Dustin Is At It Again!

In this after-death communication/spirit visitation, Dustin arranges the guest room bed with another humorous scene. Instead of several stuffed animals, now there is one big stuffed animal, neatly placed as it looks out the window.

Pat writes:
“Hi Jade. My sister, Kathy, sent this today. Again, when she and her husband, Owen, woke up, Dustin had been there! I will forward you Kathy’s experience and the pictures. Just one cat toy this time.”

Dustin's Shenanigans

Dustin’s Shenanigans

Upon receiving the latest visit from Dustin, Kathy writes to Pat:
“Hi Pat. When we got up this AM, Owen said, “Come here.”  We think Dustin was at it again, as the white blanket by the window where the cats sit was totally straightened out. The last time when he placed many stuffed animals on the straightened white blanket they were all looking out the window. This time just one larger cat toy; a stuffed calico cat, was sitting perfectly straight and staring out the window. I guess, Dustin liked Jade’s last post about him. Hugs.”

Commentary- What can I say? Dustin is at it again!
Sometimes you will find one who is now on the “other side” that has such a sense of humor that they love to do things such as this. As you can see… Dustin does! An adorable personality in life… an adorable personality in the “other” life!

As Kathy commented above, perhaps Dustin did like my post and was responding to that since I wrote about him on the post right before this one. Or perhaps, since Dustin was a frequent guest in our last, “Being Your Own Medium” online tele-class, and afterward, I claimed him as my ongoing “Guest Spirit” for all my upcoming classes, he is letting me know that he is accepting this new and exciting position.

Now this leaves me wondering… what will Dustin do next? I’m excited to find out! Looking forward to what you will provide in my classes, Dustin! Glad to know you are around.

Here’s another image below. To see the  last post, “Another Dustin Moment,” and to see those images of how Dustin arranged the stuffed animals in that one. click here. Dustin just loved animals!

Dustin's humor never fails

Dustin’s humor never fails

7 thoughts on “Dustin Is At It Again!

  1. Wow!!.So glad you’re around Dustin! Thank you for continuously sharing your love and humor! You’re beyond amazing!!! 💛😃😽

  2. Oh Jade…this is wonderful! You have made Dustin the the “Guest Spirit” for all your up coming classes. He will love it. I can hardly wait to hear what he will come up with. For all of you thinking of taking this class…DO IT! Dustin did make numerous visits to the class…from one classmate having a vivid dream with Dustin and me (Dustin’s mom) in it the night after a class, from two classmates actually hearing his voice on Skype while she was talking and one classmate who was stuck in lock down during the Dallas shooting who swears Dustin protected her and got her home safe. Mind you…I had never met these classmates before but Dustin was invited to this class and kind of adopted all of us. I am sure with Dustin being part of the classes you will not be bored. Keep an open mind and listen. Dustin is full of surprises and wants everyone to know that there is life after death. He will go out of his way to prove it. Be prepared for a mind blowing fun class. Dustin would not have it any other way.

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