My Heart’s With You

In a recent after-death communication, Lisa S. receives a sign of love from her departed loved one.
Lisa S. writes:
“After my love, Rod, passed on January 11, 2015, I came home from the funeral that following Saturday. I walked in my house feeling completely alone and voiced my heartache to him. Then… I looked over and this is what I found in my wax burner. I took it as a sign that his heart continues to remain with me and he hasn’t left our home. I’ve burned this daily since, and even before, and never has a heart showed up. I miss him more and more with every passing moment. I LOVE YOU BABE, FOR ALWAYS.”

The Heart






“Am I crazy for taking it as a sign?!!”

Commentary- Though this heart had never appeared before, or since her Love’s passing, it did appear at the very time Lisa needed support the most. What are the chances that, of all things, a heart would be perfectly duplicated in the candle wax that Lisa was called to notice? How many times do we NOT notice those things around us that are clear signs from our departed loved ones? Probably quite a bit. 

Lisa experiences this beautiful sign, then wonders if she is crazy. This is so common. I will continue to explain why this is so. As multi-dimensional beings, there are many parts to us. There is the physical aspect; which is our body and our brain, then… there is the spiritual aspect of us; which is our spirit and our mind. What we experience with our mind, does not necessarily make sense to the brain. Our spiritual and physical aspects can seem like polar opposites at times. Our spirit wants to soar, while our body might want to sit on the couch and eat a bag of potato chips. Also, our body and brain are finite, for some day they will pass away to return to the Earth. This is not true of our spirit and mind which are infinite, as energy can never be destroyed. Both physical and spiritual aspects of ourselves have very different perspectives, as you can see. Sometimes it can seem like a 3-legged race through life, trying to reign in some aspects of one, and other aspects of the other- just to get along. The spiritual side of our self can see forever, while the physical side of our self is very limited; hence all the frustration in life. On some level we know that everything is possible, and on another level we feel very stopped and frustrated that we can’t seem to get ourselves off the ground. 

When one experiences a spiritual experience with their spirit or mind, one knows the truth of it in an instant. It is only when the brain and body get involved in the spiritual experience, that questions and doubts begin to surface. You see, because the brain and body are finite, the brain has no natural experience with the infinite. It knows that death will someday come and that will be it. The brain cannot explain mystical, spiritual, synchronistic experiences without conceding that it does not know it all. Very difficult task for the brain; hence, at some point, various aspects of Ego are born as a defensive strategy for survival.

My point is… if you have had an empowering spiritual experience, it is pointless to believe any thoughts from the brain that are disempowering, since the brain tends to be a little bit of a neigh-sayer. It is true that, with some convincing, the brain can become a believer too. Using your mind, you just have to keep straightening the brain out. In other words… “Yes brain, even though you don’t understand it or how it happened, I did have that spiritual experience. Yes, it’s true. I did! And, by the way, it’s okay for you not to know everything, brain. That is actually a very powerful space to be in. Because if you already know everything, then there is nothing new to learn. Do you really want to be that closed and limited? If you don’t know everything already, then there is infinite room to learn new things. Doesn’t that sound fun, brain? So you see, the true power is in not knowing everything!”

At least that’s what I did and it seems to work pretty well. Now, my brain is a true believer!

When something spiritually empowering happens to you, it would behoove you to take it in and soak in the energy of it for a long, long time. This will make you feel less crazy and it just might be the one thing to take you soothly through the turbulence of your deepest pain and sorrow.

4 thoughts on “My Heart’s With You

  1. Lisa S ⭐️I know how you feel. my heart goes out to you at this time, losing the love of your life is so painful. I lost my mother, her name is Billie Jean Rose Tymczuk. All of us called her MIMI ❤️ I know how touched you felt when your loved one sent you a sign. I missed a few signs in the begining. This is real. When I saw the signs Mimi left me, the comfort and love only grew more. No one has ever loved me the way she does. I know I am so blessed and you are, as well Lisa , ❤️⭐️❤️

  2. Thats a pretty nice looking heart, beautiful sign. I really like the reminder, the true power is not knowing everything.

  3. Love this simple reminder of love just when it was needed. I am always touched by these stories and how even in their absence those who have passed can give us so much. Thanks for sharing.

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