Lights Out!

In this after-death communication, Stacey becomes a believer in the afterlife, when her recently deceased father, turns out the light as he leaves the room!

Stacey and her Father

Stacey and her Father

Stacey writes:
“My dad passed away on the 4th of February 2016. The most incredible thing happened a few seconds after he passed away. The light in his hospital room went off. No other lights in his ward did this but his. The nurse checked the hallway to check if someone had pressed the button but no one was around. I”d like to think he was letting us know he was okay and not suffering now. He had a fantastic personality and this is something he would do (turning the lights off as he left) as he would have found it amusing, and it relaxed my family.”

“I was not sure about life after death before, but now I’m a true believer! I would like to share my experience of my dad’s after-death communication with everyone!”

“Lots of love, Stacey xo!”

Commentary- After a loved one has passed, we might wonder about the changes that could occur as our loved one crosses over from this life to the next. For example, people write to ask me the following questions. “Does my departed loved one still remember me and the relationship we shared together?” “Is my loved one the same as they once were? Or have they undergone a personality change in the transition process, such that they would no longer be familiar to me?” “Exactly, how much of the person I knew in life, still remains, after one has crossed over?” And the big one… “Does my departed loved one, that I have known and loved, still know and love me now?”

The good news is, Yes! Your loved one still remembers you and the relationship you shared together. And, Yes! Your loved one still knows and loves you! However, in the transition, and I’m talking about the transition from brain to mind, there could be some noticeable differences to be observed. 

For instance, an abusive person in life, could appear in an after-death communication as very loving and compassionate in the afterlife. How is this so? Having found their way to light and love, the part of them that was not that, has fallen away and dissolved, revealing their true essence; a soulful essence that no longer carries the burden of a world to be survived. 

It’s very common to find that our Departed have softened in their transition. It has much to do with the brain’s personality versus, the personality, or essence of the mind; mind being the spiritual aspect of the physical brain. So in other words… during a person’s lifetime, how much of a a person’s personality came from a person’s brain, versus their mind? This would vary from person to person.

You see, after a person crosses over… there is no longer a brain! And with no brain, there is no Ego, which is only the brain’s construct designed to protect and defend itself from certain physical death. Well, once one (the Departed) realizes that there is really no death because the spirit lives on, it is realized that there is nothing to survive; defend or protect ourselves from. With the death of the brain, goes with it, the death of the defense mechanisms… or certain personality traits, that can be so off-putting at times. 

But, back to Stacey’s example. Stacey said herself that her father had a fantastic personality. He was already the embodiment of light and love. He was very conscientious as we see, with the lights and also trying to comfort and relax his family. So of course, it would not be uncommon for Stacey’s Dad to be the way that he always was in life. And in true form, as he left the room one last time, he was considerate as he turned the lights off behind him. Something that he always did.

Stacey might have been a non-believer before this experience with her Dad, but his turning off the light, to signal his exit of this room, was so much like her Father, that it was almost as though he was still there with her and the others who so lovingly hovered over his hospital bed, just before his transition. 

And, of course, Stacey and her family were comforted to know that…  although life without him is not exactly the same anymore, he is still with them, loving and guiding them with great care and consideration, but in the unseen, now.

7 thoughts on “Lights Out!

  1. Stacey: Thank you for sharing about your father. I know you miss him so much and will continue to do so. Keep your heart and mind open and he will continue to visit you – usually when you least expect it. You are not alone in your grief.

  2. Thanks for sharing. So sweet the message he sent when he turned out the lights…sounds like he was a sweet man. And thank you Jade for your comments and beautiful explanations as always.

  3. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story, Stacy. Your Dad will always be with you in spirit. And thank you for the wonderful explanation especially on the transition from brain to mind, Jade.

  4. Hi. My husband passed away a few months ago. A friend and a family member have had visits from him in a dream, another friend feels his presence often; but, I do not! Why is this happening. I am so devasted and every night before I sleep I hope for him to visit me

    • I’m sure he is visiting you. Sometimes it’s a little tricky realizing it and recognizing it. I teach a whole 4 week class on this so a quick answer isn’t necessarily an easy one to give as to why or why not.Don’t worry, your husband is with you. Could love do anything else? Sorry for your loss. He will soon come to you in a way you can recognize, I’m sure. He wouldn’t want you to worry or be saddened. Trust him to come. 😃

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