Grandpa’s Three Visitors

Anthony, age 24, recalls Grandma’s story of Grandpa’s three visitors.

Years ago, when my Grandpa was still living, he had a peculiar experience. In the wee hours of morning, Grandpa, sat up in bed and waking Grandma, told her of his dream. He dreamed there were three men waiting for him by the back gate, in the garden, where his rose bushes were.

But, Grandma, thinking it was just a dream, told him to go back to sleep. So, Grandpa did.

The next day, after Grandpa worked in his garden, he came into the house to take his afternoon nap. Sadly, he didn’t wake up.

Days later, family and friends were gathered together at Grandma and Grandpa’s home, for his wake. Without any logical explanation for this, Grandpa’s patio swing began to move back and forth, just as it did when Grandpa was alive and sitting on it. There was no wind and no one was around to bump into it.

Commentary- It is possible to be given a preview of what is soon to come. In this case, both Grandma and Grandpa were privy to such a foreshadowing with the appearance of the three visitors. After Grandpa’s passing, Grandma, remembering his dream, may have been comforted in her grief to know that there was no mistake made, but instead, the three visitor’s coming to get him, meant that it was grandpa’s time to go. 

Later, at the wake, and doing what he always did, Grandpa swung on the swing he loved. Witnessing this, Grandpa’s family and friends were comforted to know that it was Grandpa saying, “I’m still here with you!” 


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