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IMG_1640When I attended Dr. Moody’s presentation for his new book, Glimpses Of Eternity, back in 2010, I had read every book I could get my hands on from him about the afterlife, since he had collected so much evidence with these stories.

Desperately trying to comfort myself from my recent loss, I turned my attention to studying metaphysics, mainly understanding the spiritual aspects of life in the deepest way possible. I knew that without this comprehensive knowledge, I would be swayed to and fro with every opinion that came my way, for there were many. So I studied. Then, I ran what I learned through my own filters. With each premise I thought, “Is this true? Is this something I have experienced myself and can easily testify to?” I had already experienced a large variety of spiritual experiences and metaphysical anomalies throughout my life, so I had a pretty good base.

When I came upon Dr. Moody’s previous books, I always remembered how hesitant he was to commit to the surety of an afterlife. Oh sure, he would publish reported stories about near-death experiences. There were many people who claimed to have had NDEs, but he was cautious, not having had one of his own.


Notice the orb on Sage’s head

So when, on that summer day in 2010, I heard him talk about the subject of his latest book, Glimpses of Eternity, a book about shared-death experiences, it was a real treat for me to be there for his “coming out” when he himself, would finally conclude his belief in an afterlife! I was so excited! But, how did he finally know it?

Because he experienced it for himself with his own two eyes!

Although it happened years ago when his mother passed, being a scientist, it took him awhile to process it before finally acknowledging it to the world in his book.

As I listened to him speak, I realized more than anything, shared-death experiences were very compelling and the best evidence yet for the proof of an afterlife. You see, this isn’t about one person having an experience to tell about. It’s about all the people at the bedside of one crossing over, having the exact same experience too! Except not the actual dying part!

For example, Death bed visions commonly open up into this dimension, just prior to one’s passing. But now? The death bed vision also opens up to those in attendance who are not dying. In some cases, family and friends even follow their loved one into the tunnel to give their last farewells! They see the guide who greets them, too, then end up next to the bed of their departed, wondering… “What the heck just happened?”

Nevertheless, being a participant in a shared-death experience has great value and does tend to promote greater understanding and acceptance of the loss, comfort, peace and a quicker healing time.

To hear more about near-death experience and shared death experience, please listen to Paul Perry interviewing Dr. Moody about this subject.

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3 thoughts on “Shared-Death Experience

  1. Jade…I read this book because you had recommended it to me. I loved it. To me this is all the proof we need about life after death. So much for the theory of lack of oxygen or chemicals creating these illusions when we die. Many people have shared these experiences while sitting at their loved one’s death bed. It is a book that everyone should read.

  2. Jade…I read this book because you had recommended it to me. To me this book is proof of life after death. So much for the theory of lack of oxygen or chemicals creating these illusions. Too many people have traveled with their loved ones to the light or have seen the soul mist depart from their loved ones body. It is a must read for all who have lost someone we love.

  3. Very cool. A friend once told me a story. When his mother passed all of the kids and family were present. Leaving the hospital together they all witnessed an image of their mother in the clouds with a huge smile. This was unanimously seen as a goodbye from mom. From the way he told the story this sounded like a very comforting moment for all of them.

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