Just Beyond this Realm

Paula shares some after-death communications from her recently departed son, James. As it turns out, James has not gone, he is with his family; helping them, comforting them and teaching them that he still lives, just beyond this realm.

“My dear son, James, passed away seven weeks ago tomorrow and since his passing our family have had several experiences that we believe are ADC’s.”

“A few days after my son passed, his younger brother (my younger son), had a vivid dream; in the dream, James told his brother he could keep his musical equipment and to look after his health.”

“James was an excellent musician and a couple of years ago he filmed some blues guitar tutorials which he initially put out on YouTube.  He then took them down so that they could only be viewed by him on his private YouTube account.  His lovely wife and myself were desperate to find these videos of him singing, talking and playing his guitar, but alas, we did not know his password and had all but given up.  My daughter was using my laptop a couple of weeks ago and needed to go online; like me, she always uses google chrome, however, on this occasion, without even thinking she clicked on internet explorer and began to access google mail.  In doing so James’ google email account appeared and when she clicked on it, she immediately got access to his gmail account (James was never in the habit of saving his passwords).  As we looked through his emails, there were only two senders; a free online learning site which he subscribed to and emails from YouTube.  When we opened one of the emails from YouTube, it said something about his account and there was a link.  I clicked on the link and a message came up saying this was a private account and could only be accessed by the account holder.  Nevertheless, I clicked on the black YouTube box (after all, what had I got to lose) and to my amazement, I found a total of 21 videos that my son had recorded.  I felt that I had discovered a treasure chest and felt strongly that James had given us a gift.”
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Jon Snow Dies. Really? (or Game of Thrones and The Stages of Grief)

What the crap! Really? (Shock) I’ve got to tell you that I’m a little miffed that Jon Snow, the brave, fair, wise, honorable… and not to mention, hot character of HBO’s Game of Thrones series, who had all the promise of saving this fantasy world against the dreaded White walkers, has died in a pool of his own handsome blood in the season 5 finale! Really? (Anger) As the horrific scene broke and the credits rolled, I noticed I had a visceral reaction to the show’s end. I mean it could have been a combination of the kid being burned to death at the stake, the usually nasty Queen Regent being publicly humiliated, as she was forced to walk naked through the streets to the Red Keep. Or maybe it was just the eye-gouging and the eventual death of Ser Meryn Trant, even though he was a horrible man. And then, just to top it all off; the betrayal of the decent Jon Snow by his own men! Did I mention I was disturbed about that? (Sadness and Disappointment)
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Love Never Dies

In a series of after-death communication dream visitations, Sadgunnan convinces Sanjita that he is alive, well and still continues to watch over his best friend.

Sanjita writes:

Sanjita's best friend, Sadgunnan

Sanjita’s best friend, Sadgunnan

“It’s been a year and 7 months since my best friend, Sadgunnan, passed away. I had known him for the past 8 years. We hung out and were there for each other always. Besides God, he always protected me in many ways. We did have ups and downs, unlike other friendships, but despite the situations, we somehow got back in contact with each other.”

“It’s was a few months back in 2013, that we both got busy with our lives and hardly met up with each other, called or even texted. There was a time he wanted to meet me, but I was so caught up with my work that I couldn’t meet him. My answer was always “next time”… and when the next time came that I wanted to tell him, “we’ll meet up”, I received a phone call from his good friend telling me that Sadgunnan met with an accident, was in coma for a week and had passed away. I was deeply shocked. I could not believe or accept his death. I wasn’t able to attend his funeral, as well and had thoughts in my mind like, “That’s it!! I have lost him and will not get the chance to meet him again”. I thought of him and our memories, cried myself to sleep a lot, and blamed myself for not seeing him when he was alive.”
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