Elements of Shared Death Experience

Shared-death experience is an interesting category since it can include, out-of-body experience, near-death experience and after-death communication, all in one. The implications of a shared-death experience speak volumes! Here’s why.

It used to be that naysayers could never admit to an afterlife. This was because near-death experiencers, specifically, those who were once considered clinically dead but then came back to life, were thought to be just experiencing unusual brain chemistry. It was thought that these amazing images reported, were nothing more than just the hallucinations of a dying brain. Well, how does anyone explain shared-death experience then?

Yes, there is a dying brain involved, that may or may not be resuscitated back to this life, but there are witnesses as well. Alive witnesses with fully functional brains who are having the exact afterlife experience as the person who is departing this life. In fact, many people in the room, family, friends and caregivers alike, bear witness to the exact same things. So how is it that an afterlife is a figment of a dying person’s imagination again?

Below are a list of common elements accompanying a Shared-death experience as defined by Dr. Raymond Moody and Paul Perry, in their book, Glimpses of Eternity.

  • Change of Geometry or room shape changes
  • The mystical light that emanates pure love and bliss
  • Sounds, Music or musical sounds
  • An Out-of body experience for all involved
  • Co-living a life review.
  • Encountering unworldly or “heavenly” realms
  • Bystander(s) sees mist rising from the dying person’s body
  • Bystander(s) accompanies the dying person to the heavenly tunnel
  • Bystander(s) experiences deceased friends, relatives or heavenly beings in the room of dying person
  • Telepathy between the living and the dying

In any case, if you think about being at the bedside of a loved one who was crossing over, you may remember some of these fascinating shared-death experiences but not recognized them as such, at the time. But more than anything, shared-death experiences are the most compelling occurrences that definitively prove an afterlife. And this is extremely comforting and healing to know.

If you’ve had a Shared-death experience that you would like to share, please submit the SDE Submission Form.

Thank you so much for your contribution in making the afterlife a reality for others. These stories provide a great source of comfort, peace and healing in the world.


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