Vicky’s Glimpse

After her father passes away, Vicky, along with her sister, experience a series of surreal moments and after-death communications involving him, confirming that he it still present in their lives.

Vicky writes:
“Last October, my dad passed away. He was 79 years old and had been ill for the past few years. He had diabetes, renal failure, prostate cancer and Parkinson’s disease. He had 2 mild strokes and was in and out of the hospital and rehab for the past 2 years. Finally, he had a massive stroke that caused his paralysis and coma, before he died. He did not want any invasive procedures; feeding tubes or life support. After the stroke that Monday night, he passed away after 2 days.”

“I live in Illinois, and my dad lived with my younger sister and her family in California. When my sister texted me that he was deteriorating, I decided to fly and see my dad, but the night before my flight, he passed away.”

“On the night he died, Wednesday, October 22, 2014 at 7:30 pm central time, I experienced his presence. I was sitting at a table with friends, eating and chatting, when I felt like I was in a trance. In that moment of isolation, my friend’s voices were so faint. Everything felt like slow motion to me. It was like someone was telling me to stand up and get my phone in my purse. It felt like I was following someone, but I did not see the person, only my eyes were following a shadow directed from the window, then to the couch where my purse was with my cellphone. I read a text from my sister, “Dad took his last breath.”  I froze and cried and could not move. I was fortunate to have special friends and my husband around me for support and comfort.


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“The day I was leaving our house to catch a flight for the viewing, I saw a goose in our backyard. It was there for a long time. My dad used to hunt for wild geese in the Philippines and every time he saw one here in the US, he would always smile and say that people here in the US, are close to animals and do not shoot them. Was seeing a goose really a sign having to do with him? Or was I just sad and and really, it was only a coincidence?”

shooting star

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“When I arrived in California on October 24th (my mom’s birthday) and two days after dad died, I went out in the swimming pool area. It was a clear night and nice weather. There wasn’t a cloud to see. The stars were bright. While I was enjoying the night sky, I saw a falling star that was so perfectly beautiful. It was the prettiest falling star I’ve ever seen in my whole life! I told my sister who said she had never seen a falling star, and I was so lucky to have seen one.”

“The next day, we went to the crematory and had a few hours of viewing before the cremation. My sister, who took care of my dad for many years, told me that she had seen the brightest golden light through the small opening under her bedroom door, on the night my dad died. Curious about this, she asked if anyone had left the lights on, but her husband said he was sure he turned them off before going up to their room. Also, she noticed that her china cabinet would light up when no one had touched the switch for several times and on different days.”

only a representation of ripples

Only a representation of ripples

“It was Monday, Oct 27th. I was still at my sister’s house where dad had lived. I went out in the pool area about mid-day again. The sun was shining, the sky was blue and clouds were as white as cotton. It was another perfect weather day. Then, something unusual happened. As I was staring at the water in the swimming pool, I saw the most brilliant glitter colors of gold, blue and green in the ripples of the water. They were the most beautiful ripples I’ve ever seen, and probably won’t ever see again. The magical ripples were there for about two minutes before they disappeared. I waited a while to see if it would happen again, thinking it could have been the rainbow colors caused by the reflection of the sun, but it didn’t. When I entered the house to tell my sister and her husband about the remarkable colors in the water that changed to colors of gold, blue and green, I had to let them know that I was not making it up.”

bodega bay“Shortly after my father’s passing, my sister wanted me to go to Lake Tahoe with my husband, for some calmness and serenity. I’ve always visited my dad, who lived with my younger sister in Roseville, California, every year, but I had never seen Lake Tahoe. I was not a nature lover, so this was my first time to appreciate the perfect beauty of God’s creation. In our adventure, we drove to and parked at a shallow rocky inlet of the Pacific Ocean coast called Bodega Bay. Here, was another perfect place of silence and meditation, where we enjoyed the sunset and the many footprints in the sand.  I was not interested in taking pictures of nature, but for the first time, I was able to take pictures of my spiritual journey, where I was away from the city and party life. Now, I felt both God and my dad watching over me.”

“My dad has always been the most wonderful being. He was a good provider, a loving husband and he was my strength. He listened to my problems and understood me. My dad was the ideal father, a man who generously shared all his blessings with anyone who needed his help. With him, I felt safe and taken care of. He was the best Dad. I miss him so much. Because I love my mom and dad so much, my life’s goal is to live a life according to God’s will, to be the best that I can be, so when it’s time for me to leave this life, I will be reunited with my parents in heaven.”

“I’d like to publish a journal someday and include the pictures I’ve taken at the time when I felt so low and alone. Even though I felt this way, I know that God was with me. I honor and praise Him for that. Thank you, Lord. Bless us, your children. Send us the Holy Spirit in our everyday life. Forgive us our sins so we can be saved and see the Kingdom of God. Let me share this to each and everyone who reads this.”

