Those Yellow Trunks!

The following after-death-communication is from Rebecca, the mother of Kenny, age 23, a brilliant young man who passed in his sleep from an accidental overdose.

“​I was awakened by my younger son and his father, Kevin, at 2:06 am on 7/7/12. Both were telling me that I had to get up and go upstairs.  I refused, I had a strong intuition that something was wrong with one of my children (I have 3).  Reluctantly, I walked upstairs to find 2 people from the Coroner’s office in my living room. I asked what they were doing in my house; I was told that my firstborn child, Kenneth Wayne McCormick III, my son who had graduated USC in 2011 and was living in Los Angeles to pursue his career, was ‘found by his roommates’ at about 7:00 p.m. on 7/6, a Friday evening.  They told me what the scene looked like in his apartment and that’s about all I can recall.  Somehow, later that same evening, I had closed my eyes in exhaustion and suddenly I was walking into my bedroom and there sat Kenny in a chair. I felt myself running to him and with a shriek I cried out, “I knew you wouldn’t leave me Kenny!!” Ken stood up and grabbed me into his arms and said, “Mom, I’m gone now.” The calmness in his voice compared to mine was astonishing.  “What do you mean??”, I screamed to him, “Please, please, Kenny, I can’t do this!! Please will you come back??” He pulled away from me and said, “MOM (his tone was strong, stern) I’ll be back, but not for a long time because SHE said I had a lot of work to do.”

Kenny hugged me, and I felt his head (he had a perfect head), the hug was a “Kenny” hug, a bear-like grasp. He looked right at me and said that he loved me and as I was holding on to him, BAM!!!, I woke up; I was still left with the feeling of his touch. I suddenly heard my daughter say, “Mom what are you doing? You are hugging the chair and nobody is in it.”

Rebecca shares her son, Nathan’s, after-death-communication with his brother, Kenny.

“Not long after that, my 2nd child, my son Nathan (21 years of age at the time) came to me and told me he had a dream about Kenny, but he had waited to tell me because it was perplexing and couldn’t shake the feeling that it really happened and it wasn’t just a dream. His dream was that he was walking out of a sports center and there were a set of bleachers outside. On the bottom row sat our family, at the top was Kenny, no shirt (Ken loved his muscles) and yellow swim trunks with sunglasses. At this time, we did not know the exact cause of Kenny’s passing, we only knew what surrounded it. As Nathan walked up to Ken and sat next to him, Ken laid his head down on Nate’s lap and put his hands behind his head​, as if he was just relaxing with his brother. Then Ken said “Hey man, does everyone know how I died?” Nate said, “Yeah, I think so man.” Then, Kenny started telling Nathan about an Elizabeth that was showing him around and teaching him things he hadn’t learned before. Kenny apologized to Nathan about his death, telling him not to take it personally. Then Nathan woke up.

Nathan has had several dreams of his brother.  The amazing thing to me is that Nathan and Kenny are conversing about things that are happening in the present time, but Kenny seems to answer Nathan and help him out with things that Kenny never knew about. I wonder sometimes if Kenny is his brother’s Guardian Angel?

My youngest child, Kayla, is 13. She has dreams of Kenny very often; she also tells me she sees him around our house ‘all the time’. I’ve be told that she has the gift to see.

kennyCommentary- In the first after-death-communication, Rebecca has a chance to visit with her son, Kenny. When she explains to him how difficult this is for her, and begs for him to come back, he tells her that he won’t be back for a long time, as “she” said he “had a lot of work to do” before that time.

(Note: This was a term Rebecca had never heard of before delving into all the metaphysical books she read after Kenny’s passing.)

It would seem that Kenny’s mention of “SHE” is probably Kenny’s spiritual guide, teacher and/or mentor for the time being, as “SHE” is the one who is giving him this information of what is to be. But, before he leaves to do the “work” spoken of, Kenny comforts his mother by expressing some of the most powerful words a human can hear, “I love you.” He hugs her with his familiar bear-like grasp, just before vanishing into her arms.

Rebecca not only heard his words, but felt him too; his arms, his perfectly shaped head and the emotion of his loving heart. So when Rebecca’s daughter walked in to see her mother hugging the chair, there was no doubt that Kenny was recently there; his essence remaining with her still.

