The Gifts They Give Through Others

Two women learn that acting on the spiritual promptings of a deceased loved one makes a world of difference, for the ones who would receive them.

During the holidays, instead of getting the usual customary cakes and hampers as a Christmas gift and greeting, Elisa received a beautiful bouquet of Christmas flowers. On the surface, this may not seem to be out of the ordinary, but to Elisa, who was missing Eric during the holiday season… this gift of flowers was quite special and significant. In fact, although it was sent by an unwitting person, this particular gift of flowers had Eric’s metaphorical fingerprints… All over it! 
(In Roses, My Love? you see that while Eric was living, all Elisa wanted was for him to send her flowers!)

What made the delivery of these flowers so interesting, was that they came from an old college mate, Amy, from over 30 years past. In fact, these two women only shared their senior year of college. Having been completely out of touch for so many years, living in an entirely different area of the country than Elisa, and only barely touching base again in October of 2015, a random idea popped into Amy’s head over one year later that would not let go.

Without even having the slightest idea about how meaningful this would be to Elisa, Amy surfaced again in a very important way. Amy neither knew about Elisa’s love, Eric, their relationship together, Eric’s tragic and untimely passing, nor the special significance and meaning of the flowers she sent to Elisa. Amy only knew that, out of the blue, and for some unknown reason, she felt the urge to send Elisa this particular gift.

Around the same time that Amy was being prompted to send this gift, Elisa was sad and missing Eric. She took heart that seeing Eric’s car number around town was some sort of consolation that he was thinking about her too. And… she hoped that Eric still had a place in his heart and soul for her. Then… she received the flowers from a most unlikely source! Elisa was elated. Without ever knowing how much it would mean to Elisa, Amy’s gift of flowers made a world of difference.

While I was corresponding with Elisa about her experience for this post, she mentioned something else that I just had to add. During the exact same holiday season that Elisa received the gift of these special flowers, Elisa was meditating just a few days before Christmas, when she got a telepathic message from a friend, Kris, who passed away a few years previous. In her meditation, Elisa was asked to relay a message for her, to her dear sister, Annie. Kris dictated, “Tell Annie that she is not alone, to enjoy Christmas and that I watch over her.” Although Kris crossed over first, Annie is the older sister and they were as close as twins.

As it often happens, Elisa didn’t relay the message right away. Perhaps she wondered if her communication was real, or if she got it right, or if it really mattered. Or perhaps, she didn’t know how Annie would take it. Or maybe she meant to relay it and would do it later, when the time felt right. In any case, she didn’t relay the message right away.

That night, Elisa dreamt of Kris with an unhappy face. A male voice said to Elisa, “She will show you her unhappy face until you give the message to Annie.”

The next morning, Elisa’s legs started to tingle, likely a reminder that there was something for her to do. So Elisa called Annie to give her the message. Well, Annie was so happy! It was just what she needed!

Commentary- I included both experiences in this post because of what they have in common. While Elisa was the happy receiver of a gift from Amy in the first example, Elisa was also the giver of a gift to a happy Annie, in the second.

Often, the grieved look only to their loved one who has passed for comfort, guidance and assurance. And while they should, it doesn’t mean that reassuring gestures and messages can’t also come from our loved one, through someone who is living.

Many times, as the living, we don’t realize just how important we are being the surrogate and messenger to others, for the ones who have passed away. But we are. Probably more than we could ever know. You see, our words and actions could be vital in helping someone to heal their grief. If only we would realize that sometimes… for the deceased loved ones, wanting to give comfort…  we could be asked to become their hands and voice. Generally, we are asked… or prompted… simply because we are sensitive.

In both cases, Amy and Elisa each received a prompting that seemingly came “out of the blue.” This is exactly how a prompting is experienced. It’s not there, and then it is. And many times the prompting will keep coming, until action toward its fulfillment is accomplished. We see this in both cases. Even though we might not understand the reason for the prompting or why we have been chosen to deliver something (it’s because you are sensitive), if it is something that appears to be from a good source, it is important to take action.

A loved one could send flowers, a meaningful book, or something else that would make a difference in healing the life of the bereaved. There might be a message given, even in a song or something said to you by an actor on the t.v. that has particular meaning. It could come from an expression or a gesture of the living that your loved one was known for. It could come from anywhere, really. My point is… if you widen your scope on how the gifts of after-death communications are received, you may notice a whole lot more of them, but it requires one to be sensitive and open enough to receiving them. Then, it requires believing them.

