With the Wind at His Face

In this after-death communication, Janeen recognizes her husband in a photograph that was taken on a tribute bike run in his honor, in the form of an energy field.

Janeen writes:

“This is a photo of me on the back of a friend’s motorcycle during a bike run in honor of my deceased husband that was held one week after his death in a motorcycle accident. Actually, he survived the bike going down (his brother drove it home from the pound) – he was struck and killed by an SUV after laying the bike down.”

“Most everyone who sees this picture agrees that it is James’ face as it looked when he was “in the wind.” I’m also attaching a “selfie” he took on the bike for you to reference.”

“The friend who took the picture took many of me at that same time. This is the only one with the “glow” around me.  About this same time I was crying and felt him put his arms around me. I don’t know if it was at the moment this shot was taken, but it was near then.”

“I also hear James quite a lot. In fact, a friend and I were In a store trying to decide on something and at the same time we both heard him clear as day telling us his preference! We looked at each other with shock and exclaimed “Did you hear that?!” Then laughed when we both had heard the same thing.”

“James was larger than life anyway so I’m not surprised he is so vocal and opinionated even in death. It’s comforting to still have him near.”

Commentary- It’s amazing what can show up in a photo that isn’t seen with the naked eye. Although many pictures were taken on that day, it is this one that appeared with his image on it.

It is said that energy never dies, but only changes form; the physical body being the shell that houses that energy and grounds it to this realm.

So yes, it is quite possible that this is an image of Janeen’s husband doing what he loved, riding his bike with the wind at his face. But even more than that, and certainly more poignant, what we could be seeing is a very large living energy field accompanying and comforting his grieving wife on the motorcycles run in his honor.

(Side by side comparison)

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5 thoughts on “With the Wind at His Face

  1. It’s so amazing that you felt his arms around you near the time of the photo. Thank you for sharing your story and photos with us Janeen!
    And thank you for the insightful commentary Jade!

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