Testimonials For Jade


Testimonials for Jade-

“Thank you Jade! You are always in my heart. xo” 
-Sara, California

“Jade gave me a reason to live. She has the uncanny ability to turn pain into power. I love her to death. She makes my heart smile and she will make yours too. You will always be my silver lining:) Thanks a lot, Jade.”
-Archie, India

“I love this woman. She has taken away the unbearable pain of loss and replaced it with hope. God bless her.”
-Pat Koch, New Jersey

“I’m from a conservative middle class family, burdened with responsibilities throughout my whole life. My only happiness and ray of hope was my love, Raj. But instead, destiny wanted me to take the challenge of living without him. Raj passed away in an accident, leaving me alone in this world. It was not just the loss of my love. I felt alone, lost, betrayed and dead inside. Wanting to leave this world, with such an urge to die, I started browsing “suicide” on the internet. There were many sites saying “how to die”, but only one I found that included a specific post that asked, if it is the “right” time to die? I am referring to, “The Exit Interview,” on Jade’s site, GriefandMourning.com.”

“After reading her posts, I contacted Jade, the creator of this wonderful website. I was holding immense pain till I met Jade. I spoke to Jade about every single thing that bothered me (My loss, Family, Work… what not) and she patiently listened to everything. She kept saying, “We’ll work together in healing the pain.” This made me feel so comfortable.”

“I have been Jade’s client for almost a year. Jade is unbelievably approachable and knowledgable. She has immense knowledge about birth, love, life, death and life-after death. She has been helping me heal myself. Had it not been for her in my life, I wouldn’t have survived my pain. That’s the power of her words. The best quality of hers is her analysis of the situation. Her explanations are always supported by clear justifications, helping people to understand what needs to be done to come out of any situation; hence the job will be done. I’m sure now, Raj feels much better that I’m in the safe hands of Jade. She is an angel born on Earth to heal the pain of normal people.”
-Ms. Archana R., Karnataka, India

“I was in a very dark place after losing a loved one last year. Well-meaning friends would try to say the right things but somehow, words weren’t enough. Many hours of google searches later, I stumbled upon Jade’s website and wrote to her – no, I poured out my heart to her. She wrote back and hence, my healing journey started. Jade never left my side. When she left to go to Europe after about a week or two of my first contact with her, I started to panic but no, she still kept in touch to let me know she was still there for me. Jade was ever so patient and understood precisely what I was going through because she was in the every same place before. Everyone heals at their own pace, but to have an angel to work with, to talk to, made my healing path so much more lighter. She continues to care and love and I cherish her so much! Thank you, Jade – you’re a light in my world!”
-Esther K., Malaysia