Vicky’s Glimpse

After her father passes away, Vicky, along with her sister, experience a series of surreal moments and after-death communications involving him, confirming that he it still present in their lives.

Vicky writes:
“Last October, my dad passed away. He was 79 years old and had been ill for the past few years. He had diabetes, renal failure, prostate cancer and Parkinson’s disease. He had 2 mild strokes and was in and out of the hospital and rehab for the past 2 years. Finally, he had a massive stroke that caused his paralysis and coma, before he died. He did not want any invasive procedures; feeding tubes or life support. After the stroke that Monday night, he passed away after 2 days.”

“I live in Illinois, and my dad lived with my younger sister and her family in California. When my sister texted me that he was deteriorating, I decided to fly and see my dad, but the night before my flight, he passed away.”
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The Pact

Jackie and Grandma make a pact together before Grandma crosses to the “other side.” In this after-death communication, Jackie receives a sign from her Grandma, proving that she really is listening when Jackie needs her the most.

Jackie shares the following-
“The majority of my life, I have had dreams that come true, seen things that others have not, and talked with deadlocked ones through dreams. A few years ago my Grandmother was dying of COPD. I visited with her very often in the final days. A couple of nights before she passed away, we were talking about this. She said she knew this about me. I confided in her, that, if after she passes and I am to speak out loud to her, that means I will be looking for a sign of her still being here, and… our agreement was that she will do whatever is in her power to respond in some way.”

“She did pass within that week. Nearly a year later, as we were approaching our first Christmas without Grandma. I was both sad and stressed that the holidays would soon be here, and knowing there would be no more Christmases with Grandma. I missed her so much. I was home alone and spoke out loud to my Grandmother. “You see, Grandma,…if you are here, this is it. I need a sign that you are still here and know what’s going on now. I will be looking for even the slightest of signs that you are able to show me that I’ve been heard.” Continue reading