Phone Call From Heaven

In an after-death communication, John receives a mysterious phone call from an old friend, Ted.

“While I was going through my divorce, I moved back into my parent’s home for a period of time, to get my life in order.”

“One day while I was out, an interesting phone call came. My father answered the phone to hear the caller asking for me. Since I wasn’t home at the time, my father took the man’s message. He gave his name. Then, he reminisced about how we once worked together, and wanted me to call him back, as soon as I got home.”

“Later, when I arrived home, my father gave me the message. With paper in hand, I dialed his number. Waiting patiently for someone to pick up the phone, a woman answered. When I asked for my friend, there was a long pause from his wife, followed by, “You must be mistaken. It is impossible for Ted to have called you. He died of lung cancer 3 months ago!”

Commentary- Although it is not the most common form of after-death communication, literal phone calls can, and do happen, but most times they come as phone calls in our dreams. In this case, Ted needed to make a physical connection with John, for whatever reason. Perhaps John was the closest person he could reach, that would call his home. Perhaps this was the only way that Ted could find to give his wife the message that he made it. He had lived through his own death, and was trying to let her know that he was okay now.

The world beyond is such a mystery. We ask questions like, “Why do they communicate the way they do? Why don’t they communicate more? Why do they communicate with some and not others? Why do some seem to not communicate at all?”               

Here’s the thing. We are always trying to understand the infinite “spiritual world” of the afterlife, through the lens of our finite “physical world” perceptions. Without knowing the difference, we could be talking apples to oranges. We just don’t know.

In the meantime, this doesn’t stop us from gathering information about such topics, to try to connect the dots. But, if it makes us feel any better, one thing is for certain. We can rest assured, that someday, we will have all the answers to these questions!





41 thoughts on “Phone Call From Heaven

  1. I received a phone call from my Mom who had passed
    less than 2 months earlier
    It wasn’t an ordinary call. In fact I think a lot of people get this such call but hang up before connecting.
    When I answered the phone no one was there, instead of hanging up I continued to inquire if anyone was there. I did hear people chattering. At one point in the almost 3 minute call I heard many people, many different languages speaking at once. It sounded like a party line. Then, finally I could hear nothing but silence,
    does that make sense? Then I heard a voice and it said only two words,
    “Thank You”! I think she, yes it was a woman’s voice, wanted to say more,
    I kept asking who was this, and never said your welcome or anything like that.
    The line soon went back to garbled voices again and then it just went dead.
    I never thought to trace it or look up the number.
    A few minutes after i hung up I thought maybe it was my mom calling me
    from heaven, but it wasn’t her voice, but then again maybe when you get to heaven you get a new body, which in turn you would get a new voice.
    (Days earlier my mom suffered heart attacks but was shocked back to life,
    in fact in the hospital she personally thanked everyone for saving her.)
    It says in the Bible when you reach heaven you will not recognize your relatives by face but you will know its them. I wonder if some people contact you in a dream and others get a phone call, maybe its based on what you did in life, then you get rewarded with the phone call back to earth.
    My mom said before she died, “never sell this house”, she lived with us
    before she died, it was her house for 50 yrs and I had purchased it from her.
    Maybe she was thinking she could communicate with us somehow.
    Also in the Bible it says there is a form of judgement you go through before
    you go on. 44 days is what I came up with after dilligent research.
    It was about 45 days when I received the call. it is now 4 years since-
    and I think about it everyday. If someone you know dies, count 44 days and wait for the call, maybe you will be lucky like me, or maybe you will be contacted in a dream or a vision. If you do get a physical call, don’t hang up,
    wait a few minutes, even if it sounds like the phone is dead, it may just be “Silence from heaven” and then a voice may come on from your loved one.
    “Wouldn’t that be great”!

