You’ll Never Walk Alone

In this after-death communication, Sadgunnan sends an important message to Sanjita, via bumper sticker!

Sanjita writes:

“Last Sunday I met Sadgunnan’s brother and we went hiking together. I feel so happy around him. He reminds me so much of his brother.”

Sanjita's best friend, Sadgunnan“This evening around 7 pm, I was thinking a lot about Sadgunnan while driving. I was talking to myself and thinking, “I wish he was here with me.” Then the tears began to fall again.”

“Although I’ve moved on, sometimes I still miss him because of the memories we had. As the tears rolled down my face, I saw a car behind me. It came close to me and flashed it’s lights. As I gave way to the car, it moved in front of mine. There was a message on the back of the car. It read, “You’ll never walk alone.” I was deeply touched and felt much better.”

Commentary- Bumper stickers, license plates, signs off the side of the road that get our attention as if to give us a message, are many times, the after-death communication we’ve been waiting for. It’s such a mystery. How did Sadgunnan know to send that car with that bumper sticker to pass in front of Sanjita at the time. The driver of the car even flashed their car lights as if to say, “Attention! I’m coming through!” Perhaps that is exactly Sadgunnan’s message to Sanjita. Attention! I’m coming through to tell you, “I am here with you! Don’t cry for your life without me. I am here. You’ll never walk alone!”
This popped into my head, so I’m including here the lyrics to “You’ll Never Walk Alone” that appear in the musical, Carousel, by Rogers and Hammerstein. The musical is, in part, about a deceased man coming back to help those in the Earthly realm. A good message to remember.
You’ll Never Walk Alone
When you walk through a storm, keep your head up high
And don’t be afraid of the dark.
At the end of a storm is a golden sky and the sweet silver song of a lark.
Walk on through the wind,
Walk on through the rain,
Tho’ your dreams be tossed and blown.
Walk on, walk on, with hope in your heart
And you’ll never walk alone
You’ll never walk alone.
To read more about Sadgunnan, please read, Love Never Dies

3 thoughts on “You’ll Never Walk Alone

  1. Jade …you are so right. I found this out on Thanksgiving. street sign and two car licenses later. We just have to keep our mind open to look for these signs. Today when i stopped for gas, a car pulled in front of me with D26 on the license plate. Dustin was 26 when he died. Maybe Dustin plans to communicate to me through street signs and car licenses. Or maybe now I am more aware of all the signs around me.

    • Either way, now you know that Dustin is around for certain. 🙂 It’s so exciting to wonder how our loved ones will reveal themselves to us next! 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Pat. I’m so happy for you. 😀

  2. It’s the perfect way to send a sign, through another sign. It’s a good example of the most obvious answer being easy to overlook. Nice post.

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