I’m happy to report that both Amy and Elisa were receptive to their promptings. And I’m even happier to say that acting on those promptings made a huge difference, because it brought just a little more hope, love and joy into the world… and just in time for Christmas.

Elisa's Christmas flowers

Elisa’s Christmas flowers

The note to Elisa from Amy.
To Elisa-
“I’m so glad that I have touched your heart. The thought came at the spur of the moment.” Amy

10 thoughts on “The Gifts They Give Through Others

  1. Hello. This posting heartens my spirit. My dear mom passed just a month ago & I found it hard to get through. I’ve had a few experiences in the last month that I believe were from her. At first, I felt unsure, if it really was a message from her. After sharing with supportive family & friends I now believe it is. Knowing my mom is finding a way to connect with me lifts my heart & I now look forward to more. I have an open heart & spirit to receive her love.

    • I’m so sorry for your loss, Sue. Hugs. Just know that you mom loves you and will always try to reach out in comfort for your well-being. That’s what she would do, right? 🙂

  2. This Christmas I gave my grandmother a gift I have had on my mind for years. It was a sign for her home that had her maiden name and married name combined. (Something she mentioned when I was very young). My grandfather passed two years ago and my continued thoughts about this gift since then finally made it happen. I gave a piece of wood to a friend to have it wood burned and I asked for very little (just letters). Yet somehow she came up with a perfect design that my grandmother would love. Looked like something her and my grandfather would have chosen themselves. This friend has never met either or them. Couldn’t help but think maybe my grandfather helped her come up with something so perfect. This post seemed very fitting to that experience.

    Amazing how our loved ones continue to touch our lives. Thanks for the post.

  3. This makes me think; My partners best mate of 40 odd years passed on Christmas Eve after surviving a burst aneurysm two and a half years ago. That night my partner had gone to bed early and I sat up to watch another episode of a program I like. When I do this, I either lay on the sofa with the lights off, or the lights turned down low. That night I had them down low. Suddenly they began to go high and low, they must have done it about 10 times. I lay there and just looked at them thinking OMG! I immediately thought of my Dad who passed last July and has sent me a few messages, I then thought of our friend Stevie, but wondered if he was able to do that having not passed over 24 hours yet, plus I doubted he’d come through to me since he has a wife, three children and a mum still alive. I then said if that’s Dad, make the lights brighter, if it’s Stevie, lower them. They didn’t do anything so I turned everything off ad ran upstairs and woke my partner up to tell him. It happened another 4 times over a two week period, and I’m still non the wiser. My Dad hasn’t tampered with my lights in five months and wonder now if it’s Stevie coming to my partner through me.

    • Thanks for sharing, Liz. Yes, a spirit can visit directly after their passing. It makes sense that it was Stevie sending a signal that he was alright. If your partner had been with you, he would have witnessed it too. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the confirmation Jade. Last night I actually spoke to the lights (as you do!), and explained that I hadn’t been sure whether it be Dad or Stevie and mentioned that I’d read here that a spirit could come through for another person, so please confirm if it is in fact Stevie, (a bystander would think there was something seriously wrong with me lol!), so I sat back and waited, and nothing happened. I watched my program, waited and looked up, still nothing. I got up to go to bed, and as I went to turn the lights off, they began to flash. I said a few words of thanks, and that we now know who it was.
    While I think about it, my partner did have one experience. Stevie passed at 2.30am Christmas Eve. We were told at 3.30am. By 6am I went to make cups of tea and my partner lay in bed thinking about Stevie and said he hoped he was at peace, and at the same time he thought it, there was a big thud in the ceiling. We have never heard a thud in the ceiling before.

    • That’s awesome, Liz. Mystery solved! Thanks for sharing that. 🙂 They visit us, but sometimes these ADC’s can be subtle.

  5. Awsome story, I guess if you get the feeling to reach out to someone out of the blue that is probably the most authentic time and place to act. Thanks Jade

    • Yep. It’s a good thing to do anyway as acting on a prompting sharpens intuition. And besides that… it’s a nice thing to do, and a good way to be. 🙂

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