’s visit, he is thinking; this means that this is not just a lucid dream, Ali traveled to her; out-of-body. He was very much aware, at the time, that his mother had already passed away. He even goes so far as to ask her of this. Her reply said it all. In the purest sense of reality, she did not die. She could never die. I mean, does this beautiful, healthy, brilliantly white-haired lady dressed in all white, seem dead to you? That was pretty much her message to her son.

While Ali may still struggle, at times, with the loss of his mother in the physical world, he has received a great gift. He knows that she still exists on another plane. And she will continue to exist forever, as the energy that we are made from can never die; it only changes form. In an out-of-body state, as Ali changed into a form to match the frequency of his mother, he was able to hug her once again. This tells us something very important about the afterlife. It is to tell us that, “Solid” is relative. When we get to the “other side”, or even, just visiting dimensions of higher frequency, it is possible to hold our loved ones once again. Now, that’s something to look forward too!

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