Waking from the Dream…

A Soul’s Perspective

(This poem came to a broken-hearted me, three months after Christian’s death. Showing me another perspective, it was a welcome gift of cheer, comfort and relief given to me from a higher aspect of myself)

I dreamed I was a body,
and you, a body too.
I dreamed bad things could happen,
both, to me and you.

I dreamed that there was sickness,
that death and loss were real.
I dreamed we could be separate,
Oh! … the pain that we could feel!

I dreamed we could be ugly,
so cruel and full of hate.
I dreamed we could have sorrow,
that this was just our fate.

I dreamed our world was fighting,
such destruction everyday.
I dreamed we could be fearful,
survival was our way.

Then in my dream, I wondered,
at all that I could see.
Was I caught up in a web?
Was this a false reality?

So, I began to question,
these inconsistencies.
Were we those hopeless ones?
How could this really be?

It was then I did remember,
a truth I’d left behind.
That we’re pure LOVE’S perfection,
then this message came to mind….


The possibilities of consciousnes is endless

The possibilities of consciousness is endless

“You are not your bodies,
but Souls of destiny….
experiencing the unfolding,

It was with this, I awakened,
To the true reality,
by Jade Kramer

4 thoughts on “Waking from the Dream…

  1. Hi Jade, today last year was the day that my beloved Joanna went on a journey leaving the physical realm. I miss her, miss being a family now that Maya has grown up. I read your poems, it gives me strength. This experience gave me a different perspective in life. Life and Death, entwined. She left but Maya came to be.

    • Hi Ian. Thank you. 🙂 This life is like a dream that happens so fast, and you will know this for sure when you are back in each others arms. Joanna has not left you and sweet Maya. Joanna is with you always. All ways. Hugs. Blessings to you and Maya. I send my love.

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