“It Will Be Okay.”

In this after-death communication, Jessica’s father breaks through to this dimension. After getting her attention by, Jessica has an important dream with a message of comfort. 

Jessica writes:
“My father passed away in 2010. He had just turned 57 the day before. I knew he was sick, but I was not ready for him to go. Anyway, I fell into a depression and somewhat of fog.”

“After about a month later, things started happening. A picture fell off the wall. It didn’t break the first night. I checked the nail and it was securely in the stud, so I hung it back up. Nobody heard it fall. The next night, it fell again and shattered the glass. Again, no one heard it. I threw the picture away.”

“Shortly after that, I had a dream. My mother and I were in a restaurant. We
were crying and I heard my father’s voice. When I turned to face him, he said, “Why are you crying? It will be okay.” Me and my mom just looked at him in shock. He wiped
my tears and I woke up. I feel so much better since that happened. The
dream was so real. I think it was a message for me- that he didn’t want
me to feel so sad. Also, that he is better now. This is the only dream I have had
of him. I still miss him so much.”

Breaking throughCommentary- Our deceased loved ones find ways to get our attention. In this case, it was a certain picture that kept falling off the wall. The symbolism here implies that Jessica’s father finally shattered the veil; the glass on the picture (this realm), to finally reach through to his sorrowful daughter with an important message.

Now, having broken through to her, Jessica had a dream. Perhaps Jessica’s father, having gotten her full attention now, made it possible for her to be vigilant enough in her sleeping state for her to, not only be aware of this after-death communication, but to actually remember it. Without a certain degree of vigilance in our sleeping hours, it is difficult to distinguish, let alone, remember, a mass of dreams from anything else. 

So with a little help from Dad, Jessica was able to receive an invaluable message from the father she still mourned for. You see, from his point of view, he doesn’t know why his sweet daughter is so sad. He knows he is with her. And he knows he is fine, too. But more importantly, perhaps, as he wiped her tears from her face, what he was really trying to convey is that, “Really, Jessica. It (EVERYTHING) will be okay.”

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