The Peculiar Butterfly

In this after-death communication, Jim shares his experience with a peculiar butterfly that came as his mother, for a visit first… and then to his wedding.

JimsButterflyJim writes:
“I had said my deceased Mom was coming to visit me and she actually came to our wedding recently. But… she came in the form of a butterfly!”

“First, I saw the same butterfly come around me, and tonight, my Mom (as a butterfly) came and sat with me for an hour. She just laid on my arm as I told her everything that was going on with me and everyone else.
Am I crazy?”

Jim's butterfly“I was telling my in-laws about this butterfly that was coming to see me and that I thought it was my Mom. They thought I was imagining things, until at our outside wedding ceremony, they watched it land on the wall outside our house, watch the wedding, stay for the whole ceremony, then fly away when it was finished.
They didn’t believe it until they saw this for themselves! Then they took this picture.”

“This is the exact same butterfly that actually landed on me and stayed with me for over an hour the day before.”

ButterflyCommentary- Jim’s mom wouldn’t miss her son’s wedding for the world! That’s why she managed to attend it in any way she could. But first, she wanted him to know that she was present when this peculiar butterfly came to land on his arm. It’s not something butterflies generally do, but it happens… especially when they are trying to give a message. In this case, the message was a clear, “I am here for you now.” Thank goodness Jim was aware enough to make the connection, as he shared the happenings of his life with her. It didn’t hurt that he already had the feeling she would come, thus his awareness was heightened as he was looking and listening for her to be there. 

Butterflies, birds, dragonflies, hummingbirds are just a few of very common flying animals that come to tell us our loved ones are present in our lives. How they do this is anyone’s guess. Maybe they materialize in the form of one of these sky-bound creatures/symbols for awhile until their message is delivered. Or… perhaps their spirit has the power to inhabit one of these creatures for a time. Either way, Jim was on it. At the risk of sounding crazy, it was real enough for him to know that this was his mother’s promised visit and to share it. Although Jim’s in-laws didn’t believe at first, soon enough… they would see for themselves… and even capture it in an image. 

Although Jim had a tangible visitation, if he hadn’t, it wouldn’t mean that his mother would not be present for his wedding. Our loved ones do the best they can to let us know they care and are aware of us. It’s just that sometimes we notice and sometimes we don’t.


9 thoughts on “The Peculiar Butterfly

  1. How comforting for you to know your mother was there for you.. We all have to be open for signs from our loved ones. There is life after death. We just have to believe and keep our eyes and minds open.

  2. We would all like to know with no doubt that we’re receiving an actual visitation from a love one. Faith goes a long way to allow us to recognize it when it happens. But the behavior of that butterfly is so unusual. Wow, what a gift.

  3. I will definitely questions butterflies and there origins more closely now. Must be a fun way to get around in butterfly form. Cool story, thanks.

    • You are so welcome, Jim! What an awesome wedding gift to you and your wife to have your mother in attendance. Thank you for sharing your beautiful after-death communication. So happy for you. 🙂

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