The Exit Interview

Normally, when you hear the words, “exit Interview” you think of the final survey conducted when one is leaving a job or organization… but this “exit interview” is something quite different.

“The Exit Interview” is a excellent personal inventory tool that assists two main groups of people; those nearing the end of life’s journey who are preparing themselves for the afterlife, AND… those intending to leave their past behind who are preparing themselves for starting of a brand new life – while still in this life! Although the destinations may be a little different, the process of leaving the past behind through completion is exactly the same.

When seriously reflected on and completed in it’s entirety, “The Exit Interview” is a powerful process that allows one to consciously face their past by way of observation, assessment and realization. This new awareness leads to the discovery of what, if anything, needs to be handled, settled and/or restored, before one is completely satisfied in moving forward.

Full completion of “The Exit Interview” acts like a reset button in ways, by allowing one to free themselves up by taking the appropriate actions to tie up the loose ends that have been left undone, making those areas of your life complete. Carrying out the last words and actions directed at restoring what has been found missing and/or straightening what has been messed up, goes a long way in cleaning and clearing up the past.

How “The Exit Interview” came to be.

After the death of Christian in 2010, I felt lost and distraught at the time. I longed to die too, as not to feel the excruciating pain of my loss. This extreme pain also triggered an intense homesickness for me – as I longed to be back in the love and safety of my heavenly home – which could still be remembered by me through the thin veil in visions, dreams and near-death-experiences. But needless to say, by contrast, the memory of the bliss I had experienced in my heavenly home previously, only served to deepen the indescribable torment I was experiencing at the time.

After continually crying my eyes out and begging to return home, it seemed the heavens took pity, for mercy was soon to be extended to me. One morning, about six months after Christian’s death, I experienced a prophetic dream just before waking. It was a heavenly messenger coming to tell me to get my life in order! She proceeded to tell me that a window would open up in as little as 6 to 18 months allowing me to leave this realm and that sometime within that time frame, I would be given that choice to leave or stay.

Excited by the possibility to go back home, I made a list of all the things that needed to be finished before I could feel good and ready to leave this life. Suddenly, with this new plan, I felt energized as I looked forward to such a prize! Now, I just had to do my chores first, before getting my reward!

I cleaned out the entire house; under the stairs and everything! I went through years of papers in the file cabinets. I finished my children’s picture and scrapbooks that had been waiting twenty-plus years to be completed! I re-recorded old cassette recordings of my oldest children to Dvd. I scanned every photograph I ever owned to disc! That took months alone, and turned out to be quite a life review in and of itself! I read countless books on near-death experience, after-death communication, past lives and arguments for and against each subject. I watched every informative and supernatural program on film and television that I could find. I took piano lessons, meditated and prayed, and this time, developed my self in ways that I had never done before. Long story short, I prepared myself in every way I could think of for what might be waiting for me on the other side.

As I was reading scads of books on the after-life, I thought about the “life review” that had commonly been encountered by people during many of their near-death-experiences. Deeply pondering the possibility of this event, I wondered what this final moment of truth would be like for me. Imagining my own life review, and wondering what I would say about my life, led me to a series of detailed questions having to do with completion, and before I knew it, “The Exit Interview” was born. It is my hope that this tool will be meaningful, powerful and valuable for you.

You may have wondered what happened to me when completing my own “exit interview.” As I took my own personal inventory of my life, I began to feel energized. Although still homesick, I no longer had the urgency to move on. You see, there was something in particular still holding me back… my family… particularly my thirteen year old son. It was clear to me that, in my absence, I would have left him with a huge dark void in his life. I remember my own dark void when my mother left me at age thirteen! I have missed having a mother every day of my life!

And, as for the window opening, allowing me the chance to leave this realm… it opened one morning at about the 6 month mark I was told about. Just before waking up for the day, I passed through a dimension not so far away from ours. Angels came to ask me this one particular question; just as it had been asked of me so many times before. As if hearing this conversation in a higher realm, the dialogue went like this. “Are you ready to go now?” “No, I can’t go right now”, I replied. “My son is much too young and he still needs me to be here for him.” And… with that, the window closed and I was left to my life!

Oh, it’s true! Anyone who has ever had a near-death experience, where they have gone to the light, can tell you they struggle fiercely with homesickness from time to time. But, we know that this life is not forever, and eventually… our time will come to return to our home. But for now… this is my home and I am committed to being here!

5 thoughts on “The Exit Interview

  1. Thank you for sharing your Exit Interview with us Jade! 🙂 I enjoyed reading your story as well and I’m soo grateful you chose to stay!! You’re a Gem! XoSara

  2. As tears flow, I found your website today looking up the difference between grieving & mourning, an acquaintance lost her son to suicide, a goodfriend lost her parents of 94 years young. You have had losses in your life, even before your son, and I have also had too many losses (mostly after my husband). Everything you say, describe….thank you thank you thank you. No doctor research, psychologists study, etc. A human being speaking from her heart about her real life expereiences, not truly knowing how much your honesty, LOVE, straightforwardness is more helpful, encouraging & life saving for so many.

    • Dear Jan,
      Thank you for reminding me what I originally set out to do… service to those I can be of service to, and making a positive difference in the world. 🙂 Sometimes when I share my experiences, I’m not sure of the difference that it makes, until someone like you takes the time to remind me that sharing myself and my experiences is actually worth the time it takes. 🙂 I am deeply grateful as you and your messages to me are actually an answer to a prayer I just prayed. Now my tears flow. 🙂 Thank you for allowing me to make a difference in the world. That’s really all I ever wanted to do. 🙂 Much love to you! HUGS!!!

  3. I am so homesick and don’t remember anything about home at all. Just know a lot of people I love are there and I’m really tired.

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