Eternal Valentines

In this after-death communication, Deena receives comfort in many different forms, allowing her to know that her eternal Valentine, John, is still taking care of her… and the cats too!

John, Deena's boyfriend


 Deena writes:
“I have lost John, my boyfriend, of over 14 years to cancer. He passed away on December 2 , 2015, shortly after he was diagnosed. I am madly, deeply in love with him even though we didn’t have the smoothest of relationships. People referred to us as Taylor & Burton (Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton) as we were always falling out, but we had a passion that everyone saw. We were never apart in all those years.”





Deena's Mum, Jean

Deena’s Mum, Jean

“This afternoon I was in my mum’s living room when suddenly there was a very powerful but unmistakable smell of a lovely bouquet of flowers. My mom smelled it too. I am intolerant to flowers, so I never have them in the house. My boyfriend always gave me an artificial red rose on Valentine’s Day. But this smell couldn’t be explained and I believe John was with me.”

“At the same time, my mum had the TV on. It was a Colombo episode with Faye Dunaway. Suddenly that actress says, “Thank you for the flowers!” I thought that was weird because the day before his funeral, I visited him for the last time in the Chapel of Rest with Christmas gifts of lots of photographs, one real red rose and some mistletoe.”



“Also, in a private farewell letter, I then asked him, “Do you still love me as much in death as you do in life, like I do you?” “Will you wait for me?” “Will you come to me with arms opened wide for me, when I come home to you?” Suddenly the channel changed. A Richard Gere film called, “Hachi-A Dog’s Tale” was ending with the dog dying in its loyal grey Friars Bobby-type place, at the station where it always waited for its master. As the dog died, the spirit of its master arrived through the station doors with wide opened arms to hold his faithful dog.”

“I really want to join John now, by taking my life…but I believe it will prevent me from being with him. That dog waited 9 years to be with his master. It’s now my turn to wait; keep my promises to John and one day I will go home to Him.”

“There was another message from the TV, too. When my mother and I have been rowing, I keep hearing on the TV, ”For crying out loud!” It was always what John said in frustration at both of us, and it has happened tonight.”

“The other night I had an email from John’s email address. It read, “Deena look at me!” I checked with his broadband company and they said that email address no longer exists. They were baffled. John used to shout, “look at me!” to get my attention during one of our fights, when I refused to look at him.”

Deena's note from John

Deena’s 5-year old note from John

“Recently, I found a 5-year-old note that John wrote when my kitten died. It said, “Though Nokie’s gone, you’re not apart because she lives on Deena, in your heart.” I haven’t seen that note for nearly 5 years, then suddenly, it is on my bedroom floor. It is like John is saying that he is gone, but we are not apart, as he lives on in my heart!”



Charlie the cat

Charlie, the leash-walking kitty

“I have a worry at the moment; his cat, ‘Charlie’ isn’t well. She has been pining since he died. Her weight has dropped, her fur is missing underneath, she isn’t eating properly and she is always on his pillow. He used to take her for walks on a leash. I hope I do not lose her, too.”

“John’s sons gave all his clothes away, except for the jumper he had for years. I managed to find two other jumpers of his in a charity shop. All the cats fought over his scent, but Charlie sleeps with his jumper now. He used to take her for walks on a leash. I love her very much, even more so, now.”

“There has been lots of strange things happening. John always fed the cats. Now their food bowls keep disappearing. The cats occasionally look at my bedroom door as if someone is there.”

Deena-SKAR“John’s final gifts to me have arrived. Weird, as it was on my birthday. He got them commissioned the day after his diagnosis. They are two dolls called Skar, the homme lion from dollmore. They costed a fortune. It has taken nearly two months for them to be made, after John bought them for me. Strange that they arrived just in time for my special day. It was a lonely birthday without him.”

Valentines Day hearts

Eternal Valentines, John & Deena

“Here is a picture of my eternal Valentine. The large heart I gave to John. The smaller one was his last ever Valentine to me.”



Commentary- Yes, John was present when Deena and her Mum, smelled the bouquet of flowers. It was as if John was saying to Deena, “Flowers, my dear?” Then, no time passed when on the TV, a woman’s voice said, “Thank you for the flowers.” This was to acknowledge in the moment, that, not only was it John who sent them… but he knew that Deena had received them with her sense of smell and should be thanking him for his gift.

The TV is a common medium through which the departed can send their messages to a loved one, still left behind. You only have to adjust your awareness to listen for it and then you may hear it. When Deena finished her final farewell letter to John; asking him of his love, mysteriously, the channel changed by itself! That ought to alert anyone in the room, who is aware enough, that an incoming message might be about to come through. With the changed channel, what Deena tunes into is a touching reunion between one who has passed, and one who has to live out a life without the other. But finally, in this obvious scene, the answer is plain, as it points to the upcoming reunion between them, after some time has passed. And although it is difficult to have to wait, Deena understands what could be at stake if she prematurely ends her life.