    • My Mum died in hospital with all her family around her bed. She had no idea she was dying as she kept asking my eldest Brother to ask the Doctor when would she be moving to the local cottage hospital to recuperate. She died the next day of pulmonery fibrosis. About two days later my phone started ringing as i was lying in bed. It was about four am and without thinking anything i picked the phone up and answered. Thats when i heard my Mums voice on the other end saying hya.Immediatley i asked her about her day and even what she had had for dinner.(Hospital food).She answered that the dinner was horrible. All of a sudden i was aware of myself holding the phone in bed and remembering that my mum was actually dead. This was so scarey at the time and i wondered if i had actually been dreaming. Stranger than that happened to my partner about 3 mths before my mum actually died. He had gone for a nap after working all day . When about 10 mins later he came back downstairs explaining that he couldnt sleep. At my mums funeral he was sat with my Grandson and as he had never met my mum was looking at her photo on the obituary leaflet. He told me later on that the day he went to bed and came down quickly was because he had felt someone lye next to him on the bed. When he turned around there was a woman wrapped in a blue shroud and it was the woman in the photo(MY MUM) He didnt make it up because he thinks ghosts dont exsist and when we die, we die.
      I wonder why she came that day, especially in a shroud and he didnt even know who she was

      • Also i remember another thing about that night because the phone number was my partners phone which was on his bedside table next to him. He was fast asleep.

            • Thanks for commenting. I really wish there was an actual phone number to call heaven. But know that despite this, you can talk to the departed any time you want, either out loud or in your mind. They perceive your thoughts and feelings. You very well could hear them answer back but it takes a different kind of listening. Listen gently. I’m sorry for your loss. I know it’s not an easy thing to go through. Hugs.

  2. My husband died on November 14, 1999. On January 10, 2000 I received a phone call from my husband in a dream. It was a lucid dream in which I tried desperately to ask my husband what day it was. I wanted to show proof that he had called. I said “Jack, today is January 10; you died on November 14. I pled with him to tell me where he was – again my aim being to prove I spoke with him. His only responses were those of normal conversations we had during his life. He would not respond to my questions; just continued to talk about work, daily tasks of the day, etc. I know in my soul that it was Jack – telling me “business as usual. This is the most profound occurrence in my life. It is true.

    • I had a dream my grandmother called from heaven a few weeks after she passed. I questioned her and she never answered my questions. I never actually gave her a chance to respond. This was in april.

  3. A few nights after I had moved back home to Forest Ranch, Ca from Eureka Ca I woke up at 4 am in a frenzy about my very close lady friend Miake Mckewin whose house I had stayed at for the last three nights of my living in Eureka. I had the strongest intuitive feeling that something was very wrong with her. Where I was staying at my parents house where I grew up, we had no telephone and cell phones didn’t work that far in the mountains either, so I got in the car and frantically drove three miles down the hwy to ‘the phone call spot’ where the cell phone worked at the top of platte mtn. I was talking to my self on the way there saying ‘oh God, please don’t let it be so’ and such. When I got to the spot and called a voice I didn’t recognize picked up. I was practically crying and in a frenzy said ‘where’s miake? what’s wrong?’ only to find out that she was in the hospital in ICU and had swallowed a bottle of norco in a moment of apparently overwhelming despair and she was basically braindead. Anyhow, a few weeks (?) later I had a dream where I had a ‘phone call from heaven’ and it was her. I remember thinking I had so many questions to ask but I think I didn’t know where to start, before I knew it she had appeared before me. It was her, but a more perfected version of her, at peace and serene like all the impurities and layers of negative experience and character traits she’d acquired in life were now gone. Of all the things that could be said, and I was expecting grand insights and tales of what it’s like after life, but all she said to me is this; that “there’s nothing to fear”. There’s nothing to fear. I took it as religion is wrong and the most hell would be is a place where one is ‘burned’ of their impurities and where they pay the price of any negative they’ve caused in life and then return to the source as does everyone. Regardless of my mere mortal perception, it was the best and only thing I suppose I could want to hear if I could only hear one thing about death and where we go afterwards. I had had only a few ‘supernatural’ events before this time and even then I tend to look at things with reason and logic before attributing them to something ‘supernatural, I don’t have a naturally superstitious mindframe which I would hope makes my story seem more true and relevant. The only other otherwordly experience was involved with her as well when she was alive. I was staying at her house sleeping next to her (we were intimate buddies but not sexually) when I woke up with a sense of fear and that there was a presence in the house and I heard creaking in the kitchen. Next thing I know I feel something, like a spirit, come into my body thru my feet and slowly creep up my body paralyzing me almost entirely and taking my ability to speak other than a tiny squeeking froggy voiced whisper ‘miake’ and barely wiggling my finger to poke her to no avail. I began to be curious to what was happening and the sensation went from my body to my head and then slowly my very consciousness. I had the sensation of my consciousness shrinking within myself to the very center of my mind and had an intuitive feeling that I would shrink all the way to a pinpoint inside and then burst on to the other side. I did have a feeling of that ‘otherside’ being a place of light, like the light at the end of the tunnel, but it did not feel dark and evil. Nonetheless, I was afraid of what was there as I wasn’t sure whether or not this entity was a dark or benign entity. I had already realized deep inside that I actually had more power over this entity than it did me and that I was basically letting it do this to me, but when it got to where I was about to leave this world, I was afraid that it would be death rather than the mystical and divine experience it was trying to give me the feeling of it being and so I used all my strength of will and pushed it out of me. Never really realized just how many of my few other worldy experiences were involved with her until I wrote this.