Like dreams that catapult the psyche into the dreamy domain between worlds, the state of exhaustion can do so, as well. Rebecca, was so distressed, shocked and exhausted by the terrible and unbelievable news of her precious son’s passing, she was somehow catapulted forth into a state where reuniting with her son for the time, was even possible.

In the second after-death-communication regarding Kenny, Nathan, Kenny’s younger brother recalls an interesting dream. There is quite a bit of symbolism here. The setting is a sports center with bleachers. (Kenny loved sports) His family is sitting at the bottom of the bleachers, but Kenny, dressed in his usual yellow swim trunks… that he loved so much, is at the top.

In his yellow swim trunks

In his yellow swim trunks

This seems to symbolize that his family is all in the same general area in the game of life, (one’s passing, just being part of it), but just participating a part from each other, and in a slightly different area of the arena. Nathan, the one who is able to connect to both worlds at the time, walks up the bleachers to visit with his older brother. As he sits down next to him, Kenny lays down in Nathan’s lap with his arms folded behind his head, implying a casual and carefree attitude as he looks at the sky.

When Kenny asked Nathan if everyone knew how he died, it seemed to be an awkward moment for him. According to Kenny’s mother, Kenny had always excelled at everything he did in his life, so it could have been embarrassing to him for people to know how he passed, and didn’t seem to like the thought that his actions had let anyone down.

He mentions “Elizabeth” as the one who has been showing him around and teaching him things he had not learned before. “Elizabeth is most likely the “she” Kenny referred to in his visit with his mother. He ends his visit with Nathan by apologizing to him and letting him know his mistake had nothing to do with him. With that, Nathan woke from his dream.

Nate and Kenny

Shortly, after Kenny’s passing, Nathan decided to travel to Australia for a few months. He said that he needed to find out who he was without his brother. While living there, Nathan had many experiences with his brother. He felt his presence with him. Kenny would talk to Nathan’s mind and teach his brother many things. Kenny greatly assisted in Nathan’s grief process by supporting him with strength, and conveying that he was very proud of the person Nathan was becoming.

Here is one of the many images of Nathan, in Australia with an orb or two, in the photo below. Nathan could actually see the orbs in person, so when he sent the images to his mom, he told her to lighten them up to see if the orbs were visible. Here is one of them. The photo was very dark at first.

Before it was lightened up.

Before it was lightened up.

But to Rebecca’s delight, this is what she saw when she lightened the image.
Orb With Nathan

Lastly, Rebecca’s daughter, Kayla, has the gift of spiritual sight. She has seen Kenny ‘around the house’ on many occasions. At first, Rebecca thought she was just telling her mother this to make her feel better, and it hurt to think this was just wishes of a young girl, trying to soothe the pain of their families loss. But, after some time passed by, Rebecca realized that this gift was quite natural for her daughter and was appreciative that Kenny still hangs around the family house. Since Kenny is still seen in dreams and at home, the reference he made to his mother about not being able to come back for a long time, might be referring to reincarnation.

Kenny's siblings

What’s particularly funny, is that whenever anyone sees Kenny, whether in a dream or vision, he is always wearing those yellow swim trunks he loved… and STILL loves so much! This demonstrates that, as Kenny was in physical life, he is still the same in his non-physical one.

Below, Rebecca has included the “Tail of Kendawg” plaque. Kenny graduated from USC in May 2011. His four years at USC were spent living at Delta Chi, the fraternity house that Ken chose to be a part of. That is where the name Kendawg/Kendog was born. With the utmost respect, the fraternity chose to dedicate a plaque in Ken’s honor. The celebration was held in May 2014; his Brothers’ thought it fitting to place the plaque in the fraternity where they worked out because Ken was “Mister Workout” at the house. Kenny would be so proud!


Kenny’s mother, Rebecca, writes, “Thanks for letting me share 🙂 Looking at the picture and writing about him reminds me of what a beautiful person he is and how very proud I am to be his mom. :)”

No doubt that Kenny is very proud of his mother, as well.

For more on Kenny, read Together Again!

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  1. Pretty amazing story. It’s cool all the symbolism involved. It’s amazing how influential people can keep helping people after they are gone from our world. It’s nice to know there may be more learning and experience to be had after we pass on and eventually we may get to come back.

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