Together Again!

Rebecca shares her mother’s after-death-visit with her grandson, Kenny, just before he escorts her into the next world with him.

Rebecca writes:

Kenny and Grandma

Kenny and Grandma

Another instance that happened to me after Kenny’s passing:  My mom gave up her fight for life after Kenny passed. He was the first grandson born in our family and my mom and he were very, very close.  My mom had a liver transplant in 1995 and received a ‘new lease on life’ and was able to enjoy her grandchildren.  When Kenny passed, she gave up the fight to live. She could not understand how this beautiful boy, at 23, passed away and she was still on this Earth.  My mom was hospitalized for about 5 weeks prior to her passing. Two days before she passed, she started talking about Kenny visiting her in the hospital.  My mother was still lucid as she was reciting events that happened when my siblings and I were children – it wasn’t the medicine that had her seeing Kenny is my point.  The last day she spoke was the full day before her passing. When I got to the hospital, I went to her side and held her hand. She opened her eyes and looked right at me, “Rebecca, Kenny’s here, he’s over there standing by the wall, just smiling at me….I think he’s waiting for me.”  She passed away 12 hours later.

After my mom passed, I went to see a Medium. I was told that my mom’s spirit came through and wanted to ‘thank me for singing to her and telling her it was okay to go’ – both of which I did. The Medium explained to me where I was in the hospital room, what side I was standing on and repeated what I had told my mom.  I asked her if anyone was there to greet my mother when she crossed over. The Medium said, “Yes, there were two male spirits – her father and her grandson.” (The grandson would be Kenny)

I paired the sketch of Kenny I received when I saw a Medium and a Spirit Artist in November 2012 – about 4 months after Kenny had passed. I made the appointment with first name only, didn’t bring anything inside with me except my keys, etc. This is the first time I had ever done anything like this – get a reading, etc.  The Mediums are a man and wife team; Michael does the reading while Marti sketches what she ‘sees’.  For me, I think the sketch does resemble Kenny and if the woman was a sham, I would think she would draw the sketch to look like me. The sketch has the same shadows as Kenny had under his eyes, the haircut/style is the same and although the sketch is black and white, you can tell that he is drawn with light eyes and light hair; I have dark brown hair and eyes and my hair is curly – it doesn’t look anything like me, but it does look like my son to me…although older and with a bigger nose. 🙂
Kenny sketched by a medium artist Kenny                      Kenny
Seven months after Kenny left, Grandma passed away too. Soon after, Nathan, Kenny’s brother, had a dream. In it he saw Grandma and Kenny walking down the beach together. Trying to comfort his little brother, Kenny says with assurance, “See Nathan, I’m not alone. I’m with Grandma now.”


Commentary- It’s interesting that Kenny began visiting his Grandma shortly before her passing, perhaps helping her to feel more comfortable with the transition of a new life she would soon find herself in. This is also to assure his mother that he and his Grandma would be together again, as will all loved ones, when it is their time to pass through.

Although we miss our loved ones who are no longer in this realm, they still live on – somewhere just outside the frequency we call our life… and obviously, they have a much better view of things than we do, as how would Kenny know when his Grandma was about to cross over?

Our brains often play tricks on us. We have a visitation or some other extraordinary, but unexplainable spiritual experience with our deceased loved ones, then question if it really happened. The brain is skeptical. That is the nature of the brain. I’ll tell you why. The brain is finite. It knows not of infinity. It knows of an impending death; that with the body, it too will eventually wither and turn to dust. What does the physical brain know of eternity?

The good news is that we are also spirits with minds. This is the non-physical version of who we are at our essence – light and intelligence. It is this part of ourselves that have these amazing experiences of hope and comfort that the brain struggles to comprehend. That’s okay. Understanding this makes a big difference.

If you have had a spiritual communication/experience with your deceased loved one, even though it seems unbelievable, please believe it. That spiritual communication/experience is speaking to the YOU that is eternal, hoping it seeps into the physical you, as well. It speaks to the YOU that knows you and your loved ones can never be lost or apart; and tries to help you to remember this eternal truth. Believing in your spiritual experiences concerning deceased loved ones, is a great way to honor them and yourself.

The sketch made of Kenny’s spirit is compelling. As for me, that’s all I need to know that Kenny is still around. Of the many faces the artist could have sketched, how is it that Kenny’s face showed up that day? Because he was there! 

Nathan’s dream is clear enough too. If there was any lingering doubt about whether Kenny or Grandma were still alive and well, Kenny settles it plainly. And, they even have a beach where they are. 

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