  4. Last night we received a phone call from my dad who passed away exactly 5 years ago. Our television, phone, and internet are all connected through the same cable service provider. So, anytime we receive a phone call, the phone will ring and the name of the person calling will appear on TV. At 5:40 pm last night the phone started ringing and on the TV the caller ID said: call from [my dad’s name]. The odd thing was that the number that the call was coming from was our own phone number. It’s not possible to actually call our own number. I was shocked and a little frightened so I didn’t pick up the phone. I let it go to voicemail. I waited fearfully for what I might hear. Then after our greeting and the tone, there was nothing – just silence.

    What’s extremely odd is that the day and time of his call would mark the 5 year anniversary of his death. What is also odd is that he passed away at 5:40 am. The call came in at 5:40 pm. I wish I would have picked up the phone. I was just too shocked though. I wonder if I would have actually heard his voice.

    My husband and I have tried to recreate the scenario but are unable to. When we attempt to dial our own number, we are simply taken to voicemail/voicemail set up. We dialed *69 after the call and the computer stated that last call was made from our own phone number at 5:40 pm.

    I think this was a sign from my dad. It’s his way of telling me that everything is okay. Just 3 days prior to receiving the call, I had been very upset about some things going on in my life, and I was talking to my dad (as if he were still around) and crying. I asked him and God for a sign.

    I believe that I actually received a sign. I’m truly amazed by the experience.

  5. Hi Richard. You can tell Uncle Stan Jr. yourself. They can hear us without having to make an actual phone call. An actual phone call is just one of the really obvious signs to let us know they are really there. They don’t have to use a phone for us to hear them, or us to talk to them. Just talk to him in your mind and he will hear. Blessing for a message to you from your Uncle Stan, so you know he’s there with you, always. 🙂

    • You don’t need an actual phone number to talk to them. Just talk to them and they will hear you in their awareness. The part to work on, is the subtle listening part. You must really tune into much more than the listening of this world; which is often loud. Although spirits can communicate in a way that is undeniable to us at times, mostly they communicate with us in subtle ways. Listen for those message. The loud ones will be obvious. 🙂

    • Profound Answer & Spot on Pay close Attenton to the many repetitious signs you receive. My father has a way of contacting me like no other…
      The last time he did,
      I won a $2,500.00 Jackpot,
      a Royal flush in “Hearts”…
      I knew it was him because of the numerical way the cards kept coming out…
      Dad’s Birthday kept repeatedly appearing in EVERY OTHER HAND…
      He was very Annilytical…
      This has happened many times with his Birthday and numbers.
      Cards have significance because the King & Queen represent my Father & Mother other significant
      Numbers appear, not just once but repiticiously so there is no doubt in my mind…They are there…It’s no coinsidence…I can feel them there and when they leave it stops…This is how he lets me know…They are there with me.
      He also knew I had some bills to pay!
      I firmly believe in what you had to say…
      Pay close Attention to all signs!!!

