Mantras …Tools for Empowerment

Throughout history, mantras have played an important role in bringing about states of

peace, bliss and connection to the Divine. It is believed that mantras have power to elevate and transcend one from the lower frequencies of the human realm into the higher frequencies of a Godly realm. So, it’s no wonder that mantras of sound, prayer, meditation and song have become so popular. Time and experience has demonstrated this practice to be transformational.

Today, it is increasingly common for people to use mantras for the purpose of creating intentions and declaring affirmations into existence. Songs and sayings that empower and motivate have even been adopted as personal mantras. These are all great tools for raising one’s energetic frequency.

But not all mantras are created equal. Far too many times we discover that unknowingly, we have been carrying around a mantra… or several mantras within our internal dialogue that have been detrimental to our bliss and well-being.

As an example, these internal mantras might include any combination of the following:
“The world isn’t a safe place.”
“I’m all alone in the world.”
“I’ve got to do it myself.”
“I can’t trust anyone.”
“I can’t do it right.”
“I’m not enough.”
“No one cares.”
“I’m unlovable.”

On a semi-conscious level, these negative mantras run automatically and repeatedly as “white noise” in the background of the human psyche. The results these negative energy signatures produce are the continual and underlying feelings of doubt, insecurity, anxiety and disconnection.

While the above list is only a smidgen of a sampling, you may notice that they have their roots firmly planted in fear and scarcity. Not sexy! The feelings these dis-empowering mantras create can be stressful and deeply painful. If you were conscious of these doubts and fears, you could see how this knowledge would serve as an important advantage to you.

What if you could discover your most painful thoughts and your greatest fears and silence them?

Rather than listening to the lies and the dis-empowering fears of insanity, what if you could create a mantra that, again and again, would restore you to the deepest truth of your soul?

As long as you are already repeating something to yourself anyway, why not repeat something that will make a positive difference? 

While there are a variety of helpful mantras you could practice in your daily life, from meditation to devotional chants, when it comes to dealing with doubt and fear, a specific mantra I have discovered is what I call a “Re-membering Mantra.”

A “Re-membering Mantra” is an amazing tool of awakening! Its specific intended purpose is to remind you of your deepest and most powerful core truth. When remembered, and stated with conviction, this core truth (mantra) has the power to restore you to a satisfying state of complete wholeness, connection and sanity. As a result, all lies told of disconnection and insanity can no longer remain. If you are committed to doing the work, this is the promise a powerful and effective “Re-membering Mantra” makes to you.

There are three ways to go about having your very own restorative mantra.
1) You can create one completely from scratch.
2) If it’s a perfect fit, you can use an existing one that someone else has created.
3) You can tweak an existing mantra that you like, making it your own.

For a “Re-membering Mantra” to have the most power and effectiveness, it must have the following qualities.

  • It must affirm or reaffirm a deep empowering truth or “knowing” within your soul. It can be a belief based in faith, or may spring from a memory of an actual experience.
  • It must restore wholeness, connection and sanity.
  • It must be a perfect fit for you.
  • With the energy and power of its truth, it must have the authoritative force to diminish all fear in its presence.

You may have to set aside some time to think about this. Even meditate. Write ideas down until you can capture it. Just know that the time, effort and energy spent will be well worth it. You are doing this for you!

You can start by asking yourself, “What is the deepest and most powerful core truth of my soul that… if I knew what it was and spoke it, would have the power to knock down EVERY doubt or fear that I could ever possibly have?”

When you have found your “Re-membering Mantra”, it will:

  • Be meaningful and empowering
  • Be centering and balancing
  • Restore sanity
  • Restore integrity and wholeness
  • Immediately set things straight
  • Be uplifting and inspiring
  • Have the power to silence EVERY doubt and fear
  • Connect you directly to your Source
  • Give you an experience of love and peacefulness
  • Set you free
  • Satisfy

Your mantra could be simple.
“I am a vessel through which only love and peace flows.”
“I am safe, I am well, I am happy. All is well.”

Your mantra could be more complex.
This is the Mantra that was practiced religiously by Christian, whose death provided the inspiration for this website/blog.

Divine Light MantraTaken from Swami Sivananda Radha
I am created by Divine Light.
I am sustained by Divine Light.
I am protected by Divine Light.
I am surrounded by Divine Light.
I am ever growing into Divine Light.

Also, on the complex side, my “Re-membering Mantra” is a variation of the Divine Light Mantra. While I liked it, it wasn’t my complete truth, and it didn’t completely satisfy me, but it gave me a good place to start.

