What’s New for Spring 2016? (Announcement)

We all know that Spring is a time for many new beginnings, so I’m taking this opportunity to announce that, by popular request, I will be launching some brand new services soon. Aside from the many posts written throughout the years; designed to assist, comfort and support those who grieve, the tools provided on the site, and the commentaries to the many after-death communication, as well as other stories, I will now be offering:

Online Classes such as, the “Being Your Own Medium” series, “Navigating the Emotional Waters of Grief” series, “The Phoenix: Finding Your Life’s Purpose in the Ashes” series, “Finding Strength Beneath the Surface”, “Healing Your Past”, “Have I Lived Before? Past Life Regression” series, as well as… many more online classes to come. To keep updated on the classes being offered, please refer to “Classes” on the homepage navigation bar for further information.


Private Sessions that vary from 30-minute “lite” private sessions, 60-minute “lite plus” private sessions, to the 90-minute “deep” private sessions for deep issues. As a Spiritual Advisor, Empowerment Coach, Hypnotherapist and Grief Recovery Facilitator, there is very little I have not heard or facilitated in my practice over the last 25 plus years. With a wide array of therapeutic modalities under my metaphorical belt, along with my empathic and intuitive abilities, I have many tools with which to promote healing. Soon, these options can be found on the navigation bar of the home page, under “Sessions.”

As one who loves working with people, my passion lies in facilitating spiritual growth, personal empowerment, promote healing and inspiring renewed purpose, all in a nurturing, loving and non-judgmentally safe space. I look forward to bringing my 25-year healing practice online. Now is the time! There is no doubt that I will be able to reach those folks who are Divinely directed my way. I look forward to meeting you!

A special thanks to YOU-
I want to take this opportunity to thank my wonderful readers, the contributors who have shared their beautiful stories, the respectful agnostic/atheist/skeptical/curious questioners who have just needed some answers, and all of those who have commented on GriefandMourning.com. I am so grateful for you! Without your interest, love and support, GriefandMourning.com would have no purpose OR effect. So thank you from the bottom of my heart. Collectively, you are in my thoughts and prayers.

As always, my very best to you and yours,


9 thoughts on “What’s New for Spring 2016? (Announcement)

    • Thanks everyone (Sara, Esther, Karen, Marian and Eric) for your support! 🙂 I am very excited to teach these classes. They will be life-altering, as well as FUN! You can count of that from me. 🙂 xo

  1. Woooow, it seems like there is alot in store for us. This site has almost everything about life, love and loss. 25years of experience of healing and helping people…No wonder, the site is so informative and helpful.

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