  6. My mom passed away June 25th and I really need a sign something from her. I’m hurting so bad. The one thing I have noticed is every time I look at the clock the last 2-3 weeks its always 11:11. What does that mean? Is it her. I would love to get a phone call that would be the most amazing thing ever. I just need something.

    • Hi Nicki, thanks for writing in. 🙂 I’m sorry about your mom. Hugs. 11:11 can mean many things, especially if it is a date or number that you already have an association for. It can also have metaphysical meaning. You can google that. In this case, if you just started seeing it, my intuition tells me that it means to pay close attention. When you begin to see something out of the ordinary, it is most definitely a sign designed to get your attention. Yes, it probably is your mother. She is probably saying, “Be aware, Nicki. I am here with you. I am trying to contact you.” If you keep your awareness at this level, there is no doubt in my mind that you will get a more solid after-death communication from her. 🙂 Gently listen for her to be with you and you will experience that she is. 🙂

  7. Hi there i lost my grandad few months ago i also lost my nan 8 years ago ive seen my nan but for some reasion i smell things my grandad would wear or smoke in my house even tho my grandad never been to my house is that a sign he is here with me as i love him to bits and miss him loads i just wish i could hear him say it was ok for me not seeing him at the hospital or even a note

    • Yes, James. Smelling that familiar smell associated with that person who has passed is a sign that he is with you in that very moment. 🙂 I’m sure your Grand Dad is fine with you not seeing him at the hospital. He knows your heart. That’s all that matters. He loves you. You love him. Need I say more? 🙂 And… a note would be cool too. 😉

  8. I recently received a call from heaven. My Mom passed away at 4:47a.m. on October 22, 2014. On October 22, 2015 at exactly 4:47a.m., my phone rang. I immediately awoke from my sleep and sat up to answer the phone but it only rang once. I looked at the clock and noticed the phone call came in at the exact same time as my Mom’s passing last year. I immediately assumed it was my sister calling to remind me of the time Mom had passed just 1 year before. I decided to check my caller i.d. before I left home that morning and was surprised to findthere was no trace of the calll. Today, my sister told me she received a call around the same time and her phone only rang once, as well. I do believe it was our Mom calling us from heaven to let us know she was alright! #untilwemeetagain#god’sangel

  9. Hello Jade, I was always told by my mother that the dead doesn’t know what the living is doing, She use to always say that when someone passed and i had questions. She also said to me not to seek out physcis because that it is nothing of God.Well, My mother was taken off of the breathing machine in ICU on June 5, 2015, My siblings and myself made that decision when one of the doctor’s working on her basically told us she would have no quality of life if we decided to keep her on the breathing machine. Almost a month and a half after my mother’s death. I had a dream I was on the phone with my mother, It seem so real!, I asked her questions & she answered. She told me she was fine , she worship, & everything is new, she’s not suffering, she also told me to ‘ hold on ‘, & she told me to talk to one of her brother’s. Then , the phone call was over. But before i woke up, i could see a long hallway with a light at the end with a wood stand and a rotary phone, and a beautiful glowing light was shining in back of it. I woke up & looked at the time of my phone, It was 7:00 a.m. exactly. As skeptical as i am i want to beleive this was my mother. Also, a few weeks after her death, a family picture fell off the wall, and doors were opening. It hasn’t happened since. Can you enlighten me on what i experienced? Thank You.

    • Yes, Ann. Thanks for your question. 🙂 What happened is… your mother visited you and you had a conversation! 🙂 I’m sure this is your mother showing you that it is possible for spirits to visit and know what the living is doing after they have passed on. I’m glad you know that she still lives and is fine. Was the 7 am time relevant to anything that you know of? Look, it boils down to this. There is a skeptic to some degree or another in all of us. Do you really want to honor that part of yourself? Wouldn’t it be much cooler to honor the Believer in yourself? That’s faith. 🙂

