This is NOT a Dream

In this dual after-death communication and out-of-body experience, Stella’s father is able to show Stella he is still around as he demonstrates with affection, one of his new heavenly skills.

Stella writes:
“My father passed away in Greece on Saturday, July 11, 2015 at 3:30 am. I was in Sydney at the time. I wasn’t able to cry or acknowledge his passing from shock because he didn’t want me to go to Greece and see him, as I had already spent 3 months with him during his chemo. He relapsed and did not want me to see him that way. We were very close.”

“On Sunday July 12th, I decided to go have a nap because I was so tired. While in the state of relaxing, I felt a hand wrap around back of my neck squeezing me tight, thinking it was my partner, I turned around and was picked up gently off the couch in a floating manner halfway to the ceiling. Upon awakening, I realized in happiness that it was my dad! As I was brought back to the couch, his thumb and fingers were still pressed firmly around my neck. By that time, I understood he wanted to wake me, so I could realize it was not a dream and that he had come to caress me in the one way he always did; by pinching me.”

“I was smiling and laughing and so happy that he made it and he touched me. I believe he wanted me to not grieve, but know he is with me. I will never forget the strength in his hand around my neck and flying with him towards a light. It was beautiful and magical.”

Commentary- Stella had an experience so vivid that it seemed to be real. That’s because it was! Although, physical levitation is possible, it seems that Stella was affected both physically, as well as spiritually. She felt the realness of her father’s hand on her neck; a familiar memory associated with her father’s affection which left a lasting impression. AND… she felt the lightness of her astral body as she was raised from the couch and flew with her father toward a light. 

This is difficult to explain unless you have experienced it, as an out of body experience can feel even more real than a physical one. There are elements to this type of experience that feel physical, as well as non-physical, and all at the same time. This can seem confusing to even the experiencer. But since we are all multi-dimensional beings, this makes sense too. It’s just that living in a physical world, most people mostly think of themselves as a physical body, or at least are not always conscious of the intricate layering of subtle bodies that make up our multi-dimensional constitution. 

It is also quite common for these out-of-body and after-death communication experiences to happen right before returning to our ordinary waking consciousness. This is so we have any chance of remembering them. Stella’s experience was not a dream, but occurred during a brainwave that made it possible for her to have AND remember this amazing experience with her father. Too many times we slip into a brainwave that only allows for dreams or body repairs, and thank goodness for that, too. But it is nice when we discover something a little… or a lot unusual when we either, advertently or inadvertently find the sweet spot for these, “out of this world” experiences!

Image: Pixabay

Image: Pixabay

This experience was simply amazing for Stella! She was able to know her father was still alive and well, happy and still the father she always knew and loved. She was able to see him out of the misery that clutched him so tightly toward the end of his life. And she was able to know that he was and will always be an infinite soul soaring freely through the heavens. She was able to experience herself as this, too! With an experience like this, Stella was able to see that father was still around, making it easier for her to heal her grief.

There are a lot of things that we don’t understand about these multi-dimensional experiences when viewed from a physical being’s perspective, but believe in your own experiences nonetheless, because they are an access to consistently knowing yourself as a multi-dimensional and infinite being. Stella’s been there. She knows this for certain, now.

Stella tells me that this experience is still just as vivid as the first day it happened. It is what keeps her going when she feels sad. 

Image: Pixabay

Image: Pixabay

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  1. Love never dies! Our loved ones are just in another room! Thanks to Stella for sharing her enlightening experience and to Jade for bringing it to us.

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