The Lens of Awareness

Last weekend, my friend shared with me a story from his past. As I thought about it later that day, I realized his story had some important insights to distinguish about awareness.

Back in the eastern states, where heating oil is routinely delivered to homes for winter warmth, the driver of an oil truck accidentally hit a dog in the street one day. You see, the dog ran through the same routine every time. The dog would run behind the truck, then, when the driver stopped the truck to make his delivery, the dog would run around to the front of the truck. The driver, who knew this dog’s routine of running to the front of the truck, would then, drive slowly and carefully away, in order to avoid the dog. My friend, who I will call Sam, wondered back then, how the driver, who always drove the same route, could have possibly hit the dog. “Wasn’t he paying attention?” Continue reading

One Millimeter Off

Yesterday, my son, Chris, had me watch this video with Tony Robbins. I loved it and wanted to share it with you. It is a powerful perspective! Thanks Chris!

As you watch it, you will see that many, if not all life’s successes are not huge unreachable distances from us, but instead… are only one millimeter away. Realizing this, and coming from this perspective begins to make life more manageable. If we could change something we are doing in a very small way, even though it seems small and insignificant at first, the final trajectory this slight change brings, could make a tremendous difference in our life and in the lives of others.

Have a wonderful day today!

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