Justin’s Note

Pam had always cleaned the family tile and flooring shop that she and her husband owned. But because of physical pain, Pam was limited to no lifting when they were relocating the store. So Ryan, Pam’s eldest son, was doing the lifting for her. As Ryan lifted stacks of tiles off of the shelf, he noticed a crumbled piece of paper that fell to the floor. The place was a mess, and Ryan had no time to look at it. But, instead of allowing it to stay on the floor as something to be swept up later, something told him he’d better pick it up and look at it. Ryan was sure glad he did!

Dialing his mother back, Ryan said, “Are you coming this way? You might want to come this way. There’s a gift in an envelope on the board!”

By the sound of his voice, Pam knew it had something to do with Justin! (Justin was Pam’s son who had suddenly died in a skateboarding accident, in August, 2010.) With Pam excited by the possibility of seeing something of Justin’s, Joe, Pam’s husband, tried to ease her hopes with comments like, “Well, it could be.” But Pam was not deterred with anything he said. Such is a mother’s unrelenting hope!

When Pam arrived and as she approached the board, with gratitude, she broke down crying, as she discovered what she already knew… that her deceased son, Justin, had left her a note!
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