Commentary- When the heavens open up, either in wait to receive one who is about to pass, or when one has recently passed, strange phenomenon and surreal moments sometimes occur. And many times… the heads and hearts of those left behind open up too, allowing them a special glimpse behind the heavenly curtain. 

In some of her examples, Vicky mentions her trance-like state; feeling led to her phone by some invisible force. She experiences her intuition. She views the shooting star and the unexplainable, but beautiful colors in the water. Vicky sees an obvious symbol; a goose, representing her father’s presence and awareness of her. It was sent as a sign of something she would recognize, causing her to feel comfort. Vicky and her sister, both experienced many unusual occurrences during and after the time of their father’s passing, for which they were/are very grateful.

Although it is not uncommon to have after-death communications, days, months and even years after one has passed, the window that opens from this world to the next, can create some amazing spiritual experiences for us to try to make sense of. But, thank goodness for them! If not for these glimpses behind the curtain into the afterlife, our world, without our deceased loved ones in it, would seem dark and pointless… for why do we love at all in this short life, if we say goodbye forever? From the many after-death communications that are experienced by millions of people all over the world, it would seem that LOVE has the power to bind us to each other forever. And, although not everyone has experienced an after-death communication for themselves, the glimpses of others can give us hope… until we experience them for ourselves.

11 thoughts on “Vicky’s Glimpse

  1. Thank you for the chance to share my experience after my father’s passed away. I know both my mom and dad are watching over me. And they are in a peaceful place with our Lord God in heaven. Missing them so much but someday we all will be reunited when our time comes. So let’s all live with love and harmony and strengthen our spirits through Jesus our Saviour. Amen

    • Thanks Sara, so glad that I found this website and I hope so many other will read different stories from different people because LOVE is infinite beyond our imagination and stays in our heart and soul.

  2. Thank you so much for posting my experiences after my father died. You made me so happy and I can share to the whole world that the most beautiful story in our lives is not physical, financial or emotional but spritual. And truly believing in Him with all your heart and living truthfully and being honest to yourself and others you will feel the Love of God especially when you are alone and down. This is the real LOVE from our Heavenly Father and from our departed loved ones.

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  4. Well my mom who’s now called to the Lord is now deceased….whom also was a diabetic had a similar situation as your dad. Had strokes and seizures all the time will uncontrollable blood pressure and unstable sugar levels in and out of the hospital all the time. I just want to share my short story with you…So on one beautiful night which was on 9/19/2017 . I stood outside in my backyard and out the corner of my eye I saw a beautiful Golden light appear! So I thought nothing of it! The very next day at around 8:15 am my sister calls me to say that I needed to get to the hospital asap because my mom’s heart stopped not once but two times.Since that day she was in a coma. The doctors said they ran tests and that the front part of her brain which is the part which we all use to wake up and remember things was gone.Over a period of three weeks her kidneys began to fail. Things got worst. I remembered that Golden light! I realized that my mom had left her body on that night. So it’s so hard to tell this without tears. She never wanted to go to some hospice with a breathing machine and tube feeding. So as I was saying she never got any better things got worst with both arms swelling and not to mention that a year before her left leg was amputated. She was called home to the Lord on 10/09/2017. I went home to stand in the same spot where I experienced the Golden light and I was surprised to see a white looking orb!!!! Which was the same night she passed. Tonight which is 10/15/2017 I just experienced the most beautiful shooting star I’ve ever seen! So to share this story with you helps me. I keep a picture of my mom smiling to get me through the pain. I love her so so much and feel lost without her. I know she’s watching over me but just to feel her sweet gentle touch is what I look forward to. My heart is heavy and hurting. Rest in Peace Alice Yvonne Pittman. I look forward to seeing many of your comforting shooting stars! Please…

    • I’m sorry for your loss, Clifton.
      What a great site to see! All of those times.
      Thanks for sharing your amazing experiences. Your wonderful mother is always with you. Always remember that.:)

  5. He passed a few days ago.. just couldn’t find peace. I’ve had many questions, screaming emotions, love & concern. I decided to go outside & have a cig tonight. It’s 22 outside but calm. I looked up at the sky & just took in its beauty. Thinking of him obviously the whole time. I saw 11 shooting stars in the time I slowly smoked. Do you think this was him? I totally did at the time. Now I’m not sure. Ugh.

    • 11 shooting stars in the time it took to smoke just one cigarette, and you got the feeling it was him? I’m sure it was. 🙂 Don’t doubt yourself when he has put on a spectacular night show for you. Of course it was him.
      Sorry for your loss. Hugs.
      Thanks for your comment.

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