The Mysterious Singing Bird

In an after-death communication, I am cheered up when a mysterious bird lands on my front porch to serenade me with its beautiful songs.

It was Friday, May 28th, 2010, a day I remember well. It was two month after Christian’s death and I was still very raw with emotion from his shocking and untimely departure. I was alone in the house at the time, sitting on the couch… just crying my eyes out. My grief was so severe, I thought I might have been having a nervous breakdown at the time. I remember wondering if I would have to be hospitalized for my despondency and suicidal thoughts. The pain was exhausting.

Suddenly, without any explanation, a calm stillness fell over me. It was very noticeable. I stopped crying, and for that brief time, I felt no pain whatsoever. Taking advantage of this blessed reprieve, I laid my head down to get some much needed peaceful rest.

As I drifted off into the stillness, I could tell that I was neither asleep, nor awake… but very conscious still. I could feel Christian trying to communicate with me. His presence was strong. I know he was trying to comfort me, but I couldn’t tell what he was saying. Concentrating hard to discern his message to me, I listened intently. And, as I listened, I was brought out of this twilight state and into the awakening awareness of an unusual, but sweet sound of a bird singing. Perplexed at what I was hearing, for it was so close to me, I got up to see what it was.

My singing birdJust outside my glass storm door, a beautiful bird sang to me as he sat on my front porch! It was amazing! This bird just sat there, while me and my cat looked and listened to its lovely songs. He even let me get some close-up pictures! He stayed for about 2 hours, just looking cute, while singing away. Then, without further ado, this beautiful sweet bird flew up to the roof, then off to the side of my yard and out of sight.

Grateful for this Godsend, I smiled.

Ceramic Bird from ChristianAs I sat on my couch, scratching my head about what had just happened, and how this was even possible, my eyes were directed to the fireplace. There, inconspicuously positioned, a ceramic bird sat, perched upon the mantle’s ledge. Confused, I thought, “What a coincidence!”

Then, I remembered… just one month before his death, Christian gave me this ceramic bird for a gift!!!

Commentary- Christian, trying to communicate and comfort me, put the symbol of the ceramic bird he had just given me, to good use. Tying the ceramic bird together with the real bird was a very nice touch on his part. It is true; the singing bird did comfort me by getting my mind off of my grief for a while. But… perhaps even more of a comfort to me was to know that Christian was alive and well, and had just come for one of his reassuring visits!

This serenading bird has never returned, but it made me smile that day. Even now, whenever I think about this mysterious bird, it still makes me smile, as, 3 years later, smiling has become much easier for me. 

More Pictures-

Cat and Bird

singing bird



Singing Bird

11 thoughts on “The Mysterious Singing Bird

  1. You story is so touching it reminds me of the early morning of June 9, 2015 my dad passed away and as his body was being rolled out to the hearse at 3:30 in the morning a bird started singing . We did not see the bird but The hospice nurse my sister brother and brother n law and myself heard it. It was such a calming feeling it reassured us all that my Daddy had made his journey to Heaven and he was safe. I will remember it for ever and I know it was a sign form our Great Father above because our hearts are broken and he wanted us to know the happiness and greatness my sweet Daddy was feeling.. Thank you God for giving us this peace.

    • Thank you, Tanya. And, my condolences to you and your family over the passing of your Dad. So glad you got some peace. 🙂

  2. Lovely stories. My Dad passed on July 15 2016. early that morning before I’d heard he’d passed, we heard a unique bird sound outside our bedroom window. My partner and I just looked at each other in amazement having never heard such an unusual bird chirp/sound/song. We looked out the window to see it. My partner aw it, but it flew away before I could catch a glimpse.
    That afternoon my sister in the UK (I’m in Australia) called to say my Dad had passed through the night. 2 days later, I realized that that was at the time that bird had sang outside our bedroom window. It has been very comforting, and lead me hear to read other stories.

      • “Led me HERE to read other stories.” I’m so glad to have stumbled through my Googling about birds and messages from the other side to find your blog. It has strengthened all my beliefs. I’ll be visiting here often. I have liked you on Facebook too.

        • Thank you, Liz. I appreciate it so much! Glad you found and the positive impact it has made. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

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