  10. My mom passed away November 27, 2014 at 4:03 p.m. I received a phone call from a number that my mom had for 36 years on December 5, 2015 at 9:39 a.m. I tried to call it back but it was a busy signal. My first thought was, was somebody playing a trick on me? Did my son phone prank me? I asked him but he swears he didn’t do it. Then I thought about the time my mom used her home phone to call her cell phone:
    I remember when my mom was alive, my sister said she would call mom but her line was busy. See what’s surprising about that is, my mom doesn’t just sit on the phone and chit chat. So, she was so concerned about it, my sister would call me to see if mom was okay. I lived across the street from mom, so, I went over there to see if she was okay, she was fine, and I asked her is something wrong with your phone? She said no, I said your family is trying to call you, and she said, that she used the home phone to call her cell phone to use up the minutes, I know, it sounds crazy. She said something about if she didn’t use up X amount of minutes she would loose them. You see, mom only used her cell phone to call long distance to talk to her son (my brother).
    So, anyways, I called the number back many times during that day and after, all I got was the busy signal. I was hoping that she would call again…still waiting.
    There is no way for any one to call my cell phone using mom’s old home phone number.
    So, the question of the day is: Is mom trying to contact me? I sure hope so.

    • Hi Betty. Thanks for writing, and my condolences to you.
      It sure sounds like your mom if trying to contact you. Sometimes there is no other significance behind these attempts other than, I still live, I’m here with you, I love you! And those are the most important messages we c ever get. She’ll probably try again. 🙂 Take care.

  11. I lost my husband June 22nd of 2016. I have had some weird experience with my phone. I could be talking to someone and my phone would ring then dial tone ring and dial tone. I’ve never experienced this. I feel he was reaching out to me. I know he’s watching me grieve which is daily. He’s always on my mind. After 19yrs its hard to believe they are gone. I need my visit from him it may help me with what I have to look forward to in life

    • So sorry for your loss, Shelly. Your wound is so fresh. This must be so painful. Hugs. Yes, after-death communications make such a difference in our healing process. Sounds like he is sending those to you. 😃 Blessings for peace and comfort as you walk this difficult path.

  12. My Dad passed on March 10th, 2015. I had asked him if he could let me know he’s alright when he passed and he said he would. Because of family squabbles I could not be with him when he died or attend his funeral. However, on March 14, the day of his funeral, my phone rang with my own name and number on the caller ID. I could not move. I didn’t answer. Then on March 17, while I was out…..I saw my own name and number up on the caller ID again with no message. No I know people say that telemarketers do this but I’ve never experienced it again. Could it be possible this was his way of letting me know he was okay? I guess no one knows that for sure but because of the timing, I believe it was. I’d like to at least.

    • It sounds like it to me. The timing was more than coincidental. I’m glad you received that confirmation. Most people do freeze when they get an unusual phone call that they know is their loved one reaching out. Thanks for sharing.

  13. My mom passed away on the 19th of August 2016…at home in her bed. I wanted to hug her but couldn’t for some strange reason so I asked her to give me a sign that she was ok now …5 hours later when I arrived back home I sat in my kitchen to grab a bite to eat and noticed my cell phone was flickering a bright Amber yellow on one of my videos that I had recorded her on…it kept flashing on and off and I thought to myself what’s wrong with my phone now… Then out of nowhere my mom appeared on the video with her arms reaching out towards me giving me that hug i wanted to give her earlier …she had on a blue robe and she had a big smile on her face…. At the time I did not realize that I did not have that video of her…. Until the next day…I felt like as if I had no control over my thoughts at that time…. I now believe there is another side we go to when we pass on😇🙏

    • Wow, Johnny! That is an exceptionally cool after-death communication! Thanks for sharing that. Glad you are a believer now. Once you have an experience like this, you can’t deny it. She is with you always.😃

  14. My long distance boyfriend suddenly died in his sleep 8 days ago. He’s from USA and I’m from Asia with a 12 hour difference in time zones so when its daytime there its night time here. We havent seen each other personally but we had plans of closing the distance before 2016 ends. He’s 50 and I’m 45.

    I’m not sure if it was the exact time he died but it was about or past midnight here before he was found unconscious in his house, I was in bed, laying on my side waiting for him to call so I was tinkering my cellphone. I felt something cold engulfing me from behind and I felt major goosebumps. Lights were out but the moon shine was coming through my window. I looked behind me and saw nothing. I thought to myself “what was that all about? Was that a spirit who just embraced me?” The presence was really so strong for me to look back to check what was behind me. The next day at around 8pm (8am in my boyfriend’s timezone) I got a call from his number on the messaging app that we regularly use. I missed the call then immediately got a message saying “hey call me” so I called the number back. His son answered my call and immediately told me that he died the night before. I screamed “NO” and asked him how?

