Cocoon to Butterfly

Holly receives a symbolic after-death communication from her father who recently passed away. His essence took the form of a beautiful fluttering butterfly, this sign given for Holly and her Mother to know he has not forgotten them.
Holly writes:
“My dad, Gary Harris, passed away last week on July 6, 2015. A butterfly landed on my mom’s head the day he died.”

“The next day one circled around me, over and over, making me giggle.  I feel that this is my dad but haven’t felt anything since.  This is a picture of the butterfly that kept flying around me.  It kept sitting on the porch, just like my dad did.” Continue reading

“Tell Laura I Love Her”

Laura shares a variety of interesting after-death communications received from her father, Maurice, who passed away in 2013, letting her know that he is always with her… even now.

Maurice "Mo"“My Dad passed away two years ago on June 4, 2013. We have had numerous visits from him. I know it’s him. We were readying his house for rent and he visited several times. Turned lights on and off. Flipped a breaker switch once when it should have never flipped. Turned off a radio we were listening to while working in his house. It’s an actual lever that needs to be pushed down to turn it off. I have seen blue butterflies that would keep hanging around me. My Mom has Alzheimer’s and no longer speaks intelligibly and the nurses at the nursing home said that on the morning that Dad died, my Mom said out loud, “I’m never going to see you again.” I’m pretty sure he visited to her before he left.”
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The Mysterious Materialization

Helen shares an after-death communication from her primary school best friend, Michael, who unexpectedly passed during an operation, fourteen years earlier.

Helen writes:
“Can you help me understand something? When I was at primary school, my best friend, Michael, died after having an operation. A few weeks before he went in for this operation, I let him copy my spellings. The teacher asked me if I had helped him, but I said, “no.” Michael was so happy.”

Helen's spellings“I went back today to look around the school with my mum, as it was going to be demolished this upcoming Monday. This is no coincidence, but in the bit (playground) me and my friend used to play, was my spelling book. It was hardly damaged after 14 years! The school didn’t shut down until 2 years after I left, so you would have thought all things from my year would be long gone. So, how was my spelling book outside, in the bit we used to play, hardly looking worn? I truly believe that, after all these years, Michael is watching over me. There is no other possible explanation. Thanks.”
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