“Durell’s Here!”

In this series of after-death communications, 7 year-old boy, Gian, Bridgette’s dogs, Man and Lady, and Bridgette are able to experience some spirit activity from her deceased son, Durell, and possibly, other son, Tim.

Bridgette writes:
“My friend, Leslie’s 7 year-old son, Gian, spent a couple of nights with me. He knew my son, Durell, but not well. While my son was alive, he never payed him any attention. I used to wonder if Durell was jealous of my relationship with Gian.”

“Gian was at Durell’s funeral and understands that Durell died. I don’t see Gian everyday or even every week, maybe once or twice a month, but he will ask me every time that I do see him, “Your baby died, huh?” I say, “Yes he did. He’s with Jesus now.”
Gian1“Tuesday and Wednesday was first time Gian had ever spent the night. He wanted all lights out to go to sleep. After turning them off and getting in bed he said, “Turn the light back on. I’m scared, I saw a light. Durell is here!” I didn’t ask him about what he said because I had been trying to get him to sleep for a while. I don’t remember asking him about it the next morning either. His mom came over to drop clothes off the next day and I told her what Gian said. He might have heard us, I don’t know.”

“When Leslie was leaving and while seeing her out, I felt something on my neck but didn’t react; thinking just a hair. Then, it felt like a finger tickle on side on my neck. I kind of jumped and turned around, thinking it was Gian playing with me. Leslie heard this and asked me, “What?” So I told her about the tickle and that I thought if was Gian. To that, Leslie replied, “No problem, Durell!”

Gian“Anyway, after she left Gian and I, we were on the patio watching it rain and I was fooling with my plants. Gian said, “BRIDGETTE! There is a man sitting in that chair!” When I turned around, I calmly said, “What did he look like?” He said, “Durell, in a light!” “Really? You’re not just saying that?” “No!” Gian pointed, “He flew up to the roof (patio cover). I believed Gian at that moment because I didn’t think he would have added to it, or pointed, or said anything about flying, had he not been telling the truth. I told Gian. “Yeah,  I believe Durell comes to visit sometimes. I just wish I could see him.”

“The next morning, I told Gian to go brush his teeth. Next I heard Gian shout, “Bridgette! Bridgette! Come see, hurry!” I went to the bathroom and the drain opener/closer handle was opening and closing by itself! Gian said, “Durell is doing that!” I ran to get my camera, but as soon as I got back, it stopped. We even tried filling the sink back up to see if it would do it again, but it it didn’t.”

Durell“Later that afternoon, Gian and I were laying across the bed watching it rain from the bedroom window. Gian says, “Durell is playing with the light in the bathroom.” “Why do you say that?” “I saw him in the mirror. He was in the hall and he was wearing a shirt, pants and a cap.” I believe Gian on that too, because my dresser has three mirrors, where you can see part of the hall. You would be able to see the bathroom light, as well. Even more convincing, or should I say, confirming to me, was the fact that Gian mentioned Durell having a cap on. Durell ALWAYS wore a cap!”

“What’s your opinion about this? I’ve heard kids and animals are able to see the paranormal that we “adults” cannot see. I KNOW my dog sees and watches things that I can’t see. I even have a video of one of my dogs watching something that I can’t see. I also have several videos of orbs. Do you know if that’s a myth or a fact about kids and animals?”

Commentary- Children can see spirits more easily because… they don’t know they can’t yet! They have not been conditioned by what’s possible and what’s not possible in their world. When I was a small child, I saw spirits playing in my bedroom. Because it was so different from my regular reality, I didn’t know what to make of it and ran scared into my mother’s room, screaming, “I just saw some ghosts!” Trying to calm me, but really making matters worse; for I did see them, my mother said, “There are no such things as ghosts!” At that moment, I knew I was on my own.

Throughout the years, I’ve talked to many mothers who have told me about their child’s imaginary playmates. Some parents won’t allow it because it challenges something in them as adults. It brings up fear. “Is my child normal?” “Is this something I need to be worried about?” “How does this look to other people?” Whether they are actually seeing spirits or not, (they probably are) this usually passes with time. As long as there is no danger to the child, it’s probably okay. It could even be an unborn sibling, or a spirit child who is lost and hasn’t made it to the light. Or an angel.

Gian, just outright sees Durell. There’s no question about it and in his mind, it’s completely possible. Bridgette and Gian’s mother, Leslie, also have open minds, which helps, as Gian is assisting healing for Bridgette by validating that Durell never left.

When children come into this world, they are innocent and pure; untainted by the drudgery and limitation that comes from living in a world of no possibility. I’m not saying that possibility does not exist, because it does for children, as well as adults who have not forgotten their own innocent and playful nature. You see, many people have simply lost the possibility they once enjoyed as a child through a soaring imagination, feeling limitless, unencumbered and unburdened by life and the innocence of trusting with childlike faith. You see… Possibility is magic. I believe a great man once said, “Unless you are as a child, you will not enter into the kingdom of heaven.” Could this also mean that, unless you are as a child, you will not be connected to the things of heaven while still on Earth? Children have possibility. They are tapped in. Wouldn’t it be nice to not discourage that? Wouldn’t it be nice to encourage that in ourselves? Think what would be possible.

To answer Bridgette’s question about whether it’s fact or fiction that animals can also see spirits. Yes, they can. Like children and sensitive adults, animals can also see spirits quite easily. It’s just part of their intuitive nature. Animals have access to a broader spectrum of light and sound than humans, thus making their ability to perceive… amazing.

Bridgette is able to observe her dogs, Man and Lady, watch her two deceased sons, Tim and Durell. When she sees that they are alerted, she captures her sons’ spirits on her camera as orbs flying around before her. It would seem that although Bridgette has been through a lot in her life, having had two sons murdered, she is as a child, trusting, believing  and seeing. Now, because of this, Bridgette has a sure knowledge that her sons still exist.

For Bridgette’s other adc, see “I’m Closer Than Ever, Mom!”



5 thoughts on ““Durell’s Here!”

  1. This poor woman. How would you cope having two sons murdered. I hope Gian’s extraordinary powers bring her some relief. Best of luck for the future, Bridgette.

  2. Thanks for sharing…what an incredible connection between mother and sons. I like your thoughts Jade on how great it would be to encourage possibility for ourselves and our children.

  3. Amazing. So special. I so wish I had a child’s mind so that I could see what they see! How great to have Durell in your life!

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