    I cried and was in shock for days. I figured the presence was him saying goodbye. Hoping I’d feel his presence once again and more often. I talk to him a lot in my mind and out loud. Told him how much I miss him and my only consolation is he’s now free from depression and he’s with God and his dad who died last April this year.

    I dreamt of him just before I woke up this morning before 5am. He called me on my cellphone and all he said was “I miss you” and in my dream was “NO!” just like how I was when his son told me about his death, then I woke up. In my dream there was a song playing…it was “Yellow”- by coldplay. When I woke up I looked up the lyrics of the song and part of what was playing was this:

    “Look at the stars
    Look how they shine for you
    And everything you do
    Yeah they were all yellow”

    I also Googled some info online about the song and we all know how all the results would come up but the first thing that caught my attention was the band played this song at a function called “Celebrating Steve” referring to Steve Jobs but my boyfriend’s nickname is also “Steve”.

    I don’t know if all these are just coincidences but I’d like to believe that its a beautiful sign from MY Steve.

    Part of me wants to hold on to him if he still feels very attached to me. But I know and have accepted that there is a better place for his soul. I know in my heart he will always be looking after me in every way he can, he’s just like that…very protective. I love you S.L.F., no goodbyes, till we finally touch and meet again.

    • Yep, all that it how after death communications happen. No need to think that any of them are coincidences. 😃 I’m so sorry for your loss. No doubt he was acknowledging you at his time of passing. Take care. He loves you still.😃

  15. My husband and I were taking my son to a Halloween party last night. My cell phone rang (while connected to my cars Bluetooth). Caller ID said it was my husbands parents.

    We said how weird it was because they had not called my husbands phone. I answered and we could only hear what sounded like a pocket dial. My husband said, hang up and I’ll call my dad to see what he wants.

    My husband called his dads house, his dad answered but didn’t know what we were talking about because he didn’t call us.

    I checked my phone call log and the number that called was his moms cell phone (his mom passed away just over a month ago). My father in law said her cell phone was turned off, sitting on his kitchen counter and no one was home with him.

    We’re going down tonight to visit and try to look at the phone to see if there’s a record of a dialed call. We’re perplexed by this but his mom was a believer in the after life so I, deep down, believe it was her. Especially because we always joked about how people call my cell to get in touch with my husband because he never answers his phone.

    Reading all of these stories gives me confidence that is was her.

    • Believe your “deep down” Meredith, for sure it was her. 🙂 Very cool after-death communication you received! Thanks for sharing! When these phone or device type of communication happen, usually the phone is off or it doesn’t even have service anymore. So this is how it usually goes. 🙂 Believe your experience. Your husband’s mom is just chiming in to say, “Hi. I’m here!”

  16. As an adult age 61 I was sitting on the commuter bus in the late afternoon of an an ordinary day waiting for it the leave the depot to go home. Suddenly, an unbidden and incredibly intense and profound sense of grief and regret swept over me like an ocean wave. I knew instantly, and intuitively, that it was coming from a women with whom I’d had an intense relationship with many years ago. She’d broken it off seeking other lovers and I had moved on. The message was that at her moment of passing she was very much regretting having left me. Even though she was dying, she was grief stricken and asking me for forgiveness over the missed opportunity of us being together. It was as though she was reaching out for one last experience of connection.I tried to summon the means to respond with a message of forgiveness to this telepathic message but have no idea if it was received. I nodded off as the bus pulled out for the 45 min ride home. This experience remains of my most profound “psychic” experiences. I have come to believe as a result of this experience that the intense moments prior to death offer people the chance to close the book on the wrong turns in their lives and ask for peace.

    Please post any responses here. Thanks.

    • I’m sure you are right. She had unfinished business with you. Thanks for sharing this profound experience! We really are all connected. 🙂 She heard you.

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