However Near or Far…

In a series of after-death communications, Kay is relieved to know that however near or far, her husband still watches over her and his family.

leather recliner chairWhile watching the television at night, Kay had a habit of falling asleep in her recliner. Many times her husband, Bill, used to wake her up to tell her it was time to get up and head for bed. But when Bill was away from home because of work, which was over 20 years of their marriage, Kay was on her own with no one else to wake her and send her off to bed. So without Bill always there, Kay spent many a night in her recliner until the wee hours of morning.

It was sometime at the last part of 2006, that Bill started losing weight. In October, after being checked out by the doctor, Bill and Kay were shocked to find out that Bill had a tumor growing in every organ! And worse… that he had only 6 weeks to live.

Reeling from the bad news, and all that there was to do in preparation for the inevitable, time must have passed by quickly for them. Then in December of that year, Bill crossed over, leaving his wife and family distraught.

Not too long after, In the Spring of 2007, Kay was tired and had fallen asleep in her recliner again when she heard Bill’s voice, “Come on, it’s time to get up and go to bed.” When she turned to get up, she was surprised when she saw Bill getting up from his recliner too! Then, vanishing before her eyes, he left Kay with the extraordinary experience of seeing her husband again and knowing it was he who lovingly woke her.

Two years later, in November of 2009, it was just before Christmas when Kay was crying herself asleep. When she woke up, she found herself comforted again in the safety and security of Bill’s arms. She was curled up, her back against the front of his body, in the typical spooning position that was so common for them when he was still alive. She could feel Bill and the warmth of his being behind her, although she was well aware that Bill had been gone for nearly three years. Grateful, Kay laid there for awhile, thanking him for being with her. She experienced this a few times.

In 2010, Kay moved into a new home located in Sun City, Arizona. Bill had never been to this house before, but the property was on a Golf Course and Kay was certain that Bill, being a golfer, would have liked it. It was around the Holiday season that the following thing happened next. One unsuspecting day, the doorbell rang. Kay’s home had a daytime security door, as well as, a main door. When Kay opened the main door, she was surprised, but delighted to see Bill standing there. Recalling the instance, “He was standing there, just like normal!” As Kay opened the security door, Bill just smiled at Kay, before fading away. “Wow!” It was good!” she said. These very clear visitations of him have helped Kay to move forward, considerably, knowing that Bill is still with her and caring for her from beyond.

Kay’s son, Tom, says that when he is at the cemetery and touches the name plate belonging to his father, he feels a vibration from it. With that comforting sensation, Tom feels his father vibration and knows he is still there for him.

In 2015, after Kay got home from the European River boat cruise that many of us were on, Kay was having a hard time. “Okay Bill.” She summonsed, “I need you!” As she was falling asleep, she felt that old familiar tap on her shoulder that Bill used to do, comforting her once more. “Thank you, Bill”, a grateful Kay replied, as she drifted off to sleep with the reassurance of knowing he is still with her.

Commentary- Kay was among those after-death communication receivers who were fortunate enough to actually be able to “see” their loved one who had crossed over. And not once, but twice. Because of this, she has no doubt of Bill’s continued existance and care of her and his family. Yet, I’m convinced that if the alignment that made it possible for Kay to see Bill at those times, were available to each one of us, we would see that our loved ones were watching over us, and present in our lives too.

Why are some after-death communications visual, while others involve another one of our senses? It’s a mystery, and I’m pretty sure it’s not us who get to decide how it will come to us when it does. But, I’m guessing that for most people, just getting some type of after-death communication from a loved one is nothing short of extraordinary. For, whatever form it comes in, it tells us the same basic messages; Our loved one is aware of us and even our thoughts and feelings, and… our loved one is not so far away that they can’t watch over us and try to comfort us when we need it the most.

I get asked a lot, “If I move my location, will my loved one know where to find me?” The thing that stands out in Kay’s after-death communication is that, although she moved and Bill had never been to this new home in her new location, he found her. You see, love is the bond that keeps us together. Bill, Kay and their family are connected always through their love for one another. So, of course our loved ones know where to find us. It’s easy for them… because… they have never really gone!

A short poem that just came to me that demonstrates this thought-

beam of light“However near or far,
it seems to you, we are,
I am always you.”

4 thoughts on “However Near or Far…

  1. Always reminded by your posts of how powerful love is to bind us together. So awesome Bills reassurance and love to Kay. Thanks as always for sharing and for your great commentary.

  2. Love the poem.

    Kay, I am so blessed to be your friend and share our mutual experiences
    of someone who loves us dearly and will always be with us.

    Jade, you are so special to me and to all who have gotten to know you.

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