To give you an idea how my mantra was developed, and because it’s the only one I can tell you about, I will share the process that led me to it.
Please keep in mind that this is only my process. You process may be similar or entirely different. Do what works for you!

My Process
At the age of thirteen, I had lost my mother to Cancer. In the many years that followed, I lost other loved ones too. Then suddenly, almost two years ago, with Christian’s passing, there was the moment of truth! The deep pain I had been suppressing for most of my life wasn’t going to be suppressed anymore! Finally, I had to deal with my deepest fears, which in the end, turned out to be a great blessing to me.

After Christian’s death, I was shocked and stunned. This process had begun.
I began to wonder about my deceased loved ones.
For the first time, I wondered if I would ever see them again… or was this quick time spent together – all that we had?
The thoughts of a permanent separation from them, and from those loved ones who would someday follow, became unbearable to me.
I wondered about meeting them on the “other side.”
Then, I wondered if there actually was an “other side” at all. I mean, that’s what I was always told, but did it really exist?

Finally, I wondered about God. Like I had been told before, was there really a kind and loving God somewhere? Or would I find God to be a myth?
I thought, I read and I searched…
I felt so lonely.
Was I alone in the world?
Or worse, would I exist ALONE… FOREVER?

As you can imagine, I felt every dis-empowering feeling possible. I heard all their dark thoughts.
Then one day I finally reached “bottom.” Under the heap of these tormenting thoughts, I came to the most painful possibility; that I could be separated and disconnected from LOVE. To be without God’s love, self-love and the love of others WAS the most painful thought I could think!
And… my greatest fear was to be alone.

And then… I started to remember.

Bit by bit, I became stronger as I began to remember a brighter reality. As my attention was drawn back to some previous spiritual experiences that had once rocked my world, I remembered my first Near Death Experience. I was face to face with PURE LOVE itself. The love and acceptance I experienced in that moment was nothing I had ever felt on Earth. No, not even close.

I remembered times spent in the tunnel, between this world and the next. There, my loved ones came to greet me. Surely, LOVE had survived the grave!

I remembered seeing God and experiencing the pure love that God is, and thinking… “I am completely fulfilled! In God’s presence, there is nothing more I could ever need or want ever again!”

Having this knowledge was important. In the end, everything else, I either didn’t know or couldn’t understand about the afterlife, would eventually be worked out to perfection. I knew this. These were comforting thoughts for me.

Re-experiencing these profound realities again, gave me the courage to believe and trust my own experiences without doubt.
There is a God and I know it.
I will be reunited with my loved ones again.
Love not only exists beyond death, but also exists way beyond any love in this life.

So, with these small realizations I began to re-member. I began to restore the integrity of my deepest and most powerful core truth. A truth now so powerful, I have no doubt it will carry me through this life and into the next. This is my mantra.

God’s Love Mantra
I am created from God’s love.
I am sustained by God’s love.
I am nourished and protected by God’s love.
I am surrounded by God’s love.
I am ever growing into God’s love.
Knowing this, all my wants and needs are completely handled.
I am so loved. Thank you God. I love you too!

If you want a “Re-membering Mantra”, but don’t have a belief or an experience to draw from, ask yourself this question. “What would it be if I did?” You can even make up something empowering until a truer version comes along to take its place.

Once you have found the perfect “Re-membering Mantra” for you, you will know it. It will become a great source of peace, empowerment and nourishment. Make it a practice, a discipline and a daily re-membering. If you do, the message and energy your mantra contains will have the power to restore you to wholeness, sanity and truth. First hand, you will know of its transformational power and wonder how you ever did without it.

But, be aware. Sometimes, without practice, and in a weakened state, you may forget your truth. Doubts and fears may creep up on you, and taking the best of you, may cause you to forget again. Whenever you feel this negative state, …. you will know.. it’s time for you to re-member!

In the end, it’s ironic that discovering and facing your most painful thoughts and deepest fears could lead you to your greatest salvation of peace.

7 thoughts on “Mantras …Tools for Empowerment

  1. It sure helped me a lot as well. This is not an easy topic, but you make it easy to be understood. Thank you so much!

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  3. Thank you, my son died last week from very sad and sudden circumstances. I have been feeling all those doubts. While I haven’t had a near death experience, he did almost a year ago and shared with me almost the same that you did. I will build on the faith of his experience to “re-member”

  4. Hi Jade,

    It’s a great post. I really appreciate your explanation supported by justification in every post. Christian’s mantra shows how noble he is…

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