Hector’s Healing Dream

By nature, Hector had always been a skeptic of the supernatural, until his mind was changed during a profound after-death communication, that occurred in a dream, which was just as real as life itself!

While Grandma was near death in a Mexican hospital, with her husband and some of her children by her side, Hector, her grandson, was at an aunt’s home in the United States, where family had gathered together to await the impending news. It was on that summer evening, late in July of 2011, that it came. The phone rang and, through tears of sorrow, it was announced that Grandma had passed away.

The next day, Hector and his cousin arrived at the airport to board the flight that would deliver them to their destination in Mexico, where their Grandma’s funeral was to be held. The only problem was… as they were ready to board the flight, it was announced that the plane would be delayed, because it had broken down, and another flight out would not be available until the next day.

Considering the bad news, Hector and his cousin realized that even if they took that next flight offered by the airlines, they would have arrived too late to attend their Grandma’s funeral. With this in mind, two very sad grandson’s decided to turn back.
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Broken Marriage… A Fairy-tale Ending

As a young bright-eyed girl, Emily had the promise of a fairy-tale life ahead of her. Born into a faithful Mormon family, she was raised from birth with high ideals and hopeful intentions. Growing up, Emily prepared herself for the day when she would blossom into a beautiful young lady, who would someday meet her wonderful Prince Charming, and together, live out their life in wedded bliss.

In true fairy-tale form, it would happen. On one unsuspecting day, their paths would cross; their eyes would meet, and enchanted by the spell of possibility, both she and her Prince would fall magically in love. As a worthy young lass, this Princess would finally be wed to her Prince, “for time and all eternity” in the Latter Day Saints Temple; her beautiful castle set upon the hill. Then, naturally, both would ride off into the sunset to live happily ever after.
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