“Hello Mom!”

In this after-death communication, a mother thinks she has received a cruel phone text about her little boy who passed nearly 13 years prior, only to find out this was him, reaching out and letting her know he remembers her and is still with her.

image- pixabaySharri writes to me:
“My friend and roommate came into my room this morning and tossed her phone to me and she was, to say the least, upset. I looked and she had a text message from a number that we found to be a google account and it said, “Hello Mom.” You see, her son who was born on June 27, 1999 died tragically April 4, 2003, at the age of 4, in her arms. She has no other children.”

“We have called this number and texted it back and nothing. It’s just a voicemail saying,
“This google voice customer cannot be reached at this time. Please leave
message”… This number the message came from is (xxx) 347-9983. Please
help us. She needs answers.”

My response to her email:
“Yep. This is her son checking in to say hi. It happens sooner or later. That’s an amazing after-death communication! All is well. 🙂 I get a lot of these reports. It happens. Her son is letting her know he still exists and he is with her. 🙂 jade”

Sharri’s response:
“Thank you jade. When I read your response, she was able to smile. And I saw peace in her face.”

Commentary- Sometimes it’s difficult to believe it could… or would ever happen… then it does! You finally hear from your beloved who departed the Earth, so long ago. And many times it happens out of the clear blue.

What started out to be a distressing experience for a childless mother, turned into peaceful relief for this woman, to know that her child is yet, with her, and reaching out in an extraordinary way to say “Hello Mom.”

technology-new-york-image-pixabayHow is it possible for a departed loved one to send a text? Believe me when I tell you that this sort of thing is becoming quite common with our continuing advances in technology. They find a way. Think about it. Many years ago when life was simple, before the Industrial Revolution, farming was a common daily life.

Before electricity was harnessed and the flickering of lights as a way a deceased loved one could say, “Hello” was even possible, what was available in the way of after-death communications short of hearing, seeing, sensing, smelling their familiar scent and feeling contact- as if they touched us? Oh sure, there were still rainbows, hummingbirds, butterflies and other symbolic signs, letting us know our loved one were still with us.

technology But now? New technology has created new methods through which we receive communication. For example, there are lights, television, phones, computers and music. So although it might be true, as some people say, that technology is isolating us from each other, technology has expanded the ways for us to connect with those who have crossed over. And it will just get easier as there are more ways to do so.

The unsaid message I hear this child saying to his mother and what this implies is this, “I love you and I am with you. You will always be my mother and I will always be your child. Nothing, not even death… can ever change that!”

Dear mother. May you find comfort in this message. Our loved ones are closer than we think.





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8 thoughts on ““Hello Mom!”

  1. Great experience! I completely believe it. I do have communication almost on a daily basis with my deceased boyfriend who passed away 4 months ago. The way he is contact with me is thru my T.V., when I am watching a program especially during commercials his voice is heard coming out from the side of my T.V., speaker. He normally mentions my name or sometimes he says hi, other times he says how are you or he says I love you. I answer to him immediatelly after I hear his voice and I talk to him but I do not know if he can heard me since he never responds to me.

  2. Very cool communication. I’ve kept my son’s phone number on since he passed in 2012. However, there is not a phone attached to the number. My son’s phone sits in a drawer without the battery. If I call the number, his outgoing message plays and I love hearing his voice. Two years ago around Thanksgiving, his dad missed a call. When he checked his cell phone, it showed the call came from our son’s number. Again, there is not a phone attached to the number. He redialed the number and it went straight to our son’s voicemail! We’ve always figured it was our sons way of saying ‘hello’. 🙂

  3. I had a similar occurrence. I was having a particularly hard time missing my husband. It had been a bad weekend, and I am sure everyone here knows what I mean. But, I turned on my computer, and there was an email from my husband’s old, and deactivated email account. It had been deactivated for 2 years, but there it was in my inbox. The message and subject were blank, but that didn’t matter. There was no doubt it was from him, and it really helped me through a rough time.

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