Being Your Own Medium (Upcoming/On-going Tele-class Series)

pillars of light

pillars of light

“I’m confused” a frustrated woman explained to me, “One medium told me one thing about my deceased loved one, and another medium said something else! What is the truth? Who should I believe?”

This is just one of the issues with expecting another person to get the answers from your deceased loved one, that you could be getting for yourself.

Throughout the years, I’ve received a lot of requests from people to connect with lost loved ones on behalf of grieving souls left behind, so that they can find out the status of their loved ones on the “other side.” And at times, I have done this for them. But because I know that everyone has the ability to do this for themselves, given knowledge, practice, patience and a different point of view, and also, because this is deeply personal to those who have lost a loved one, I feel strongly about teaching people to “fish,” so to speak, rather them doing the “fishing” for them. And in my upcoming tele-class, I tell you the important reasons why.

In fact, it nearly breaks my heart when I see people so desperately trying to find someone, who is NOT them, to connect with their lost loved one, just because they discount themselves and/or their own abilities. This is another big issue. Because I am a very practical person, this makes no sense to me, and I believe there is something important here, at which to take a closer look. This is just one thing we examine in my class as we begin to uncover what is naturally innate to each individual.

The “Being Your Own Medium” series is about NOT having to depend on anyone other than yourself and the original source for answers. Wouldn’t your loved ones prefer to communicate directly with you, rather than through a stranger, anyway? Wouldn’t you prefer that too? Although communication with our loved ones who have passed, is not the same degree of conversation and communication we had when they were alive in the physical world, it is the next best thing, and I can show you ways to do it. Although it may seem unachievable, it is completely possible to connect with them, like any other medium could, through insight, practice and patience. The “Being Your Own Medium” series was born out of people’s desires to connect with their own loved one without having to use a “go between.”

Interested in this Online Class?

Now, although we can’t control the “other side” into doing everything we want them to do, and on our schedule, (not even the best mediums can do this), I will teach you everything you need to know on “this side,” to work with them in a way that will exponentially increase your chances for connection with them. What I will teach you will greatly develop your natural gifts and inherent abilities. (Yes, they are natural and inherent). One of the ways I do this is by teaching you how to become the new and improved 4D version of yourself. That’s right. How to upgrade to being a “4D being,” designed with the specific goal of connecting with your loved ones on the “other side.” And, although this will serve you greatly with your objective in connecting with your loved ones, this will also help you with everything in life, by becoming a more advanced being. Not too shabby!

The “Being Your Own Medium” series is mostly all original content. That’s right folks, it came straight from my own life experience and what I’ve learned from Christian, since his passing in 2010. I invite you to join in on the fun that comes with learning how to become a “4D version” of yourself and all that being one involves.

The 4 week class format will include education, discussion, homework/homeplay and a BONUS! To get the best results, it is important to be on the live call. However, if you can’t be on the call, you can get the class anyway, as a recording of the call will be provided to you within the next day, for your listening convenience.

Important! Information provided for accessing the call will be sent after registration is completed- I will also send a reminder for the call, so remember to check your email. (If you do not receive your email confirmation within two days, be sure to check your spam folder. If you still did not receive the email confirmation, please contact me, asap, via email at I hope you will join us!

Bonus modalities at the end of class, for those who wish to utilize them, which include: Guided Imagery, Meditation, relaxation techniques and Hypnosis for reaching these goals.

As well as being a Spiritual Guidance Counsellor, Empowerment Coach, Grief Recovery Specialist, I have been a practicing Hypnotherapist and Theta Healer for over 17 years.

This class series will be held in a safe, nurturing and respectful environment. I am so excited for this and I hope you will join us for an amazing, inspiring and empowering tele-class.

As always, my best to you,
Hope to adventure with you soon!

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15 thoughts on “Being Your Own Medium (Upcoming/On-going Tele-class Series)

  1. I cannot WAIT For this class !!!
    I SO WANT to learn EVERYTHING I can to connect even more to my sons & my Mama. Ive always believed & have had an open mind to the other side. I shared a dream with the about my son , I was so excited when I received a reply from a lady named Jade. I felt such relief by her reply. She also gave me a few “pointers” which made me pay more attention to things. Since my dream, Jades reply , I have had SO MANY say ” visits” & signs from both of my sons . I can only imagine what Jades class will open “on the other side ” ! Im SO Excited Ty Jade
    She is an amazingly caring woman from the 1st time I share

    • Thanks for asking, Joan. 🙂
      It was scheduled for the month of February, but I had some medical issues, so I had to cancel it. Still recovering now. Since it takes a month to cover the classes, and a lot of my energy for me, I was considering making the class a downloadable series. The content would still be the same but people could move at their own speed and would not necessarily be tied up for a month. Also, I always had issues finding a good time for both US and international students could be live on the calls. The class is awesome, but it looks like it might work better in a downloadable form. How do you feel about that?

    • Hi Kayla. Thanks for writing. The class series runs over a 4 week period. Each class is around 2 hours long. Part of that is a guided imagery to improve your chances of communication but is super beneficial for relaxation too. I usually hold it on a Friday night because it seems to work well going into the weekend. It’s a fun and informative class. The series costs around $145 USD. I offer an early bird special giving $10 off for enrolling early. I am going out of the country for a few weeks, in a few weeks. I will most likely offer it in May. I will look at my calendar and get it up on the site on the weekend. 😃

  2. Hi Jade! Hope you are feeling better?! I am so interested in this and yes,downloads work better for me! Maybe have a period of time for call ins?! Anyways, how do I get wind of ur upcoming classes in May2017? Thank you so much,cannot wait!
    Stephanie P.

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