Mary Ann’s Flying Orb

This image was recently sent to me by my friend, Mary Ann, who had an after-Christmas tea with some friends.

The orb that was captured flying through space, appears over the right shoulder of Mary Ann. At first, she didn’t even notice it. A friend had to point it out. This is the case with most anomalies that appear in images. People miss them because their brain automatically filters them out, and/or discounts these anomalies as just something to do with the camera and lighting.

No doubt this is Carl, Mary Ann’s devoted husband, visiting from the “other side” to photo bomb their picture. You go boy!
For more about Mary Ann and Carl, see, May I Have This Dance?

Mary Ann's Orb

Mary Ann’s Orb

6 thoughts on “Mary Ann’s Flying Orb

    • Amazing. I lost my beautiful mommy tragically on September 26,2017. She comes through my pictures that I take all the time. My sister and dad were speechless. They have always been the ‘skeptics’ but they were dumb founded. I am so happy your husband comes through. God bless you.

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