Grief is the journey of a full spectrum of emotions one typically travels through when losing someone or something they loved very much. Many times, the more significant the loss is, the more intense the journey.

How we handle grief is not only personal, but individual. Factors may include, the connection to our loss, religious/spiritual beliefs, cultural conditioning, coping skills, personality make-up, support systems, life experiences and the circumstances surrounding our loss.

Even though you may feel like you are going crazy at times, grief is a natural process that leads us back to a normal life again. What we have lost has left a distinct kind of pain in it’s path that must eventually, somehow be healed. Proceeding through the grief process is nature’s way of renewing, restoring and delivering us back into life once more.

Despite the empty space our loss has left, and although we may not believe it or know the way, with time, it is possible for us to return to life and be happy again. The grieving  process is really quite miraculous!

Our life may change, along with our identity, skills, circumstance and coping strategies. But for now, one day at a time, these things have a way of working themselves out.

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