The Mysterious Materialization

Helen shares an after-death communication from her primary school best friend, Michael, who unexpectedly passed during an operation, fourteen years earlier.

Helen writes:
“Can you help me understand something? When I was at primary school, my best friend, Michael, died after having an operation. A few weeks before he went in for this operation, I let him copy my spellings. The teacher asked me if I had helped him, but I said, “no.” Michael was so happy.”

Helen's spellings“I went back today to look around the school with my mum, as it was going to be demolished this upcoming Monday. This is no coincidence, but in the bit (playground) me and my friend used to play, was my spelling book. It was hardly damaged after 14 years! The school didn’t shut down until 2 years after I left, so you would have thought all things from my year would be long gone. So, how was my spelling book outside, in the bit we used to play, hardly looking worn? I truly believe that, after all these years, Michael is watching over me. There is no other possible explanation. Thanks.”

Helen and her spellingsCommentary- I double checked this fact with Helen first- just to make sure, but not only had she found her spellings, 12 years after the elementary school had already closed down, but 14 years after attending! What this means is that her book, that was “hardly worn” for being 14 years old, was found in a familiar place where she and Michael used to play. Now, if the school was still open for 2 years after she left it, how is it possible that her spelling book was still there on the playground with all those children playing in it those two years later? Simply Amazing!

To me, this really demonstrates that our loved ones are watching over us. I’m sure as Helen sentimentally went to her old school just before it was to be demolished, she did not expect to see what she did; a symbol and reminder of her best friend, Michael, letting her know that he is still aware of her and still appreciative of their friendship. Of course, Michael put it there for her to find, but where did he get it? It wasn’t as though Michael has been carrying it around in his pocket on the “other side” for all these years. And it’s clear that Michael didn’t rummage through Helen’s old school stuff she might have kept, and then took it from her home… and that’s if she even kept it in the first place. Of course not!  But how on Earth did this happen?


According to, materialization means 1. to come into perceptible existence; appear; become actual or real; be realized or carried out: Our plans never materialized. 2. to assume material or bodily form; become corporeal: The ghost materialized before Hamlet.

I’m not even going to try to pretend to understand this scientifically, but my senses tell me that we experience ourselves, others and our lives within a particular frequency range. Whether it’s a light frequency, sound frequency or some other sort of energetic vibration, our experience of life is given to us within the parameters of this range. And this is the context we experience our existence in. In this world (our experience) we only have access to a certain and specific range of information that comes through our physical, and sometimes a little bit more through our spiritual senses. 

Consider the story of Psychiatrist, Elisabeth Kübler Ross, expert on death and dying and a pioneer of near-death studies. In it she receives a visit from a former client of hers; a client who had passed several months previous. To read the post: The Mysterious Case of Mrs. Schwartz. Elisabeth, knowing of her Mrs. Schwartz’s death, and wanting some sort of proof that she was not crazy, made up a story that she needed a note from this woman. Of course, Mrs. Schwartz knew what the doctor was up to, but wrote the note, just the same, seemingly for the reason of giving this very proof for Elisabeth’s important work. Well, not only did this woman find a way to materialized, but her note was saved as evidence that she was really there. 

We talk about manifestation all the time; the desire of wanting and causing something that has not appeared in our life yet, to appear. It could be a relationship, financial gain or some other opportunity being made manifest into the physical world.  Perhaps materialization and manifestation are closely related, if not the same thing. As we call in energy with our thoughts, intentions, practices, actions and affirmations into existence, no doubt those who have passed on have the ability, as well. And, an even a greater ability, I imagine. Some cool trick, huh? 

Another interesting thought to consider is that everything is recorded on some level, as evidenced by Helen’s old spelling book magically materializing from nothing. How else was it recreated as it was. Perhaps this is what the “life reviews” that people have during a near-death experience are all about; reliving our lives in fast forward allowing us to deal with all of the facts about what we experienced and how we lived our lives.

Helen's story in the local newspaperThere are probably times when things have materialized by our loved ones, as a sign they are still with us, that we don’t recognize; odd things laying around that we wonder where they came from, but we are never actually thinking it has anything to do with our deceased loved one. In this case, Helen did not have to wonder. It wasn’t as though this was “just a coincidence” either. No, this was a clear sign. Michael was aware that Helen was going back to the school they attended. And this book materialized at just the right time for Helen to find it, pick it up and bear witness to the miracles that; there really is a life after death, that our loved ones really are still alive somewhere close by, and that they are very aware and watching over us. Please know that in our human experience, through the ups and downs of it all, that we are never alone. We may not feel like we have help from those who have passed on. We may not be aware of these beings, but they are with us in the ways that they are, even if they are just quiet. We can not always understand this, but believing this can make a huge difference in our healing and how we live our lives.



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