Shared Death Experience


tunnelShared-Death Experience [SDE], a phrase coined by Dr. Raymond Moody, is a spiritual phenomenon in which the family, friends and/or caregivers, of someone crossing over to the other side, actually witness and are a party to what the dying person is experiencing in the moments of their passing.

The visions observers have witnessed through shared death experience include; the escort who comes for they dying, the familiar tunnel scenario where they are greeted in the light with love, room shape changes- giving the feeling like the room is opening into another dimension, heavenly music, telepathic communication, and any other type of mystical occurrence that seems to be of out of body in nature.

A shared-death experience can also occur when the passing is only temporary, as in a near-death experience, where the person is revived back to life again.

The really interesting thing about this recent phenomenon is, no longer can the parting visions be blamed on the chemistry of a dying brain, since both the dead and the living experience it at the same time.

This page is dedicated to information about SDE’s, including real life stories. 
Shared-Death Experience
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