Just Passing By…

In this after-death communication, Helena is surprised when her recently deceased daughter-in-law comes for a visit on her television screen.
Helena writes:
“My daughter in law was in the hospital for eleven days before she passed on. I did not get to say goodbye due to former family members being there constantly.”

“About a week ago, Late July, I was watching a movie on TV when her name in blue script floated across the middle of the screen. My husband thought it was some kind of advertising gimmick since my daughter-in-law and I have the same first initial and it was an attempt to target me. However, I pointed out to him that the second initial along with the last name, was not mine. Neither of us knew her middle name since it was Japanese.”

“My husband’s son came by today and my husband asked him casually what his wife’s middle initial was. We were both stunned to find out that it was “H” the same as that which had floated by on the TV screen. “H. H. Nagle.”

Commentary- Can you imagine Helena’s surprise when those familiar letters floated across the screen? And not even a commercial break or end of movie credits rolling by, but right in the middle of the scene of a movie! 

It’s true that our deceased loved ones can come up with creative ways to drop in for a visit. In this case, Helena’s daughter-in-law chose the very TV screen they had their attention on at the time- just to make sure they didn’t miss the fact that H. H. Nagel was there, as if to say, “Hi!  I’m still around.”

Artist's recreation by 3DKramer

Artist’s recreation
by 3DKramer


4 thoughts on “Just Passing By…

  1. This same thing happened to a close friend of my son, Dustin, when she was driving home from work. See the after-death communication post…Guardian of the Galaxy. She thought she had imagined it. Dustin contacted her basically the same way…through electronics. Here is her email:

    “Let me share this with you:
    I have been running around like a nut, plus going to work. (I work overnights). This morning driving home down rte 9 there is a digital sign that reads about texting and driving, and something about a movie thing.. Not exactly sure.. It was pouring rain.. I have driven by this sign a gazillion times! Well, as I glanced at the sign, I could swear the sign read Guardian of the Galaxy.. I saw it, and when I looked away and looked again it wasn’t there.. I was like naaa I’m really tired and my mind is playing tricks or something.. So j came home and told my husband about it. He sad he whole heartedly believes Dustin flashed that real quick for me to let me know he’s ok! ”

    What a wonderful way to let us know they are still around and watching us.

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