After the loss of a loved one, it’s so ever common to want to follow them… especially if there is little left in life or next to no one to live for. To some, it would seem cruel that we are stuck in a physical prison, too risky to escape.

I hear the “wanting to leave” language a lot. In the past, I’ve experienced these dark thoughts and feelings so intensely myself, that I wasn’t sure I could have ever made it out of there, let alone, into the beautiful light that lies beyond. And quite honestly, back then, I didn’t believe that there was, or ever could be a light to come to.
But, as the day follows night, eventually… there is.

However, none of this “light” talk makes any difference to one who is stranded in the darkness with chains of sorrow, weighing them down. A loved one has crossed-over; the one you may have lived for. The one who was your only ray of sunshine. The one you shared your life with. But now, they are gone, so what’s the point in staying when, seemingly, there is nothing left to live for?

These words may be a very tiny spark buried under the deepest darkness of your pain, but please remember this. Hang on. Where there’s darkness, there too, is the possibility of light.

Although it seems contrary, there is always something to live for. This world is our classroom, and we are its students; continually learning, or maybe even struggling to learn; oftentimes, forgetting our soul’s original plans and purpose toward growth and development. Unfortunately, most of this growth and development is attained only through the pain of adversity.

While the circumstances of life teach us what it does, there are other teachers in our classroom, too. For how could we be here to learn without our teachers? But who are these teachers? And, where are they?

This is the beauty of our school on Earth. Nothing could be more true than this. While everyone is a student… everyone is a teacher, as well. If we are to get the most out of our education on Earth, it is vital for us to realize and acknowledge this, and learn from everyone we can. Our soul’s evolution will happen that much quicker. And our pain will continually lessen as we find peace and wisdom in our education.

In addition to the TV messages Deena has received, she got an email message too. Lately, more of these have entered into our dimension, as with technology, they seem to be on the rise. Who knows how it happens, but some of these heavenly beings are very computer savvy! I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if someday in the future, a type of inter-dimensional video chat would come available that converts one frequency to another.

Then… there was the old note reappearing on Deena’s bedroom floor; a note that had not seen the light of day for nearly 5 years! This has got to tell you something about John’s level of awareness now, and that he could even remember writing such a note to bring out again.

And as for Charlie the cat. Animals grieve too, as they miss their masters. Charlie must have certainly been close to John, as she allowed him to walk her on his leash. Very rare for a cat. Deena watches Charlie with great concern. How does one tell an animal what happened to their loved one? How does one begin to say “your master is never coming home again”? Without ever talking to a cat, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say, cats are intuitive enough, that on some level, they already know. For sure, they see John in a different form, hiding the cat bowls from Deena and standing in the threshold of the bedroom doorway as he lovingly watches over her and them.

Aww, John’s final gifts. It is amazing what must have happened behind the scenes that allowed John’s parting gift for Deena to arrive exactly on her birthday. Talk about smooth! Even though it must have been a sad birthday for her, without him there physically, no doubt he was there spiritually, to see her open the two dolls. One lion doll is white. And one lion doll is black. In a symbolic sense, perhaps the black and white represent that one of them is still in the darkness of this world, while the other one is in the light of the next. Lions also represent strength and courage. As an animal totem, the lion means to have courage and to hold your head high. To ride the crest of what life throws your way with dignity and fairness… this being a most noble and honorable charge and challenge for one to accomplish. 

Although these may be John’s last physical gift, I seriously doubt these will be the last spiritual gifts John gives Deena. I’m sure she will find many others, as time goes on.

And although the Valentine’s hearts lay intact on such a beautiful display, to heal, Deena will have to continue to put her emotional broken heart back together again.

So now, while Deena spends her time, mending her heart and trying to put her life back together, there is no doubt in my mind that she will find her way. For although Deena still remains here; a student of life, she has much to teach. May she bravely stay and fulfill her destiny, until her time is through. And, when the time is right, may Deena experience all the joy that life and death have to offer, when she runs through that final door that divides her from her love. And with arms flung open wide, may eternal Valentine’s embrace once again.

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  1. Some really nice ADCs. Must have taken some work to get the cat used to a leash. The lion statues are very cool. Great story

    • John taught Charlie to walk on a leash when she was a little kitten. He was very daring with her. When she climbed a tree on a leash, he would follow her up it. We used to take her to where lots of rabbits warrens are. I would worry that she would escape the leash and run down a rabbit hole. John just laughed. Very beautiful memories. He had a special bond with animals because he was a farmer before becoming a policeman.

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